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Gary Vaynerchuk has finally made it to episode 1,000 of Wine Library TV! It’s been an amazing ride since that day in February 2006, with great guests, amazing (and sometimes awful) wines, as well as a lot of Jets talk. Today, the main focus is a huge thank you to all the Vayniacs who helped make this community…and a huge announcement from Gary.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2008 Jerome Prevost La Closerie Les Beguines BrutFrench Brut Vintage

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  • Dominus

    I thought I would stop by a sweep the floors and check out my old stomping grounds.

    Hope all of the Vayniacs are doing well.

  • Jeff_LDEN

    OK, I know this thread is dead ….. but Gary, how are you doing? Any updates for the old WLTV crew ? Hope all is well ! Any one-off videos in the future ??? :))

  • the main focus is a huge thank you to all the Vayniacs who helped make this community. thanks

  • Dominus

    First time I’ve seen this. A wine question and a question of the day along with a dose of the Jets. Very nice though I was taken aback when he referenced Meshawn Johnson as a memorable #19 when we all know the greatest #19 was Johnny Unitas. And then he talks about an 18 point lead his lousy Jets gave up when we all know who/what I reference when you say “18.” And yes Gary, we remember those “Down Mondays” when the Jets lost. One of the many reasons we loved you. 😉

    Coincidentally, I bought a bottle of Falanghina today and having a glass as I watch this. Now that my friends, is karma.

    Cheers Vayniacs

  • Dominus

    Happy Birthday Mott!

  • Dominus

    P.S. Still waiting for Epispode 1,001 😉

  • So the might Gary are taunting peeps of FB. #TBT

  • luca bercelli


    Line of the day – ‘Even as emotional as I am, I still need to sell some books.’

    Very emotional episode – gutted that it’s the last one. What am I supposed to fill my spare time up with now?

  • MattKoshko

    It happened today! Episode 1,001!

  • Dominus

    Really? There is a God. 😉

  • have a nice STORIES & EPISODES thanks for your episodes

  • Shelbi Ortiz

    Exceptionally mental scene – gutted that it’s the last one. What am I expected to top my extra time off with now?

  • I have enjoyed all the episodes very much. Looking forward to the next one.

  • Jawad Akhter

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  • HaberZet


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