EP 852 Cru Beaujolais Tasting

Gary Vaynerchuk talks about a category of wines that he’s passionate about: Cru Beaujolais.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2007 Chapelle Des Bois FleurieCru Beaujolais
2007 Diochon Moulin A Vent VielleBeaujolais
2002 Champs Grilles Revillon St. AmourCru Beaujolais

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  • davidwp

    Cloudy, spritzy, and a muted nose. Sounds like heat damage, secondary fermenation, or something like that….
    I doubt a great producer like Diochon would put out something disappointing in '07.

  • jayhitek

    Welcome back to the solo show!
    Iron Sheik is insane. When he is on Mister Howard Stern's show I think he's mental. He smoke crack!
    QOTD: Went to a wedding in Mexco, kind of pissed I was going.. Disappointed that I had a great time. No complaints.

  • schwartzman

    The Diochon bottle was probably bad, undergoing secondary fermentation, especially if it's unfiltered/unfined. It's a gamble when producers use very very low levels of sulphur. I hope Gary V. retests that Moulin a Vent. Back to the QOTW: my biggest dissapointment this week has to be a '07 Mont-Olivet CDP that i popped. Tutti fruity-driven SRH pinot-wannabee, totally lacking in earthiness or garrigue or tar or pepperiness. For $30 I expected more.

  • leemorrish

    I saw this show and i am a little bit feel disappointed,i think that it would be make more better show. Fat Burning Furnace

  • alscott

    Had a couple of bottles recently of Morgon, “Jean Foillard Morgon, Cote du Py 2006”, just outstanding with the complexity and spice, the sort of interesting depths you expect from a good pinot, not gamay. Retailed in the UK at around $21 equivalent.

  • winestein

    just had a 2009 domaine de la madone and LOVED it. i rarely drink gamay but am considering it more and more. thanks again for the great info Gary.

  • No on the sniffy sniff. Still waiting for your sushi-n-wine pairing. I know it'll be a big hit.

    I actually enjoyed this show because of the last wine. Adds drama and reality show-esq entertainment.

  • Mike in C-town

    No to the wristband.
    Too bad about the show, but at least we had a first – a dead bottle. I had hoped for more from gamay.

    QOTD: from when you uploaded the episode, my disappointment was the Cavs giving one away to Chicago.

  • Weston3220

    Did a NZ Pinot Tasting, a Morgon was slipped in, was different but totally could of passed for a Pinot~

    qotd: being let down when I was called into my previous job to help out and being understaffed pfft

  • assistantofthedooker

    First time writer, been watching for about 2 yrs now. Must say your guest list has rocked lately! The Lynch! The best guest and wine guy America has produced. I used to sell his wine in TO. The second wine, that you had high aspirations for (unfiltered), had malo lactic fermentation go off in the bottle. Which isn't uncommon with that style of winemaking, give that wine two hrs+ & it will blow off the effect and be fine. I would check another few bottles, but I bet it will be a problem with the import, not the wine in general. I am a Canadian winemaker working in McLaren Vale (Assistant Winemaker at Mollydooker) I know your not a fan, but it was good to see Twefeltree pull out some props for ol Sparky. The link you made to Phillips during the Lynch interview was an eye opener for me. Just finished a late shift, at the very end of vintage down under. Keep putting the producers on the spot, makes the show more interesting, and more pressure on the people responsible for their product. At least from a wine geek perspective.
    Hockey Playoffs?
    Andrew Windsor

  • ahillsey

    It's funny that the second wine you hated on, I believe is imported by Kermit and that my friend is classic.

  • Nik_B

    Funnily enough I opened a 2007 Brouilly a couple of days after this show… and it was way past its prime.

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  • wineknow

    Say it, don't spray it, Gare. We love Beau Cru too!

  • wineknow

    Say it, don't spray it, gare. We love Beau Cru too!

  • J Cibik

    Notye to Gary,
    Just watched your cru beaujolais show from April. I, Too, love cru beaujolais. Please do it again ; you'll find & enlighton the delight that we enjoy. Also, the '02 decline was an education for us viewers as well. In our search for Princes of wine, were going to kiss a frog now-and-then.


  • luca bercelli


    line of the day – ‘I’m trying to work on the air quotes Mott’

    Good stuff, first ‘dead wine’ makes an appearance

  • athena

    can i still comment

  • athena

    wow i can, epic

  • Mushq

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