EP 935 Peter Weygandt Wines – Part 2

Gary Vaynerchuk concludes his interview and tasting with Peter Weygandt. They try the two reds, a Beaujolais and a Chateauneuf from Weygandt’s portfolio.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2009 Pierre Marie Chermette Beaujolais Cuvee Traditionnelle
2008 Domaine Charvin Chateauneuf du Pape

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Mike Dillon

Why does it tell me I can’t watch this video in my country. I have even tried accessing it while in Canada, US, Italy, and France. No matter where I am it doesnt work? Any ideas?

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  • How does that translate to the glass? Just curious… Not attacking!

  • Anonymous

    You’re a wild man.

  • Anonymous

    Really, really, really a great 2-pt episode. Well done GV and PW!

    QOTD: I think I would have to agree with Peter. Complexity and balance are key. I think I appreciate more New World wines at this point, while my palate is gaining appreciation for Old worldliness. For any everyday wine it should be drinkable too – more medium than full-bodied. We eat a lot of fish and veggies, so drinking syrup on a nightly basis would be tough. Also, $20 and under for the everynight wine.

  • Allan

    German beer, Hello! 😛

  • Anonymous

    Hehe! : )

    Sent from my current frame of reference in space time.

  • Prion911

    QOTD: A wine that I want to drink every night has an, earthy subtle sniffy sniff and a delicious terrior driven palate. I am in love with bordeaux right now and just the smell sometimes lifts my day and excites me. More the the point though — as I would not likely drink bordeaux every night secondary to price (also I know that there are many that do not fit into the above generalization anyway) right now I drink a different wine every night and that is the fun of it. Sometimes I re-visit some but in general it is different every night. Some I love and some I hate — but all of them I enjoy.

  • Anonymous

    That is exactly how I roll!
    We could difinately hang.

  • Craig Owen

    Gary, great 2-parter. Great guest and your interviewing was insightful and on-point.

    But I wish you would have commented more on that ’09 Chermette. I’ve loved that producer in the past, but other than remarking on its nose, you sipped it and dumped it with no comment whatsoever. Which makes me wonder, was the wine that unmemorable, or were you so into the interviewing aspect that you simply forgot to comment on the wine? Please clarify…

    QOTD: Cotes du Rhones, Barberas, traditional Riojas, various whites with no oak & good acidity…

  • Anonymous

    I agree, I would love to see Gary talk more about the strange distribution aspects of the wine/liquor world.

  • Anonymous

    HILARIOUS! oh yeah, yours was a good episode!

  • Anonymous

    Pass me a swig. ; )
    For a laugh check out Boons Farm fan site. Google it.

  • Charlotte Serve

    Thank you VERY much for talking about the high quality of Beaujolais, especially Crus. I am personnally a huge fan of Morgon and Chiroubles and I just wish that people stop thinking Beaujolais=Beaujolais Nouveau=crap!
    Beaujolais is an amazing french wine region and the wines are, as you say, underpriced. So enjoy it as much as you’d like to! (drink with moderation, still!)

  • Anonymous

    Great guest. I like his passion and his philosophy towards wine too.
    Qotd: In everyday wines I look for good quality for the price point and I also look for a good balance. The first quality is mostly out the money necessity obviously, but it’s also fun for me to find hidden gems I can recomment to my college friends who think that wine is just too expensive or unattainable for them. And the balance thing is because I am a very spur of the moment type person when it comes to food. So if I can have one or two versatile wines on hand for almost any food situation, it makes my life a lot easier. Now once I get money to store wines in a cellar or wine storage unit it would be completely different, but my current situation makes it an important factor.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Finger lakes? Virginia is also making some wine these days.

  • John__J

    Fantastic guest, Peter was great
    Qotd: I look for complexity and have been drinking a lot of Rhone and Alsace, along with Bandol and Jura wines. I’m always on the lookout though for rare/unique wines and wine styles and wines from regions and varietals I’ve never had.

  • Allan

    Beer Library TV…….

  • Anonymous

    I agree in principle, but it wouldn’t really WLTV if the intercom did not come on once in a while. 😉

  • Anonymous

    Great guest. You guys worked well together. Have had some of his wines throughout the years.

    QOTD: First off, I don’t buy a specific region or varietal every night. The most important thing is price. After that, I want to try something that is different from what I have had before. I like Rhone wines, Portugese, Spain, Australia, and South American. Those are areas where I feel, I still get great value. I really enjoy Italian wines as well, but often find that their affordable wines are not nearly as good as some of these other areas.

  • Don Simpson

    Peter — You are AWESOME!!!

    Gary — Great job having Peter on the show. He was an extraordinary guest.

    QOTD: Nothing too over the top with alcohol. I’ve been drinking a lot of white varietals during the week. Vouvray, Sancerre, Italian whites. I have been drinking a lot of red rhone wines recently too.

  • Anonymous

    What a gentleman. I so enjoyed your comment that you would go back to the farm. I would guess we are close to the same vintage and as you I grew up on a cattle and small grain farm in the midwest. To those who have not had the opportunity to work land with family it is nearly impossible to explain “the joys and sorrows of agricultural life” we are fortunate to share that bond.
    QOTD; I too look for more traditional rhone, not over ripe or oaked with just a faint aroma of wet earth in the fall as you’re plowing on a crisp morning. Speaking of crisp, a crisp steely chablis is a charmers too.

  • Sideout I was worried but I could tell how Peter was talking and felt ok!

  • I feel better 🙂

  • I am getting better 🙂

  • Gduffin

    It nice to see, or in this case read, others that have a true understanding of the earth. Be sure you are not alone in your thoughts about the “agricultural life”. My wife finds it in the church, I tell her I go the the church of De Vine, as I walk through my small vineyard.

  • Rimarfish

    Great guess Gary! Enjoyed this episode very much and learned too…
    QOTD: I drink wine every other night, and the main reason is because it goes so well with foods. My palate got a little too exquisite and can’t drink other liquids…lol…
    I look for a wine that can match with the meal, but in general I tend to like (after many years trying all kind of varietals and styles) more balanced, elegant and refined than opulence and front fruit. Cheers!

  • Anonymous

    Of all the episodes I have seen, watching since episode 220, This is my Favorite! What an educational and intyeresting guest and GV your best interview by far!
    QOTD: A wine I don’t want to overanalyze! Drink for pleasure not investigation.

  • DaveA

    Great show. Peter is as avuncular as they come. Will keep an eye out for his wines going forward.

    QOTD: Virtually all the wine I drink is with dinner — or in preparation for dinner. My palate leans towards wines like Brunello, Barbaresco, Toro and Priorat and I like a little funk on my wines. That said after watching this show I’ll try and expand my palette towards more subtle wines showcased by your guest.

  • VonP

    What a wonderful, soft spoken gentleman!!! No I didn’t mean you, Gary!!

    QOTD: Totally varies with my mood.

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: I don’t want it to taste cheap. Just because it’s not a special occasion, I still want enough balance and complexity that I don’t regret opening an “everyday” wine.

  • Anonymous

    I will soon change my name from plcb to something else as I am moving on from the plcb.

  • RieslingRich

    German Rieslings all day all night

  • QoTD: I look for balance, good fruit and some complexity (better is great, but not a requirement).
    Love the Rhone region. Especially ones with at least 10% mouvedre. Too much grenache and make them too acidic and unbalanced for my palate. I also love monastrell, but it all has to be balanced.

    I enjoyed the format where it was more talking and a lack of rating. Wasn’t too much talk about the wine, but it worked. You’ve definitely upped your interviewing skills, Gary. Take care.

  • My local liquor store with the best selection in the area doesn’t even carry a single Bandol.

  • Excellent show and incredible guest. Peter reminded me so much of Jeffrey Davies in his softspoken, gentlemanly but incredibly knowledgeable way. I’m looking forward to the day you can interview Neil Rosenthal and Joe Dressner (I hope his brain tumor is doing better!).

    QOTD. I look for a wine that is drinkable and always paired with food. I very rarely have wine by itself so it has to go well with the cuisine we like (lighter foods, seafood, salads, cheese, pastas…) and my wife and I must be able to finish the bottle, just because it’s drinkable and delicious. I loathe industrial wines and I look for something that is artisanal and unique and talks to me about the earth in the place it was made.

  • WineCutter

    Fantastic show. I love the interviews that bring some insight to the history of the business.
    QOTD: Balance and complexity…a wine that makes me want to pay attention to it.

  • Anonymous

    Fantastic show! I loved it! I think Part 2 was even better than Part 1. Gary, I loved your rapid-fire Q & A – nice job and very interesting. Thanks for having so many awesome guests, especially lately, on the Thunder Show. Now for my complaint. Gary, you majorly complained about the 2007 CDPs. That’s after you and your staff sold me a crap-load of them. How do you think that makes me feel? I’m bummed and feel a bit shafted.

    QOTD: I like complex, well-made, food-friendly wines at a good QPR during the week. On weeknights my wife and I make dinner when we are home and we share a bottle of wine. So it has to be food-friendly and it is usually a reasonably-priced wine. It could be a Bordeaux, a Rhone, a Chablis or Riesling or an Italian wine, the majority of which I find rather food-friendly.

  • John,
    thank you so much. I greatly appreciate your efforts on my behalf. I’ll check them out. Very interesting. My email address is garyforer@yahoo.com I’ll pass on any finds that come my way.

  • John,
    I work for a great company called Wineflite. You can check them out at wineflite.com. We’re about to start offering USA outbound international wine delivery. We have a sweepstakes up on the site. You should enter it and tell others. We don’t have many people signed up and someone is going to win that trip for 2 to France. You have a really good chance at this point. I’m learning about wines from people like you and greatly appreciate the insights. Thanks again for the list of wines. Good luck with the sweepstakes. I’ll let you know what I think of the wines as I go through your list. Sounds like fun.

  • Anonymous

    One of the best shows and defiantly one of your best guests
    Mr. Weygandt has so much history and knowledge about wine, no wonder he enjoys wine more than before. I love all the stories, Seems like he always knows how to pick the right producers. There is not shortcut in life only hard work to be successful. I think most of the producers his in business with did that. Gary what was a fantastic interview as well. great show.
    QOTD: an everyday wine what I like to have is not too heavy but with flavor and balanced. I like most taste of Rhone or a mid range CDP or a nice pinot noir but with a reasonable price.

  • Cayout

    QOTD: A wine that makes me want to drink the whole bottle (even if I can’t really on weekdays). Like a nice little burgundy, a cru Beaujolais with a good QPR..
    These kind of wines make me happy and match with my weekday food!
    Very nice 2 parts episode, love to see passion!

  • Anonymous

    Nice – but you kind of rushed that Beaujolais out of there w/o much review!

    QOTD – there tend to be 2 ways I enjoy wine… either with meals on the weekends or by the glass after dinner during the week. In both cases, I want balance. With meals, the tannin and acid are important. W/O meals, I like a little more fruit and softer tannin/acid…

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: I think I’m on a similar page as Weygandt here: bright acidity, balanced fruit and prevalent mineral notes, whether white or red.




  • Anonymous

    qotd: Hmm everyday wine. I very mood based for my wines and I watch WLTV and twittter with wine people and that affects what I drink, I drink maybe 3days a week due to money etc so even a wedneday night wine can be a special wine. I recently been craving Sangiovese, White Rhones,

  • norm

    You know Gary, I usually don’t like your guest interview episodes, probably because I’m not quite *that* into the wine world (yet). But Mr. Weygandt was an exception – very engaging, down-to-earth, friendly, very impressive. Thanks for the education!

  • DZ

    Another good show and I have to agree with you in your preference for a less hyped vintage as I’ve recently had the same experience with Caymus. The 06 and 07 for me are way over vanilla’d out and just plain contrived and made for people who like the taste of American oak barrels. The 08 is more interesting but still a formula wine(Silver Oak)without any soul. It seems that when a person starts to really try to get inside finesse wines such as Beaujolais they see oak as an obvious flaw to be avoided. This is just as apparent with Bordeaux as it is with Napa. On the other hand I agree with Peter in that Beaujolais can be better with some ageing and need food or after a meal to really sing. Many times I’ve been underwhelmed with a top Beaujolais and vacu-vined the wine and found it to be gorgeous and totally satisfying on day 2 or 3. What I look for in a wine these days are bright fruit, cooler climate finesse,acid and complexity and an honest approach without being contrived and pandering to the masses. That’s what I’m buying but I’ll pretty much drink whatever is being poured such as the Yellow Tail Rose magnums at my neighbors house!

  • Alex

    A new Vayniac, you are changing my wine world.

    FOr the first time, I stepped away from my impression that Beaujolias is terrible wine, and bought a Brouilly cru Beaujolias which I genuinely look forward to trying. I never knew there could be anything different to Beaujolais Nouveau!

  • Anonymous

    Great guest – lots of good information in this episode. I would love Peter’s job!

    It’s amazing how much the perception of Beaujolais has changed this year.. pretty much every wine critic has lauded it and said how underrated it is.

    QOTD – Nothing above 14%, nothing too fruity and nothing too tannic. Something like a Spanish grenache or Cotes du Rhone or Beaujolais for red.

  • Anonymous

    GV – Like I said before, great guest, great two-parter! I really enjoy listening to people speak about wine from a very admirational and genuine standpoint. When people speak of wine in that manner it translate in a very real and unpretenious way!

    QOTD: I like a wine with a few years age on it and that say something to me other than “typical” or what I expected!


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