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The Single Malt Scotch Episode – Episode #509

July 25, 2008

WordPress creator Matt Mullenweg visits and Gary Vaynerchuk delivers the Scotch Episode he’s been saving for just this occasion.

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  • “It’s not the best, but it’s way better than your every day drinking bl…” by Nike Air Max 90
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Wines tasted in this episode:

Balvenie 17yr Sherry Cask play
Talisker 175th Anniversary play
Laphroaig Malt 86 10yr play

Links mentioned in todays episode.

More today with Philippe Melka. Episode #55

June 28, 2006

2001 Vineyard 29 Cabernet Sauvignon

2003 Melka Cj Cabernet Sauvignon

2003 Philipe Melka Metisse

In today’s episode Gary continues with Philippe Melka. Gary and Philippe taste four wines including two wines from Melka Wines.

Today Gary tastes two new wines from Melka Wines. Episode #54

June 27, 2006

Watch today as Gary welcomes his special guest Philippe Melka of Melka Wines. One of Gary’s favorite California wine makers, Gary tastes two of Philippe Melkas newest wines.

Episode #53 – Today Gary tastes the wines of Chateau St Jean

June 22, 2006

2005 Chateau St Jean Fume Blanc

Today Gary welcomes his special guest Margo Van Staavern, Winemaker from Chateau St Jean of California to taste and talk about her wines.

Episode #51: Gary Vaynerchuk tastes the wines of Raymond

June 14, 2006

2003 Raymond Reserve Chardonnay

2002 Raymond Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

Gary welcomes Walter Raymond from Raymond vineyards. One of the great California wineries makes it’s latest reserve selections available for gary to comment on. Watch as there is a huge surprise at the end of the show.

Episode #48: Today Gary meets the Meekers.

June 5, 2006

2003 Meeker Frozin Zinfandel

In todays episode Gary Vanerchuk welcomes Molly and Charlie Meeker of Meeker Vineyards.

Episode #43 – Achaval Ferrer winery: Santiago Achaval

May 9, 2006

2004 Achaval Ferrer Malbec

2003 Achaval Ferrer Quimera

Today Gary welcomes the great Santiago Achaval. The wines of Achaval Ferrer maybe the best in all of Argentina!

Episode #41 – Special guest Michael Havens

May 3, 2006

2001 Havens Bourriquot

2002 Havens Black & Blue

Today Gary Vaynerchuk welcomes Michael Havens of Havens winery in Napa. Gary has been a long time fan of Michael’s wines and these 4 look to be no different.

Episode #37 – Hogue Cellars from Washington State:Guest David Forsyth

April 25, 2006

Today Gary Vaynerchuk welcomes David Forsyth Director of Winemaking of Hogue. Gary finds the Cabernet and Riesling very exciting and ponders the Syrah.

Episode #35 – Guest Star Tony Coturri wows Gary with his latest Wines

April 21, 2006

We are very lucky to have Tony Coturri of the legendary Coturri wines here with us today. Gary Vaynerchuk tastes through these “true” wines and is stunned by them. Coturri winery is very famous for their farming and the approach to vineyards.