Some previous episodes of Wine Library TV have aimed to help beginners (and even more experienced wine drinkers) better understand specific topics from the vast wine world. Below, we’ve unearthed the most educational episodes in which Gary has given it to you straight. If you are new to the scene, be sure to check out these informative videos!

WINE is Fun…Period. – Episode #138

December 1, 2006


Sit back and enjoy a special episode today. Gary today tastes wine, answers tons of viewer questions in a way that you haven’t seen before! Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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Episode #42 – How to taste wine.

May 5, 2006


In todays episode Gary Vaynerchuk tackles the one question he gets e-mailed the most about. This may very well be the one episode that everyone will be talking about.

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Wine Glasses, How Do They Affect Wine? – Episode #111

October 19, 2006


Today Gary tackles a very important topic that many people discuss and debate at a fever pitch in the wine industry. Gary grabs two great wines and attacks this subjuct head first, please join in the discussion and let us know what you think. Also this is tell your friends thursday. Pass the WLTV word around!

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Decanting wine, what does it do? -Episode #18

March 22, 2006


Watch as Gary Vaynerchuk demonstrates the value of decanting wines. Also we explore the wonderful wines of the Barrosa Valley (Australia’s “Napa valley”) with Amon Ra. Crafted by Ben Glatzer, Amon Ra stands among the greatest wines in the world.

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Wine Temperature Time – Episode #273

July 10, 2007

Today Gary Vaynerchuk tries the same wine 3 different ways and has some fun in the middle that will make you veryyyy happy!

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    Wine ratings? – Episode #178

    February 7, 2007


    Wine Ratings what do they mean and how does Gary stack his scores against these 90+ scored wines from the MAJOR press.

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    How To Get Your Wine Palate Trained. – Episode #148

    December 15, 2006


    Today Gary tastes a wide variety of “THINGS” to show you how important many of the flavors are to training your palate to find them in wine. Have a good weekend.

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    Vintages how much do they matter, a 2001 vs 2002 tasting – Episode #77

    August 23, 2006


    Today Gary Vaynerchuk tackles the issue of how much a vintage effects the wine. Gary samples 2 wonderful wines from Spain that are exactly the same but are from 2 different years. Gary also asks you to help him with something cool!

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    Episode #20 – Old world wines vs. New world

    March 24, 2006


    Gary Vaynerchuk goes after a hot debate in wine – Old world versus New world. Watch as he tries two Brunellos made in very different ways!

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