Bordeaux trip 2007-Update #1

March 20, 2007

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Bordeaux trip 2007 Update

So it is 1:50am here in Bordeaux and the trip is going amazingly well. I have been to Chateau Margaux, Le Gay, Brane Cantenac, Haut Brisson, Reignac and Cos D’estrounel. I am really excited about a lot of the wines I have tasted and I can honestly say I am absolutely floored by the quality of the 2005’s! I am extremely surprised how shockingly good the 2004 and 2006 vintages that I have tasted are. I am very worried that the 2006 prices will be high(which would be too bad since they seem good), the wines seem very strong and the 2006 Cos was a 95-97 point wine but after the huge 2005 futures rush anything short of a 35-50% reduction in price will result in a soft market. The 2004 have been a huge surprise and I am really blown away by the freshness and elegance of these wines and given the prices there will be some real steals. I will not say much about the 2005 except that the 2005 Margaux I had was the best young wine I have ever had and I scored it a 100! I have also been in many meetings tasting wines and have had a few very special dinners with friends. Below are the scores only from the trip so far.

Chateau Margaux 2005—100
Chateau Margaux 2004—95
Cos D’Estrounel 2006—95-97
Chateau Haut Brion 2003—94
Cheval Blanc 2003—94
Chateau Pichon Lalande 1996—96
Brane-Cantenac 2004—90
Brane-Cantenac 2005—92-95
Brane-Cantenac 2006—87-90
Brane-Cantenac 1985—90
Chateau Leoville Barton 2004—90
Chateau Angelus 2004—93
Chateau Montrose 2004—91
Chateau Pontet Canet 2004—94+
Chateau Pichon Lalande 2004—92
Chateau Lafite Rothschild 1962—91 :)
Reignac 2001—89
Reignac 2002—88+?
Reignac 2003—90
Reignac 2004—90
Reignac 2005—92-94
Balthus 2004—93
Balthus 2005—94-96
Balthus 2006—92-95
Le Gay 2005—98+
Le Gay 2006—93-95

Surprises of the trip so far.

Monbousquet 2002—92 I have had many bad 2002’s on this trip but this has it going on.
Chateau Montviel 2005—92-95 Man is this winery on the rise
Couvent Des Jaconins St Emilion 2000—91 What is this?

I have had many more and at least 200+ that I scored under 86 points, I also had a slew of 1st growths that were older but need to go and look at the notes. I miss you guys. I have a WHOLE lot more tasting coming up!
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