EP 807 Harry Karis, Author of The Chateauneuf du Pape Book Visits Wine Library TV- Part 2

Gary finishes discussing Chateauneuf du Pape with author Harry Karis.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2004 Domaine Pegau Du Pape LaurenceChateauneuf du Pape Rouge

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luca bercelli


Gerry and the Mets – do me a favour!

Line of the day – ‘A 6ft 9 doorman at a NY club…you’re not getting by him’

Didn’t do it for me although GV lightened the mood late doors and that tickled me

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  • bfr1028

    The retailer had no problem refunding my money and has heard of the wine library 🙂

    I was able to get 3 bottles of mixed stuff i havent tried yet which isnt hard at this moment in time since im a newbee so to speak, im now thinking about which one to try.
    I think its going to be the ST. Francis 2005 Merlot. Thanks for all the help here! I thought i had enought to worry about just buying wine… Now I find that i have to worry about the vintage being to old or having a bad cork or even poor manurfacturing. Seems the more you know and learn the more confusing it gets. I need Gary in my back pocket 🙂


  • SS_Chris

    Jb, I was really just providing clarity on the scores…..I not only understood, but agreed with your point. That's what I meant to convey when I said that even with this slight score correction, “…your question (could have substituted “point” for “question”) is still valid…..and going by Gary's scores, the Giraud is the better QPR.” meaning that even though the Giraud had a lower score, it still had a better Quality Price Ratio. BTW, don't know if you know, but I maintain the spreadsheet with all of Gary's scores and ratings for Wines tasted on WLTV. And if you look there, you see a # in front of each wine. Essentially it ranks the wines in the order that Gary liked the wines. And it's not just by score…..I log the scores, but use my common sense to use QPR as the determining metric. So if you look, you see that the Giraud is listed as #1 and the higher scoring Pegau listed as #2……so, net-net, we're in complete agreement.

  • bfr1028

    QOTD: I have no problems with Gary ranting on about anything during the show just as long a i get somthing free from his store on my birthday 🙂


  • jbgoode

    Amen brother. Thanks for the clarity. Be well. John

  • johnboston

    If this show was all-wine-all-the-time, I wouldn't be as into it, so for me Gary's odd brand of informal interview and investigation, about something which is normally flat and esoteric, is getting me involved in wines, even though I don't care at all what happens to the Jets…

  • StevenL

    I had to try the Gabriel Liogier Chateauneuf du Pape Montjoie 2003 after I saw the first show. At 15.5% it re-confirmed my notions- too hot, too boring, no nuances- just a Fruit grenade. Strangely a Play-doh or papermache scent also ??? My least favourite wine area- CNP.
    QOTD- Passion is passion.

  • pawncop

    A very good episode.

    Trip to US to promote book: $5,000.00
    Trip to New York to be on wine show: $1,500.00
    Blowing the name and favorite team of the host at the last minute: PRICELESS

    That was hilarious, enjoyed it immensely.

    QOTD – Gary displays the passion and loyalty to his team that many acheive only with family. I know how intense he is regarding his family and it is gratifying to observe.

    I truly believe one day he will own the Jets.

  • Robinelle

    I think that Harry's passion for Chateauneuf du Pape rivals Gary's passion for the Jets. I guess you can't choose your passions; you just ride them out. I have a young cousin who'll be graduating from High School, and is a talented athlete in all areas. I think I could become passionate about whatever field he chooses.

  • Phil G

    Hate is a harsh word!! Growing up watching Andy Hawkins actualy lose a no-hitter and Danny Tartabull show us how to waste money, I had to go thorugh that alkward stage as well. Cheers to #27!

  • great show gary, very interesting

  • SS_Chris

    KaD <enter doucheroll emoticon>

  • BFR1028

    Update on the ST. Francis 2005 Merlot;
    this was so unremarkable….. Should have come in a can with a white label that just said MERLOT. Boring , generic, brought nothing to the table!


  • gubbiotti

    i have watched these episodes o a few times now. they are really great
    well done

  • matthewhale

    Is it just me or does this guy look just like Ron Santo? And his name is Harry Karis. Weird.

  • I love that Gary is so passionate about the Jets. It's endearing because they're such an underdog team. They've never been the gorilla in the room. They're always the young upstart trying to get some respect. It fits Gary's online marketing model.

  • Weston3220

    qotd: he's a passionate person all around. I would love to see him own the jets hah just because hah

  • jayhitek

    Classic word slippage.
    QOTD: Uggh.. The Jets blow.

  • Sjors

    Mooi zo–leuk om te zien een Nederlander die van wijn houd op WLTV! Thuis is mijn “iederedagswijn” een goedkoop Cotes du Ventoux uit een doos. Inderdaad vind ik Grenache heel vriendelijk met het eeten. Ik hou ook veel van CNDP, maar ik heb niet te veel geproeft. Maar ik heb lekker twee 2007 in het kelder laaten liggen voor laater! Proost!

  • Robin

    I discovered your show on TiVo a couple of months ago and now look forward to each new episode. I am a USC alum and fan, and since your Jets got our star QB I have become a Jets fan too. I weep to think what our season would have been like had Mark stayed for his final year.

  • John__J

    qotd I'll take passion over being bland any day. I hope Jerry does get to own the Met's one day though
    easily one of you best guests Gary

  • A dumb Rhein king

    Great guest.

    QOTD: I think it adds and extra layer to the show and is a good thing.

  • Harry

    Could have talked for hours and hours….ask my wife….

  • Harry

    Een goed gemaakte C. Ventoux is ook niet verkeerd Sjors…….

  • Harry

    Amen Robinelle……..

  • Harry

    Indeed Pawncop, some things in life are 'priceless'……

  • Harry

    I challenge you StevenL……..try some more from other vintages …..if you want a few recommendations please email me. Style diversity is CdP's trademark …there are styles for every palate……

  • Harry

    THX for sharing this Ilse

  • cebe

    QOTD: Very passionate all around. Request: maybe you could come back after 6 hours and re taste the decanted wine and express the development in the decanter. Very nice interview. loved every minute of it.

  • Robinelle

    Wow. Ma première réponse à partir d'un invité. (Je suis etudiant de francaise.)

  • chukheadted

    jets talk is great! you cant change gary!

  • jsums

    Excellent 2 parter. Great guest. Getting the book. Buying even more Southern Rhone goodness than I already have. It's my obsession, too. QOTD – I enjoy the Jets talk. It makes me happy.

  • Peter Hunt


    I would love some CdP recommendations from a CdP conousure. I tend to like the more fruit forward, not “bone” dry reds.

    Pete in Ct.

  • Peter Hunt

    Sorry, I mean “connoisseur”. (…I forgot to do spell check!!)

  • Gary, kasha is buckwheat in English.

  • Mike in C-town

    Totally agree with you on the interview skills. I think his best effort to date.

  • Mike in C-town

    One of your most seamless, focused shows. Really enjoyed the two parts.
    I like the entry price point of decent CdP. Most of my franch is Southern Rhone – Gigondas, Languedoc, etc. The price points in other French regions gets very scary. Grenache is one of my fave grapes.

    Mott, you need to get in there and slide the bottles out of the guest's face. You have the vantage point. After you do a few times, maybe Jerry (aka Gary) will get the message.

    QOTD: Meh. I indulge him his Jets passion because of what else he brings to the table for us.

  • Mike in C-town

    Never though about the commercials in that way. Maybe thet's why Americans can't get into soccer (the other “football”). Not enough interuptions.

  • I appreciate Gary's passion for the Jets, even if they were one game shy of the World Series.

  • richardvinifera

    QOTD: I don't share the passion of blindly supporting a team, as in the space of a few years the nature of it can completely change.

    That said, I can respect the group spirit of sports fans, and it's nice to be around a group of people who believe in the same thing you do.

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  • Magichanzz

    Jerry and the jets!>>> its too phonious. Easy slip o” the tongue to mistake. Since I love all things du-Pape; i may have to go buy that book.

  • Anonymous

    Finally got around to this episode.. great guest!

  • jamjo

    Love the Rhone. In the early 80’s it was the door the opened and the light bulb the went off in my mouth. I had my first Beaucastel and saw the light.
    SUGGESTION>> Pick up a couple of wireless mics. When ever you have a guest the sound SUCKS. I have to turn my sound up to 11. CONCLUSION …Rhone love it…sound SUCKS

  • Anonymous

    Will buy the book once it goes on sale or a used one, it’s huge and expensive but would look good on the coffee table.. http://www.winelx.com

  • luca bercelli


    Gerry and the Mets – do me a favour!

    Line of the day – ‘A 6ft 9 doorman at a NY club…you’re not getting by him’

    Didn’t do it for me although GV lightened the mood late doors and that tickled me


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