EP 949 Beaujolais Cru Tasting with Ray Isle from Food & Wine Magazine

Gary Vaynerchuk sits down with Ray Isle to taste three different cru Beaujolais wines. They talk about Ray’s journey into the wine and how he ended up at Food & Wine Magazine!

Wines tasted in this episode:

2009 Georges Dubeouf Jean Descombes Morgon
2009 Marcel Lapierre MorgonCru Beaujolais
2008 Charly Thevenet Regnie Grain & Granit Cru Beaujolais

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luca bercelli


I didn’t take to this guest – not sure why but he just didn’t do it for me

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  • Great episode guys. QOTD – People are spending a little more but it’s a slow climb. Blanquette de Limoux French Sparkling – extreme value.
    Glad we agree on the Morgon Gary:

  • Anonymous

    that was long, but good stuff

    QOTD – still trimming back, or at least drinking what i already have…

  • Anonymous

    Good episode, good information, enjoyed the guest.

    QOTD – my pattern has not changed as I am still not collecting nor specializing. I am learning and my costs remain at the lower end of the spectrum.

  • Oh man, Carnitas FTW! ( now I’m craving them…)

    An awesome episode and guest no doubt. IT would be grand to find and drink more and new Beaujolais.

    QOTD: well, I’ve been buying regularly for years, one or two bottles a week, and sometimes the prices for both soar above $30USD but not always (wine has a high tax tariff here).

  • Anonymous

    Usually don?t comment on episodes that aired this long ago, but Ray has to be one of my favorite guests in a long time. Personable, well educated, definitive in his tastes and passionate about what he does. A man after my own heart (he had me with Monty Python). At the risk of kissing his ass anymore I will just say thank you to both Gary and Ray for entertaining me for 39+ minutes.

    QOTD: I try and discover as much as I can with the limited budget that I have. I am really loving French whites at the moment and am slowly starting to pick up my wine budget as well.

  • Anonymous

    Great episode! I am just getting around to watching it. I love the college girl dormroom scent gag, but I would have to say that the girls’ dormrooms I remember from college smelled a little more “herbaceous” 😉

    QOTD1: buying, buying buying. I am still somewhat of a wine newb and I am fortunate enough to have spending money for the first time in my life so … BUYING!
    QOTD2: I have been really getting into Washington and Syrah recently. Interestingly, I have found Syrah’s from Washington to be particularly enjoyable!

  • Anonymous

    Gary, you mentioned Eataly and their wine shop on the show. I can tell you they have a decent selection but nothing too impressive. What is nice is that you can buy the wines you sampled at the restaurants in the wine shop.

    What is more impressive then the wine shop is the food. Eataly has best pizza outside of Naples, Italy I have ever had. It is worth the wait. Even better; show up early, the lines are much shorter earlier in the day

  • Had some morgon cote de Py 2008, from Foillard last summer and it completely took me by surprise. Hate the crappy gamay but good beaujolais is up there.

  • luca bercelli


    I didn’t take to this guest – not sure why but he just didn’t do it for me


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