EP 935 Peter Weygandt Wines – Part 2

Gary Vaynerchuk concludes his interview and tasting with Peter Weygandt. They try the two reds, a Beaujolais and a Chateauneuf from Weygandt’s portfolio.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2009 Pierre Marie Chermette Beaujolais Cuvee Traditionnelle
2008 Domaine Charvin Chateauneuf du Pape

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Mike Dillon

Why does it tell me I can’t watch this video in my country. I have even tried accessing it while in Canada, US, Italy, and France. No matter where I am it doesnt work? Any ideas?

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  • sideout

    GV, not sure if you got me there but I’m thrilled to get a response. “The new phone books here! The new phone books here! I’m somebody!”

  • MJO

    Gary – Do you ever shut up and let your guest speak? Maybe in the future, you could just put a cardboard cut-out of a person next to you. That might make it easier for you to step all over what they are trying to say!!!

    Didn’t your Dad ever tell you that we never learn anything with our mouth open.

  • MJO i am so sorry you feel this way 🙁 I am really trying and with a non edited show its hard! again I apologize

  • Wyld

    QOTD: Cheap with a high level of drinkability.

  • oenophile81

    MJO has a point about learning with your mouth closed, but I have to say PASSION is what extracts great information from people. and your passion gets you so excited to dig deeper. the questions you ask are explicit and they ultimately reveal the reasons behind trends and what the future will unfold, and i feel that mass media never asks, and thus the public misses out on the “real juice”. like your persistence with Laura Catena and your drive to get her thoughts on Argentina’s fad trend in the states and will it compare to the plight of Australia…still loving the show, regardless of passionate interruptions

  • William

    haha yes… he really rocks! 🙂 Maybe you can check my new Blog… http://wein-online-blog.de/

  • William

    Oh yes this Video rellay rocks again :)… Peter is so great… Maybe you can check out my new Site: http://wein-online-blog.de/

  • Anonymous

    Qotd: everynight i look forward to a wine that develops in the glass, that is to say a wine that as i go back to it throughout the night (or even the next day) brings a new nuance that i didnt pick up on the last time i tried it

  • BobinGeorgetown

    We have enjoyed Peter’s wines at several local retailers and at his shop in D.C. It is a great place to spend a Saturday afternoon, and in addition to the wines, you might find a great chocolatier or some other local purveyor of delicious goodies. Tim and Todd always know exactly what we like, and Peter always has wines that you will not find anywhere else. Thanks for having him on the podcast, Gary.

  • Lurker no more!

    Wow; enjoyed this episode immensely. Peter is a true gentleman and seems to have managed to tone down the usual crazy Gary style. Gary; if you can keep these types of episodes coming; we’ll all be watching for another 20 years. Congrats on a great interview!

    As for the QOD; I look to simple; smooth wines like Cotes du Rhone; valpolicella ripasso and even a few Lodi Zins

  • QOTD: In everyday drinking wines I would like a well made wine, with complexity, and characteristics that make it distinct and interesting.

  • Anonymous

    Excellent program, really enjoyed Mr. Weygandt.

    QOTD – One that puts a smile on my face, one that has good complexity, solid structure.

    You know all that wine talk stuff.

  • Anonymous

    Great, Great show. Such a pleasure to hear from Peter Weygandt after enjoying his wines for the last few years.

    QOTD: A wine that allows the fruit to play second fiddle.

  • Anonymous

    excellent episode, gary!

    qotd: cotes

  • Anonymous

    Great episode. Just bought the beaujolais–looking forward to trying it. For a regular weeknight wine the core principle for me is that it is light-medium body with a high acidity for a red–a beaujolais, a zweigelt, a frappato or for whites–a riesling either dry or off dry.

  • ikraus

    Peter – One of my favorite guests, nice job. Really interesting interview. Love hearing people’s stories about how they got into the wine business. GV – your interview skills are getting tight! I really enjoyed the questions, well done.

    QOTD: my daily drinking, just has to be different. I love coming home and drinking something a little different every night. I guess, I look for authenticity in wine, like the ones you carry, but also variety. The variety keeps it interesting for me.

  • Great show, especially since Weygandt opened a a retail shop in my neighborhood. I really gaine a great deal of insight.

  • Anonymous

    Great show. I like how he said he enjoys wine more now then he did in the beginning.

  • luca bercelli


    I almost fell asleep during this one. Good info but Peter lacks a certain pizzazz!

  • Mike Dillon

    Why does it tell me I can’t watch this video in my country. I have even tried accessing it while in Canada, US, Italy, and France. No matter where I am it doesnt work? Any ideas?


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