EP 998 Tasting with the Vayniacs: Part 3

Gary Vaynerchuk continues the week tasting with Coupe 60, Rich S, DRod, and grape_ape, the third part of four shows. This group chose a mixed bag of classic whites and reds from all around the world.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2006 Rudi Pichler Riesling Achleiten Smaragd Austrian Riesling
2008 Donnhoff Niederhauser Hermannshohle Riesling SpatleseNahe Riesling
2007 Ridge Monte BelloSonoma Red Blend
2004 Vega Sicilia Valbuena 5 AnoRibera Del Duero

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luca bercelli


Line of the day – ‘When you say melon you mean pineapple’

Nice Kahuna put down by Gary

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  • Anonymous

    Great show – and the best selection of wines so far – varied and interesting.

    Champagne and food – massively underrated. Though Champagne is also massively overpriced to my mind, so….

  • Anonymous

    1: yes only a couple of times
    2: yeah can see it
    3: austrian riesling hmm Loimer liked riesling more then Gruner thats for sure
    4: I would have no problem drinking it all the time except for the $$

  • Anonymous

    QOTD1: watched a few episodes
    QOTD2: Rex is a broken record
    QOTD3: no Austrian Rieslings as far as I remember
    QOTD4: yes


    Pichler, Dönhoff, Ridge, Vega WOW!!!!



  • This group should be called the Brainiacks…Nice bunch of guys, makes me want to be on the East coast being part of the off-line tasting groups.
    Never have seen a Kahuna show, but will do. I would like to see the Jets in the Superbowl next year because that means there will be a season. No Austrian riesling lately, and yes I do drink sparkling wine/champagne for any reason, especially with Northwest shellfish.

  • finally some whites!

  • John__J

    Another great show

    qotd1: I have, a couple times
    qotd3: yes, cant remember any specific wineries at the moment, so it obviously hasn’t been a lot of them
    qotd4: yes, a good bit

  • Anonymous

    Hooray! Some white wines (FINALLY). Of course, they were all Rieslings. You guys could still be a little more adventurous. I have some 2006 Ridge Monte Bello in my cellar, but not the 2007. I’ve had one 2001 Valbuena No 5 last year and it was pretty drinkable then IMO. But the 2004 is certainly too young.

    QOTD1: Kahuna? What’s a Kahuna?
    QOTD2: Don’t give a rat’s butt about the Jets 😉
    QOTD3: I don’t think that I’ve had any Austrian Riesling – just Gruner.
    QOTD4: Yes, sparkling wine rocks, although I don’t have it nearly enough. We often have it at home with guests as an aperitif.

  • Anonymous

    Nice to see the white wines represented as well. This group seems a bit more cohesive.

    Q1: Not until now. Will check out.
    Q2: Not a chance. Ryan would talk crap if he was the Panthers coach.
    Q3: Yes, in Austria. But I was younger at the time and not really into wine. I remember enjoying them nonetheless.
    Q4: No. I enjoy it tremendously, but sparkling wine doesn’t keep once opened, so I don’t purchase it unless I plan on finishing the bottle. And I only drink a whole bottle on special occasions.

  • QOTD:
    1) I havn’t heard of said blog. Definitely checking this out.
    2) The Jets will get close once again, but I think the Pats have the upper edge
    3) I have never had an Austrian riesling.
    4)I love sparkling wine and I try to have it just for fun, it’s just the ones I want to be drinking I don’t want to spend less than $20 a bottle. I know I can find a good italian white for less than that.

  • Anonymous

    Nice to see everyone loosen up and have a good time. I like the diversity of these wines but without nay doubt in my mind, the Ridge and especially Vega Silcilia are WAY too young!

    QOTD: I haven’t heard of that blog.
    QOTD: I’m a long time Jets fan and I say Rex is wrong.
    QOTD: I’ve had quite a few of those.
    QOTD: ABSOLUTELY…I love sparkling wines and have them whenever I want or the meal calls for it.

  • Coupe 60

    Ridge was drinking very well for being so young…

  • Anonymous

    Kahunasfoodandwine.com is going to be my new favourite site, I think!

  • Anonymous

    …so much fun…

    QOTD1: No
    QOTD2: No
    QOTD3: No, I need to
    QOTD4: Yes : )

  • Anonymous

    Yes, I have heard of it, but only watched once or twice (sorry.)
    Not sure yet, but I think the Jets should have another good year.
    Yes I have, but I don’t remember any producers.
    Yes, I love sparkling wine.

  • Anonymous

    The reason is because beer is a cooked pasteurized product that is lacking in any stabilizers to hold the alcohol or the fizz in over time since it is not fermented. It gets flat and lame after 6 months.

  • Surf – Gets rid of 99 top stains. Believe it or not, white wine will remove red wine stains. Simply pour a little onto the stain.

  • Anonymous


  • Gary is a bad ass business stud!

  • luca bercelli


    Line of the day – ‘When you say melon you mean pineapple’

    Nice Kahuna put down by Gary


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