Ever wanted to taste along with Gary V? Now you can!

Periodically, Gary Vaynerchuk will announce on the Thunder Show mystery packs available for purchase on winelibrary.com… the secret packs will include specially selected wines that Gary will taste on a predetermined date on Wine Library TV. It’s called a secret pack because the identity of the wines remains a secret until you open the box!

By purchasing a secret pack, you can join in the fun and see how your “pal” compares with Gary’s… after all, the important thing is whether YOU like the wine, not what Gary says! Make the WLTV experience truly interactive by tasting along with Gary and the whole Vayner-nation. Or, taste on your own before the episode and compare your tasting notes with Gary’s. Either way, it’s a blast!

Currently Available

Check back here for new secret packs… AND check out previous secret pack episodes below! Please note, wines from the previous secret pack episodes may no longer be available.

Thanksgiving Wine Episode… Secret Pack Time ? Episode #776

Christmas Wines and Episode 600… Secret Pack Time – Episode #600

The Election Day Secret Pack – Episode #570

Secret Pack Tasting after a Jets Offensive Explosion – Episode #548

The Secret Pack Includes A Pinot Noir, Sauternes And A Rioja – Episode #459

Secret Pack Tasting On April Fools Day – Episode #434

Secret 4 Pack Tasting – Episode #421

Christmas Wine Tasting Episode – Episode #377

The Thanksgiving Wine Episode – Episode #356


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