EP 949 Beaujolais Cru Tasting with Ray Isle from Food & Wine Magazine

Gary Vaynerchuk sits down with Ray Isle to taste three different cru Beaujolais wines. They talk about Ray’s journey into the wine and how he ended up at Food & Wine Magazine!

Wines tasted in this episode:

2009 Georges Dubeouf Jean Descombes Morgon
2009 Marcel Lapierre MorgonCru Beaujolais
2008 Charly Thevenet Regnie Grain & Granit Cru Beaujolais

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luca bercelli


I didn’t take to this guest – not sure why but he just didn’t do it for me

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  • NY Pete

    J … E … T … S … JETS JETS JETS!

    that is all!

  • Anonymous

    Great, great guest. And so natural. I’m gonna buy the magazine.

    QOTD. Spending more and more. And I’ve always been a big spender.

  • Anonymous

    It sucks that there’s only one Cru Beaujolais in Alko’s regular selection. Luckily there are some in the sale-to-order selection (tilausvalikoima). For example Duboeuf’s regular Morgon and Burgaud’s Cote du Py.

  • Anonymous

    Nice episode and a very likable guest.

    QOTD: Usually buying wines in the 10-20? range. I’m definitely willing to buy a more expensive bottle if I’m having something at least a little bit special to eat. At the moment I’m just drinking whatever I feel like at any given time. Always trying to find good values in white Bourgogne though.

  • One day one of the best wines in the world will come from the Balkan Peninsula. They are not there yet, maybe exception are some home made wine that folks around here are enjoin 😛

  • My wine group (http://www.meetup.com/WoW-Wine-on-Wednesday/calendar/13284316/) is doing a Beaujolais night this Thursday. Started as a “Nouveau” night for my “wine rookies” then morphed into all 10 Cru Beaujolais! Can’t wait to try them all ~ Beaujolais is like the last frontier of EXCELLENT value European wines. AND yumalicious!
    QOTD: Probably monthly average $12-15 Over the year, with SUPER BARGAINS from work? Average $8-9
    Salud! KathyD ~ Kathyintex ~ WineOnWednesday http://twitter.com/#!/WineOnWednesday


    GV is 35, he’s gettin’ old….. :)))))

    Happy happy days GV!

  • paul

    Why is there virtually no selection of 2009 Beaujolais at WL????

  • Anonymous

    QOTD1: Were spending more than last year and the year before.
    QOTD2: I’d guess were buying more in the $30+ range but drinking down inventory in the $15-$30 range.

  • So true, Lisa. I’ll have to check out the single malts article. This is a category I’ve been increasingly into lately and Ray definitely has a way with words.

  • ooh…this looks nice.




  • Judithas

    this show was by far, the best ever! love Ray’s approach to wines. they match somewhat with yours.

  • Globex

    fantastic guest!! Great interview Gary! Scary how much Ray and I have in common… age, salted cashews, Monty, etc… I love those imports from Kermit Lynch. Deliciousness!!

    QOTD: I’ve always been a believer that you shouldn’t pay more than $35 for a great wine (750ml). I recently enjoyed a 90+ rated (GV) that I bought from WineLibrary for $10.99, in fact I loved it far more than the $90 2000 Cain Five that I recently had at my parent’s house. There are too many great wines for under $35, anything above that is a waste of my money and is better used on better wines from more humble winemakers.


    Please everyone….. BRING BACK Waynooo da Winoooo 🙂

  • Bob

    I did hit a lull in my wine buying last year and earlier this year. In the last few months, however, I’ve been on a buying spree.

  • I only have a little bit of experience with older Cru Beaujolais but I’ve found that the top producers can make wines that develop further complexity, just like good Burgundy. This will definitely be true of many ’09s… they shed some of their outward fruitiness and show more earthy and savory flavors!

  • awesome show…as much as I enjoy reading an article in Food & Wine, this format is so much richer than the 4 color printed page.
    So easy to like Ray and the way that he rolls…the Monty Python syndrome is icing on the cake.
    The wines showed really well, and I am continuing to get excited about 2009 Beaujolais…time to go shopping.

    QOTD2: still trying to remain frugal but not wishing to give up on quality so the research component has increased in order to make the bucks go as far as they can, and save up for important splurges…info like this show offers, is golden.

    QOTD: mad for Mencia, pretty dependent on Portugal Duro, ga-ga for Gruner Veltliner (just had privilege to taste a 1970 Steineger that was radiant).

  • Andre_hm

    Have to agree with the forum, guest was 5 star! The Monthy Pyton story, the volunteering at the vineyard…great stuff.

    QOTD1: Kind of yes, picking up some more expensive bottles lately.
    QOTD2: Have been trying some different wines lately, from Tokaj Hungary. Tokaj has always put me off a bit because I don’t enjoy sweet wine that much. Having been there to the harvest (actually getting my hands dirty), trying the semi-sweets and dry Furmints, Harslevelu, I’m getting more into it and feel I need to taste every producer…

  • Leeinsb

    Best interview in a long time and liked 20 questions at the end.

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: PX and the rest of the vinos de Jerez.

    Gary, you mentioned it the other day…you really need to do a show on sherry.

  • 950 please

  • NY Pete

    where’s the monday thunder?

  • Anonymous

    Qotd: I don’t know that I’ve started to spend more or less than before, but I definitely look for value more often. I won’t go out on a whim and randomly pick a bottle anymore, be it cheap or expensive. I like to take the extra 10 minutes to ask the staff in the wine store what their recommendations are no matter what. And my most recent wine i’ve started getting into is bogle vineyards. i know they’ve probably been around a while, but i don’t drink as much wine as i should lol. and i’m also really impressed with their value which is more important to me lately.

  • Anonymous

    Say it ain’t so Gary, say it ain’t so! No WLTV today? I have been waiting all weekend for my “THUNDER” and I have to go without. 🙁

  • coming!

  • coming!

  • coming!

  • indeed they do!

  • Anonymous

    GV, one of the local outlets in Chicago had a wine tasting this weekend and Amavi Cellars was on hand. I drove in from IN (1hr 30min) just to taste the 07′ Cab Sauv and it didn’t disappoint. I bought half a case. They also had their Syrah, Reserve Cab, and Merlot. The Merlot was to die for but at $50 bones I had to pass because I came for the 07 Cab Sauv. Thanks brother on the good call.

  • Alos

    Such a great episode! Thanks Gary

  • Luke+

    Beaujolais month! Gotta do it. Give impoverished wine nerds a chance to geek out. Grabbed a 2009 Regnie after seeing this episode (Domaine de Collete) and it was a polished winner at $15.99 or something.

  • After watching this, I REALLY want to try a bottle (or 5!) of that 2009 Marcel Lapierre Morgon!

  • Francescovigorito

    QOTD: definitely back to buying some serious juice, although less often.

    Gary, I work at Italian Wine Merchants as a Portfolio Manager and would love to talk about some of our more unique wines on your show. Let me know if we can work something out.

  • John__J

    qotd: when I got the $ to spend on nice wines and the deals are there, why not?qotd2: Austria, whether it’s lesser known grapes like Zierfandler, Blaukrankish, Rotgipler, Zweigelt, or many other’s, or wines styles like Ausbruch, Sturm, Schilcher, Uhudler, etc., there’s a lot still to be brought to the mainstream here in the U.S.Ray was a cool guest.Gary you’re becoming a better interviewer too. You’re great at keep the pace moving to where it needs to be without cutting off the guest.

  • Anthonycasaccio

    I live in Chicago and love wine, which wine outlet did you drive in for?

  • Anonymous

    There are two that I come in for and they are “Binny’s” and “Wine Discount Center” and this one happened to be “Wine Discount Center” on N. Elston, just north of North Avenue. They both have wine tastings every weekend. You can get on their e-mailing lists.

  • Cool guest and nice episode..

    QOTD: I’m definitely in progress trying to expand my wine knowledge hence you gotta spend a bit more than usual…

    QOTD2: I’ve been to a wine tasting yesterday about Dolcetto di Dogliani, I prepared myself watching past episodes about it..
    I was not very familiar with this specific grape, must admit they are generally very good and you Gary were absolutely right, the price point is fantastic, I tasted a wine rated among one of the best wines of the year (Dolcetto di Dogliani 2009 Briccolero) and it’s out for 8.80 eur!!

    That said I would really love to discover Spain and Portugal, maybe going there for a wine trip

  • Anonymous

    Excellent episode and another terrific guest. My wife gets Food & Wine magazine and passes them on to me when she’s done and I like reading Ray’s articles. I’ve always wondered what he was like and you were certainly right, Gary, he earned a LOT of points with many of the Vayniacs, myself included. Nice job. Furthermore, I’m really glad that the Cru Beaujolais did so well in this episode because they are really great, affordable wines.

    QOTD: My wife would say that I never really cut back during the Recession so I have not increased my wine purchase prices either. Well, actually, perhaps I have. I’m just turning 50 and I am trying to stock my wine cellar with a lot of age-worthy wines for when I retire so I have bought a crapload of rather expensive wine over the last couople of years. One of the good things about the Recession was that there was a lot of great wine available at more reasonable prices than in the past because the demand waned a bit.

    QOTD2: Nothing in particular, but I was at a tasting over the weekend at the Fabulous Food Show here in Cleveland and I tried a bunch of different Italian varietals that I had not tasted before such as Sangrantino, and I really enjoyed most of them. Italian wines are so interesting to me because there are SO many grape varieties and they generally seem to go so well with food.

  • DougieFresh

    That was fantastic. Wow, he seems like a really great guy. Nice interview GV.

  • Anonymous

    Ray, I am building back up right now.

    Speaking of Eastern Europe, I was in Bulgaria this summer and drank a Zagreus Mavrud (Mavrud is a red grape). It cost the equivalent of $7 at a local wine shop and was really tasty. Nice tannins and complimented our pasta meal very well.

  • Anonymous

    Interesting episode!

    QOTD: I had been ratcheting down wine purchases going into recession At 58, many wines are out of my window if you know what I mean!

  • Anonymous

    Great show, great stories! It’s nice to hear from the people behind the magazines- thanks!
    QOTD: We’re only now slowly beginning to pick up again on buying wine, but we’re having to be selective. Dammit.
    QOTD2: A friend introduced us to Georgian wines (the country, not the state). Eye opening!

  • Food & WINE Magazine just got a whole lot cooler!

    QOTD1: Spending the same…but getting a lot more WINE for the $$$.

    QOTD2: I taste fun foods & WINE together…so I’m going to come from this angle, instead of just telling you about a new or interesting wine I’ve had. In recent tastings I have to say Prosecco & fried chicken is a killer pairing…as is NZ Sauvignon Blanc & Guacamole. I also had a demi sec Sparkling Rose from Provence with buffalo wings that was incredible. I think a guy who would eat carnitas for the rest of his life can appreciate this;)

  • Anonymous


    QOTD#1: My ability to buy hasn’t really changed since my husband lost his job in Jan. ’09
    I scrounge the bargain outlets and what TJ’s has to offer and occasionally I pick up something from my local wine shop under $20. North of $30 just isn’t practical for me, but a girl can dream. I’m not a big fan of spending tons of bucks on anything, including a single bottle of wine. However, some day in the future I might be tempted into plunking down some serious cash for an Eiswein or TBA.
    QOTD#2: Cheverny. Soooo good and a steal at $14 retail in CA at my local wine shop.
    Also, Shrimp spread on bread with a good Cava is awesomely delicious!

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: My husband was out of work Oct 2008-Oct 2010 and of course the wine buying slowed down quite a bit. Fortunately we have a nice supply. I learned to buy value wines mostly under $10. I follow sales. I search for good QPR, for example Spanish Garnacha. I also got a job in wine and I knew about upcoming close-outs in PA. I had the opportunity to go to Chairman’s Selection wine tasting events. Now I have an employee discount at my job in DE. Also now my husband is employed and I’m trying not to go overboard catching up. So the answer is yes, I’m increasing my spending.

    For discovering new wines, I believe in your advice and Gary’s advice to expand my palate. Every time I expand my palate and try a new wine, I’m already in search of something else new to discover. I bought Teroldego and Madiran wines this week. I’ve had them before but I would not have known about them unless I watched WLTV.

  • Anonymous

    Happy birthday, gary!

    QOTD: still seeking value in wine!

  • Anonymous

    Great show – it’s good to see some more of the 2009 Beaujolais on the show.. it seems like a vintage that is changing the perceptions of most people (and isn’t costing a fortune – like ’09 Bordeaux).

    QOTD – my buying habits haven’t much at all.. always looking for value and most wines I buy are under £7-8 and I rarely buy wines over £15.

  • stewart73 (thunderball)

    Fascinating show. Beaujolais is just something I never even really consider but this show has sort of inspired me to head out and pick some up. Very cool guest too.

  • Great guest, and love Cru Beaujolais.

    QOTD: I will buy wine that I enjoy or think warrents the price or wine that is a really good deal. Too many people outpriced themselves in the market before the collapse IMO and are still trying to charge the high prices.

    QOTD: Jura whites as an alternative desert or after dinner drink.


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