Your Search is Over, Your Father’s Day Gift is Here Grab The Book Here

Special Father’s Day Wristband Promotion! Purchase the book for Father’s Day on June 4th and send your receipt to to receive the 4th generation limited edition Wine Library TV wristband… FREE! The receipt must be dated June 4th in order to qualify. Please type your full shipping address in the body of the e-mail as it would appear on an envelope to receive your wristband. One wristband per book only. Watch the video for details!

Whether your Dad likes wine or not, this is a book that he will definitely enjoy!

Why your Father will enjoy this gift:

#1) Gary is not your typical wine expert (proof)

#2) Gary has fun with wine (proof)

#3) The book brings the thunder (proof)


Conan O’Brien: “Gary Vaynerchuk has a different approach to wines, especially within this economy.” (link)

Nightline: “Gary Vaynerchuk has dispensed with the hefty vocabulary because he believes anyone can evaluate a good vintage.” (link)


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