EP 949 Beaujolais Cru Tasting with Ray Isle from Food & Wine Magazine

Gary Vaynerchuk sits down with Ray Isle to taste three different cru Beaujolais wines. They talk about Ray’s journey into the wine and how he ended up at Food & Wine Magazine!

Wines tasted in this episode:

2009 Georges Dubeouf Jean Descombes Morgon
2009 Marcel Lapierre MorgonCru Beaujolais
2008 Charly Thevenet Regnie Grain & Granit Cru Beaujolais

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luca bercelli


I didn’t take to this guest – not sure why but he just didn’t do it for me

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  • Anonymous

    Great show. Two things I love come together WLTV and F&W (although I’d like to see F&W be a little more W and less F, maybe it should be W&F). Ray seems like a great guy. Its interesting he asked about people’s wine budget because one of the things that bothers me is all of F&W’s events are all so super expensive. Props to WL for being so accessible, working to bring great wine at a reasonable price, great low cost events, etc. Let me spend my wine budget on buying wine.

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: Red wines other than Pinot from Germany. Awesome stuff to be found.

  • laurensNL

    Great show! What is funny is that I ordered a case of Lapierre Morgon 2009 a week ago. Can’t wait to try it after watching this show!

    QOTD: still going the (relatively) inexpensive route.

  • Anonymous

    First off, yay for more Beaujolais on the show! Beaujolais needs to get more visibility! I liked the guest Ray seems like a relaxed fun wine enthusiast.

    QOTD: Usually I stick to an inexpensive price range of 10-25. But if something catches my eye like a new/favorite varietal I haven’t seen for some time or a good producer puts out something I’ve never heard of you might find me shelling out the extra dough.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah!!!!! I can Post…I can Post!!!!!

    Thanks Mott. It really does suck when you can’t see any comments or leave any comments.

    QOTD: Well, I have been to Wine LIbrary twice this month and have spent over $1000…… I don’t know if that’s cutting back or moving forward but I guess it’s all relative. I’m sure there are people aho spend that in a day so.

    All I know is I have way too much wine so I can use some help drinking it if anyone want’s to meet for dinner at a BYO I’m in…… 🙂

  • Frank

    Gary, drizzy drake is a wine fanatic.. would be great to do a show with him!


    Superb show. Beaujolais is REALLY great stuff. Been diggin’ it lately.


    Qotd: I have spent alot of money on wine, too much. Used to hunt for “trophy”-wines all the time & high scores, but not anymore. I don’t listen to ratings anymore, i trust my pal and continue to try out new and exciting wines. I don’t have a limit if i want to try a particular wine. Around 20 bones these days.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah! Thanks for fixing the comment section for those of us who couldn’t see it

    RE: the episode — go Wines of Istria!
    QOTD — buying less wine but spending slightly more $ per bottle

  • Anonymous

    Gary, the look you gave Mott when Ray mentioned he road his bike across Houston to see Jaws was priceless, “Whaaaat” look! 🙂 Teehehehe! Great show, you never cease to make me laugh and always give insight into the winemakers and their wines. Will have to definately try the Marcel Lapierre Morgon.
    Gary you hurt my feelings when you said “Junk Bordeaux for $15” 🙁 you can find some really good Bordeaux’s out there between the $15 and $30 range.
    I have to agree with Ray on Gary Pisoni, “WILD”. I saw him on an episode with Oz Clarke and he is unbelievable. You have got to try and get Gary on your show, you and him would be an absolute riot.
    QOTD: I have never cut back, but I have always been stuck in the $15-$30 range and every so often getting that special bottle.

  • Eirikpm

    I`m going to answer his second question; And I have actually discovered some interesting Rieslings from New Zealand lately! I have also found out that portuguese wines rock!! Both red and white! 😀

    Great show btw!

    Eirik, all the way from Norway 😉

  • Esther Cohen

    Gary you mentioned wanting to taste a veg Cabernet Franc. I highly recomment Tulip Wineries Cabernet Franc 2007, aged for 14 months in 80% French barrels and 20% in American barrels. Parker rated it a 90 and Wine Spectator a 92. It is rich in body, ripe plum, volcanic soil and dark. Enjoy! http://www.tulip-winery.co.il/len. They just went kosher in 2010 and they produce 100,000 bottles a year.

  • Macmillan

    Don’t hype Beaujolais too much or the price will go the way of Pinot Noir. I used to thiink I didn’t like Gamay (Beaujolais Nouveau syndrome) now it is one of my favorites. I was educated by a good friend who knew I was a PN fan.

  • Great show and going to head out today to find the Marcel Lapierre.

    QOTD – I am starting to move back into a little higher price point, but my focus still tends to be on stretching my horizons on what I am drinking. I have had a couple nice Hungarian whites recently and continue to try Italian whites from different grape varietals.

  • NJ Big Chris

    QOTD – On average I drink about 2 bottles a week. On a great weekend more. Anything from $0-$50, no issues, I’ll try anything once. But anything over $30 I like to have some kind information about the wine. Anything above $50 is big splurge and I only buy about 12 bottles a year above that price point. Usually I know what it is, well, and its something I’m totally in love with. Like a serious bottle of champagne or crazy dessert wine like a Tokay. My spending is pretty conservative in general as I am young person about to be Newly wed. But my wine spending has steadily increased over the last 4 years since I started down the slippery slope.

  • Jasonbcarey

    You know, that I first got involved with the new Beaujolais movement around 1998 in a winebar in Paris called the Moulin au Vin (gone) and there I was transformed..
    But please dont sing the praises too loudly,, cause I can’t afford expensive wine.

  • Jasonbcarey

    That was a great episode.

  • I like Ray (good job) and, of course, Gary, but can’t say the same for Beaujolais. Hmmm…Exciting? Really? I just tasted nine from ’09 vintage and was not overly impressed. I guess I don’t find them interesting enough to drink more than a glass or two maybe once a year.

    QOTD: For everyday drinking I stay under $25 per bottle. I am buying more bottles in the $50+ price range – especially cabs and pinot noirs, for special occasions.

  • Missatiejacket

    Ray, thanks for being on the show. I really enjoyed your input and learning a little about your views on wine and you as a person. I am spending a bit more again. It’s been a bit of a seesaw for me because I gradually buy wines to lay down and have basically run out of space for those (though I keep finding room somehow, which isn’t helping the accessibility of other things in my basement or my parents’ basement), which I keep buying at about the same pace. With wines for immediate consumption, I seem to overbuy and then have to “drink down the stash” as I say. Lately I’ve been in overbuy mode and have been spending a bit more per bottle than the last time I was in this mode. As far as recent discoveries for me, there have been a couple of related ones. 1: I might like white wines even more than reds, and at least as much. My consumption has been following that trend and my girlfriend is there even more so, almost always wanting to drink white/sparkling wine even now that the weather is cool. 2: I should be drinking a lot more Austrian whites. I have been making that happen and have quite a few that I’m looking forward to opening.

  • Missatiejacket

    Lisa, do you like Burgundy? Were you tasting Cru Beaujolais from good producers? Which ones?

  • Hi Missatiejacket – Yes and yes! I only remember that two were Georges Dubeouf and they all ranged in price from $11-28 per bottle.

  • Anonymous

    QOTD1: Definitely still sticking to that under $30 price point for vast majority of shopping.
    QOTD2: Loving Jasnieres Chenin Blanc. The acidity is just so spot on and fun to drink.

    MY QUESTION: Concerning Beaujolais, particularly ’09 b/c it is such a great vintage – I’ve heard Gary speak a lot about how Morgon/Moulin-a-Vent can easily last 10 years. I’ve ALSO heard that the wines don’t really develop different characteristics and complexity as they just tend to lose fruit over time. What’s your take? Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    I try to buy wines that are affordable, but definitely buy higher end wines from time to time. I just bought Pierre usseglio Cdp cuvee du mon aieul 2006 for $110 the other day (which kicked ass). I recently tried my first Brunello which was awesome. 2004 Il Poggione which was incredible wine. I have also been drinking wines from the Languedoc which are affordable and interesting. CA pinot, which I used to scorn, i am starting to really enjoy.

  • Anonymous

    I kind of agree with you, I am not in love with it either.

  • TitanicJack

    Thanks for fixing the comments section for all of us that couldn’t get it on Friday. Not much of a beaujolais fan as I like a full-body style.
    QOTD: I’ve spent more on wine in the past 12 months than the entire rest of my life combined (and I’m 66) thanks in large measure to GV and WLTV. Most in the $40 – $90 range. Seems like I join every mailing list of every guest.

  • WineWoman

    QOTD: Unfortunately, have had to cut back dramatically on my wine-buying. No more getting a cart and walking around wine stores to make a mixed case of what looks good.

    I enjoyed an Edmunds-St. John Gamay, Bone-Jolly–but I’m completely certain the ’09 Beaujolais vintage and what you were drinking today would put it to shame, though a nice effort for Americana.

  • Hey Guys

    Great show. Ray seems like a really nice bloke and conveyed a real passion for wine, but also a sense of being a really nice fellow. Points to him for bringing in the Cru Beaujolais as well; got to love this stuff!

    QOTD1: Have stopped buying wine a bit because I have too much and no where to store it…
    QOTD2: What have I discovered recently? Portugese whites!


  • DaveAll

    Good show. Never knew any of this about Beaujolais, gotta find me some. Cru!
    QotD: I buy like a sine wave – $2 buck chuck, then $80, then $10 wine, then $70 one. I repent when I buy high by buying low next. my overall average though is UP over 10 years of enjoying wines. Good question and good rag!

  • QOTD 1: Building up, though I was kind of aided by the fact my wife was pregnant and now nursing our second daughter so we haven’t consumed nearly as much in the last 18 months. I will say I don’t buy a lot over $40
    QOTD 2: Had a 2002 Grangehurst Nikela last night which I really enjoyed.

    That was a great and entertaining episode. I had the chance to briefly meet Ray in September in Newport and he’s a very pleasant and clearly knowledgeable person. Thank you both.

  • Just Jack

    Wow what a crazy coincidence. I have been away for a bit now (crazy busy with life lately), and out of nowhere I get an urge for Beaujolais. Now mind you, I haven’t had one in a couple years except for a few of the Bone Jolly that I got from WL. Which, to tell the truth, I didn’t care for a whole lot. So I was watching some political videos when I got this urge. I thought maybe I would pop over and search for the last couple of Beaujolais episodes to see what GV had to say about the stuff, and pick up a purchase idea or two. Low and behold, look what the episode was about. Not only that, but it was a home run episode with some great recommendations. If this isn’t the big guy telling me I should buy a case instead of a bottle I don’t know what else it could be.

    QOTD: I guess I am building. I had some big issues with some wine shipments this fall (I’m not going to name the retailer) that took the wind out of my sails for the last couple months or so, but the overall trend for me seems to be to accumulate slowly since last spring. Prior to that I was definitely not buying a lot.

  • QOTD: I’d rather drink good wine, whether I can get it for a value or have to spend $30 a bottle. tough on a student budget though

  • I agree!

  • Paul Sheridan

    Nice Episode.

    QOTD1: Building, I’d say, but that has more to do with my own personal interest than the economy.
    QOTD2: Washington state.

  • Anonymous

    QOTD 1: I am still in value-play mode. All under $20 and mostly $10-$15 is still my current window when searching for something interesting to take home from the wine shop. Luckily, with my local wine shop (K&L Hollywood) smartly buying up many wines in bulk proportions from distributors that need to unload wines that are more difficult to sell in the the current economic climate, I have been scoring GREAT world-class wine at a fraction of normal retail price lately…which brings me to–
    QOTD 2: Just tonight I popped the 2005 Jurtschitsch Zobinger Heiligenstein Riesling Trocken, and loved it! Single vineyard Riesling done in a dry style from Austria with a few years of age, originally $30 but taken home with me for $14.99. Complex aged dry Riesling for a song.

  • Both are looking happy with this bottle, i think they are enjoying them self.

  • Incredible guest! I want to drink wine with him as well. Monty Python FTW!

    QOTD1: I trimmed back my spending, but only because I’m back in school, and because of my apartment’s extreme space limitations. My beer cellar has hurt as well due to the same issue.

    QOTD2: The spread of wines from the Finger Lakes. Went to a massive tasting a little over a year ago, and I need to go up and visit some wineries once I have time.

  • Hgorilla43

    great show. you let him talk without too many interruptions. roy josephson

  • Cubatobaco (Ray)

    Great interview! Anybody named “Ray” is good in my book…lol. Very interesting guy that I need to follow on Twitter and in Food and Wine. I’ve been a little out of the loop on Beaujolais and am glad to see it getting a good name outside of the supermarket. I definitely want to look for the Lappier Morgon. Gary, if you keep it up with people like Ray Isle, Maria Lopez, etc., then I have no problem seeing more guests!

    QOTD 1: Being a cigar collector first, I try to budget myself, but it never works. If I see a bottle for $30, $40, $140, that I want to try/add to the collection, I’m going to for it. I don’t do that for my weekday wines and try to stay around $25. Life’s too short.

    QOTD 2: I’ve recently discovered how great Petit Syrah’s and Malbec’s are. You don’t have to spend a boat load to find a good bottle. Also have been drinking a lot of Rhone wines. I love me some Grenache!

  • Tommi Joentakanen

    I have fallen in love with WLTV again. After a good sauna + beer on a sunday watching this makes me want to visit the U.S so much 🙂 Nice to see you’ve calmed down somewhat Gary 😛 Great interview! And great looking wines too bad can’t be found from Finland 🙁

  • Anonymous

    Great show!

    QOTD1: Been spending quite a bit on wine lately. There seems to be a lot of good bargains out there because stores need cash flow.

    QOTD2: Yesterday I had Avivim from Galil Mountain, Israel, mainly Viognier. Was really special and a steel at around 20 euros.



  • Loved seeing Ray here! I love watching him on the Today Show! Great episode!!

    QOTD: As a 20-something teacher, I try to not spend too much, though living in France provides me with unique opportunities to get great, interesting wines inexpensively!

    QOTD2: Had a great Cab-Merlot blend from the Rhone Valley (that’s not a typo!) by François Villard, “Grande Grue Glacée”! Fascinating!

  • Loved seeing Ray here! I love watching him on the Today Show! Great episode!!

    QOTD: As a 20-something teacher, I try to not spend too much, though living in France provides me with unique opportunities to get great, interesting wines inexpensively!

    QOTD2: Had a great Cab-Merlot blend from the Rhone Valley (that’s not a typo!) by François Villard, “Grande Grue Glacée”! Fascinating!

  • john

    Yes! Beaujolais month is a great idea!

  • Cubatobaco (Ray)

    Happy Birthday, Gary!!!

    What better way to celebrate than seeing the Jets pull it off in the final ticks of OT!

  • An episode that made me think more about all 10 Crus of Beaujolais. THANK YOU.
    7 years ago I’ve tasted many of them, but mostly from Georges Duboeuf. It usually happens, when you start your career of a sommelier. It’s basic staff. I’ve made my conclusions: these wines were just OK. Nothing special, cause all other Burgundian red bombs just blow this region away.
    No I understand my mistake and want to NERD it up much more. Different producers, all CRUs, comparing and digging. It’s worth it. Guests in a restaurants don’t expect a sommelier to recommend a nice Beaujolais unless it’s a third Thursday of November. Plus this wine is absolutely food friendly. It suits both fish and meat dishes, slightly chilled from a round shaped glass. Mmm, I want my Beaujolais NOW:))
    QOTD: Château de Pibarnon Vins AOC Bandol Provence France, 2002 It was a true discovery lately. A wine of terroir, you taste it and feel the soil of Provence, 100% Mourvedre: earthy and truffle notes, elegant spiciness, develops in a glass like crazy. Hope you taste it one day. I’m sure you’ve already did though:)
    Respecting your way,

  • vinmoet

    Am a Bordeaux baby but was in Paris at a dinner and was served some amazing Beaujolais that completely converted me. As a low alcohol wine it is a social wine…a true drinker. Still a Bordeaux baby but have added Beaujolais to the list. Looking forward to ’09 in a big way. Not just great for pinot, but gamay is spectacular too.

  • Anonymous

    Good show. I enjoy Beaujolais, but forget to get it at the store as often as I should. Thanks for reminding me how much I like it.

  • Scott

    Great show.

    We have not returned to our hight of wine buying, A t one point we hat 300+ bottles now more like 100. WE are thinking of moving to Detroit, not sure how that affects the wine…., though a lot closer to wine Library!!! (I’m in California). We bought a lot in 98+ but the economy and the down turn in film ( my business) has had a big impact. Price is now a much bigger factor than it use to be. Kermit Lynch is local so that has an influence.

    My QOTD: How has Trader Joe’s influenced your wine purchases?

  • Another great show ! The last several guests have been fantastic to listen to and learn a thing or two from…I’ve enjoyed their personal stories too. Thanks GV !

    QOTD: Spending slightly less-to- about the same on the vino, but, I’m more selective overall.
    I don’t want to make a $ 20- $ 25.00 (or higher) mistake.

  • Soooo awesome to see Ray make a WLTV appearance. Great to hear the story of how he got into wine after reading his writing for so many years. Go back and find his Islay single malts feature from Wine & Spirits circa 2002-2003 (?). Gimblett Gravels feature in Food & Wine (2009-2008?) is also a must read.

    The Journey of Jordan: a wine and food video blog

  • Clarkbar

    Actually drinking 2009 Lapierre as this episode pops up. Wow, it’s a great wine. We opened it at 6pm and decanted it and now it’s 11:15 and it’s really coming into a silky wine. Glad we got more than one. Definitely worth getting, wow.


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