EP 996 Tasting with the Vayniacs: Part 1

Leading up to episode 1,000, Gary Vaynerchuk decided to invite several of the top WLTV forum contributors to join him for shows. Tooch, Metsfan, Paul, and Calicab teamed up on this episode and picked a wine of their choosing to taste with Gary. This is the first of four shows with the Vayniacs from the WLTV forums.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2007 Domaine Dujac EchezeauxEchezeaux
2004 Chateau Rayas Chateauneuf Du PapeChateauneuf du Pape Rouge
2003 Chat Lagrezette Cahors Cuvee Dame HonneurCahors
2006 San Roman ToroSpanish Red Wine

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Yankan Xi

wow, the first time, see you reply in the forum.

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  • Great!


  • Anonymous

    New to the forum however, I am a huge fan. Epys 996-999; nice touch.

  • Anonymous

    Gary, having been a follower of WLTV since Episode 66 (but not one who comments frequently), I love the idea for these last 4 episodes leading to 1K. Congrats and thanks to the big-time Vayniacs around the table and in the room for all their contributions over the last five years. No disrespect intended, but I found this episode to be rather flat, and no offense Gary, but you looked tired. Most disappointing was the fact that exciting wines of tremendous pedigree (e.g., Rayas) were selected, but then treated with a PPISS (pop,pour,immediate swish,spit) approach, and left to speculate about why so little is showing. Didn’t we learn anything from the iconic EP-18 about decanting? It was almost a foregone conclusion that the Roman would show the best, setting aside the fact the 4 wines couldn’t be more different from one another. Anyway as always, I love the show and the idea behind it, but this was far from a favorite. I raise my glass in a toast and hoping that the remaining 3 of this series capture the imagination and daring spirit that birthed the program. -Vinacull

  • Love the shirt Scott. Hope the Badgers get over the past few stinky games and make a run in the NCAAs.

  • Interesting watching the Vayniac interactions – one minute “group-think” the next minute “divergent”. Paul seemed on target. Would like to hear more from him.
    QOTD1: Phillies 93W; QOTD2: Mets 76W; QOTD3: Haven’t sampled high-end Burgundy yet; QOTD4: Australia’s comeback may will be in niches first, not across the board.

  • Great job by the Vayniacs … way to represent!

  • Why is it a foregone conclusion that the toro would show the best? A tannic monster, a toro for crissakes, from an average, cooler vintage? You think that the 15 minutes sitting in a just opened bottle is what made this wine show best?

  • I love the Badgers shirt!!

  • Anonymous

    Baseball I dunno sure
    Mets hmmm
    Old World Im not drinking, German Riesling I dont drink a lot of
    I think Western Australia and Tasamania for my palate style

  • Anonymous


    Superb programme! Grassroot wine education at its VERY best.

    Well sone, sir!

  • Don Simpson

    QOTD1: No
    QOTD2: 84 wins
    QOTD3: Bandol
    QOTD4: Not sure

  • I’m watching out of order this week and it seems Mott must have gotten a bit tired by the time he reached Ep. 999. Camerawork was way better in 996 (everyone’s a critic, Mott! 😉 ). Love these roundtables with the folks from the forums.

    QOTD 1 & 2: Doesn’t matter, Giants are going to the Pennant, sucka’s!

  • Anonymous

    Gotta love those Vayniacs!

  • Anonymous

    Exactly…at those prices those wines should be CLASSICS! I loved the show and hearing what these wine fans have to say about these wines.

    QOTD: They just may win 100 games!
    QOTD: I don’t think the Mets will win more than 60 games and I’m a Met fan!
    QOTD: I haven’t Burgundies latley.
    QOTD: Of course it will come back!

  • QOTD:
    1) No the Phillies will probably be in around 87 wins
    2) 38 wins for the Mets
    3) Well, I have been expanding my pallet in the Okanagan because that is where I am going to be working this summer, wooot!
    4) Australia will come back. I think they’ve figured out how to capitalize on their niche and now its time to re-interpret the jamy fruit bomb.

  • great

  • great

  • Anonymous

    QOTD1: Yes
    QOTD2: 87
    QOTD3: Cahors
    QOTD4: Yes

    great episode!

  • Anonymous

    Phillies get 96 wins
    Mets get 84 wins
    I haven’t had enough Italian wine recently
    Australia never left in my mind, just find the good wines and get rid of all the hype

  • That Matt Latuchie in #996 is hot!

  • Metsfan, I thought it was funny that you are the green olive guy. I am known as the old tractor oil guy which some people say is the same as green olive. I don’t have a green olive smell reference, but it reminds me of the smell of machinery that has been sitting around in a garage or hanger. I get this smell in various wines but it shows up a lot in chilean wines and sometimes french wines.

  • NY Pete

    I miss the old days.

  • me 2

  • NY Pete

    so when will the comeback start?

  • luca bercelli


    Lines of the day – Mott’s been put to work, normally he just pops the button and enjoys the show’ and ‘This is not straight up sheep’s arse’

    This episode really brings it home to me how much of an unbelievable job GV is doing. After watching 995 episodes I’m still hugely entertained by what he has to say, unlike what the Vayniacs have to say in this episode. They all make valid points and are knowledgeable, and I’m sure they’re all top blokes, but I think I would have lasted about one and a half episodes if it was anyone other than Gary hosting the show. Just shows you how hard it is to make wine chat entertaining.

  • Yankan Xi

    wow, the first time, see you reply in the forum.


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