EP 990 Blind Tasting Italian Arneis

Gary Vaynerchuk breaks out the brown paper bags. He talks about Arneis, a white varietal from Piedmont, Italy and tastes three examples.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2009 Vietti Roero ArneisArneis
2009 Bruno Giacosa ArneisArneis
2009 Cordero Di Montezemolo ArneisArneis

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luca bercelli


This is what WLTV is all about. I had never even heard of Arneis before but now I know a little bit about it and am dying to try some of their wines.

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  • QOTD: Duke will win.
    QOTD (side): I had a sparkling muscato from Italy that was pretty tasty, but not mind-blowing. I should try more Italian whites.

  • Anonymous

    Now I want Arneis. That looked good. and they, like a great portion of Italian whites, have shown remarkable improvement in the past 10-12 years, and to think back 20, not much of this kind of stuff was around, and less was in good condition, and showing sad signs of any lack of longevity, shelf life, or even cellar potential. Big ups to Piedmont, Italy, and wine shippers. Sorry that Bruno was lagging abit, but not all too bad. Vietti was really fresh, earlier this year. Inmy old state, a few off the top of my head that I’d really liked were Fontanabianca, and more recently, Bel Colle, in which the fruit freshness was upped to a new level for me, and actually did push beyond a peach (tart) profile, and into the kiwi, or pineapple realm of ripeness. So these are WAAAY better than the lousy offerings of the early 90’s.
    QotD – 20 years ago, young in the wine field, I was pretty mad for Volpe Pasini PG, and Tiefenbrunner Pinot Bianco. since then, the most impressive white, again, had to be the 11 year old Gaja Alteni di Brassica (’94, drank in ’05). Unbelievable, and better than white Bordeaux!

  • Anonymous

    Ohio State

  • Anonymous

    Feudi di San Gregorio Greco di Tufo 2009

  • Anonymous

    Finally another episode, a whole week without WLTV is a long time, that being said this episode is what I look for in WLTV a little bit of this a little bit of that but mostly a new varietal, a little education, a taste off, had it all.

    As for the questions, no doubt 3 of the final 4 will be from the bottom half of the rankings, I find NCAA so unpredictable, can’t make a call now but that’s why it’s so much fun.

    I think the only italian white I’ve had was a couple of Vermentinos which are not hitting me well, a little too grassy, herbacious for me, a little too heavy maybe.

    But can’t wait to try Arneis as its sounds like my kinda stuff.

  • Anonymous

    YESSSSS!!!!!! We are all pumped you decided to come to beautiful Blacksburg and glad you liked our video 🙂

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: vermentino from sardinia and gewuerztraminer from alto adige!

  • Anonymous

    QOTD – Pitt wins the tourney this year! No doubt about it, but does it have anything to do with the fact that I’m a ‘burgh guy? Sure. But no one can say they don’t have a fantastic chance!

    Great, great show. The brown bags are always hella fun, but you were throwing down the info. You were building up hunger and desire for something new. Great job and nice to see you back!



  • GV

    thx for the episode
    I Luv the blind bags.

    NCAA Tourney – BYU is looking good.

  • Anonymous

    Harrison’s Mama says “Thank you Gary” for the amazing love and shout out to our family and our beautiful Harrison! You are awesome and we are grateful to you!!!

  • QOTD: Duke
    QOTD2: Riesling from Langhe, G.D. Vaira

  • Even though Piemonte is my favorite Italian wine region overall, I really love a good clean Soave. I have to admit it. But as far as Piemontese whites, I am on the lookout for more Timorasso and I’m usually a fan of Favorita.

  • Its just called pastry cream- which is a mixture of cooked eggs, milk and sugar. Thanks for the brown bag episode!
    QOTD: Really enjoyed some Falanghina last summer. Love white varietals from Italy in general.

  • Will go and look for a Arneis right now…! I love Italian Whites, all the Alto Adige ones for their clean elegance and complexities!!! Some of Friuli’s clean Soave’s and Prosecco’s with the food from the region too 😉 and I had a delicious White from Abruzzo ones, it had a lot of sun, some pineapple and banana on the palate, but was great with a Paillard, grilled veggies and some Oliveoil! Love Italian Whites (wines in general) for their food friendliness. Thanks for the great shows!!!

  • PG from Alto Aldige. Tramin et al. Brilliant. Duke.

  • QOTD: I love super dry procecco those are my favourite italian whites.

  • Anonymous

    Being a Big Ten fan I will pick Ohio State to win. I cannot remember a particular Italian white wine. I do like the sparkling white wine that I think is called Ferraro.

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: Marchetti verdichhio.

  • Don Simpson

    Gary – Great show, I’m excited to try Arneis.

    QOTD: Too soon to decide on NCAA tourney! Does feel like a Kansas kind of year. I can’t take Ohio State because I know everyone else will.

    SQOTD: It was a Verdiccio but I can’t remember the producer.

  • Chris

    I took Tim’s survey, and was picked to be one of the evaluators at Lodi in March.

  • Anonymous

    qotd: Last couple of Sicilian Grecanico whites I’ve really liked

  • Anonymous

    QOTD1 – how about Pitt
    QOTD 2 – hard to pick one!

  • Anonymous

    My favorite Italian wine: I LOVE Moscato d’Asti, the first time I sipped it I thought, “This would be perfect with brunch!” I have a bottle chilling in the fridge right now! 🙂

  • Thanks for the props to VT Gary V!!!! Cant wait to see you down here!!!

  • Anonymous

    GARRYYYYY COME VISIT US AT VIRGINA TECH!! I’m graduating this May, make it happen before then!!

  • QOTD2: Verdicchio (80%) / Trebbiano (20%) blend from Terrazzo (2010). Drinking it right now, actually. I went to a wine store in Williamsburg, Va, yesterday and asked for a lesser-known grape for under $15. The guy pointed me here, and it’s really amazing.

  • Steve Mulligan

    Aspiring wine blogger here!


  • Anonymous

    Cordero is awesome sauce!

  • luca bercelli


    This is what WLTV is all about. I had never even heard of Arneis before but now I know a little bit about it and am dying to try some of their wines.


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