EP 996 Tasting with the Vayniacs: Part 1

Leading up to episode 1,000, Gary Vaynerchuk decided to invite several of the top WLTV forum contributors to join him for shows. Tooch, Metsfan, Paul, and Calicab teamed up on this episode and picked a wine of their choosing to taste with Gary. This is the first of four shows with the Vayniacs from the WLTV forums.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2007 Domaine Dujac EchezeauxEchezeaux
2004 Chateau Rayas Chateauneuf Du PapeChateauneuf du Pape Rouge
2003 Chat Lagrezette Cahors Cuvee Dame HonneurCahors
2006 San Roman ToroSpanish Red Wine

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  • Anonymous

    Putting even a single ‘babe’ in this room may have derailed the entire event

  • Hopefully the next bunch O Vayniacs will spend their dough better…..

  • Anonymous

    Looks like a good group… Interesting to hear the descriptors as the round table goes so does the first comment and then the green olives.


    Phils should win 108
    Mets surprisingly take down 93 and wild card?
    Old World Cotie Rotie
    Aussie will definitely rebound – such a small nation can get on the same page and learn from their mistakes and stop letting brands like Constellation M and A them and then trash their rep.

  • Great show. Definitely the best of the year. Can’t wait to see what episode 1000 brings

  • Anonymous

    episode 998…

  • Charlotte K. Jensen

    U are right. Whites. How did that not hit me. Well done.

  • Very nice move to bring in the Vayniacs. This was a great show. Thanks. Makes me feel like I’m there as well.

  • Anonymous

    Great show and clever idea, Gary!

    1&2 – Please don’t make me think about baseball during the 3 months out of the year these guys are not boring me to death.
    3 – Never had a wine from the Jura or from Cote-Rotie. I’ll get on that when I can afford to spend more than $15/btl.
    4 – Perhaps. The demand for Spain and Argentina will eventually die down a bit and there will always be a market for big, extracted vino. If California can start to move towards balance and curb overuse of new oak, so too can Australia.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe the guys couldn’t find a big enough selection of white wines over the “reasonable amount” of $100/btl to satisfy their taste. Get on that, GV!

  • Anonymous

    Poor K-Murph. Drowning in testosterone.

  • QOTD…. too many! Liked the show, appreciated the honesty and realized that wines over $100 are not good/great just because they cost a arm & leg. Can’t afford them and don’t think I am missing anything.

  • Anonymous


  • Nice show and figured the last wine would show very well. You turned me on to that wine a few years ago and took the award for “Featured WLTV Wine.”

    QOTD #1: Hope not, they are as bad (buying a team) as the Yankees now.
    QOTD #2: Ehhh, it’s the Mets so who cares?
    QOTD #3: Could not understand or hear the question.
    QOTD #4: Come back? I didn’t realize AU left.


    P.S. When will the “real” Vayniacs get their love? Episode 2000? 😉

  • Fantastic idea for the show – shame the bottles couldn’t have been allowed to breathe for a few hours prior to the tasting.

    Phillies will be over 100
    Mets far less
    Greek Wine
    Aussies will rebound for sure – Mac Forbes anyone?

  • Brunellofello

    Good show guys. QOTD 1&2: I just don’t follow major league baseball QOTD3: I would like to try many more Nebbiolo based wines QOTD4: Aussie wine have become so over the top. I don’t think they’ll come back because there is no sense of place.

  • Great show! Can’t wait for the rest of the week… very interesting getting 5 different views on each wine… goes to show that everyone’s palate is different!

    QOT1: No…
    QOTD2: No…
    QOTD3: Burgundy…
    QOTD4: No…

  • Anonymous

    Just FYI…Everyone you’re seeing on these shows started out right here in the comments section until Gary had the Forums created

  • Anonymous

    #1: Phillies will have the best record in the NL with 103 wins.
    #2: Mets will avoid last place in the NL East thanks to Washington. 71 wins
    #3: Haven’t had Alsace in a very long time.
    #4: Australia will indeed make a come back, but that means they have to be taking market share from someone. That market share will come at the expense of Argentina who is starting to make a lot of very bad inexpensive wine that is depressingly similar in taste and not nearly as good as Australia right now. Australia is still too expensive, but Argentina has the same disease. It may not affect the wines in either country though, since the majority of wines produced in each are consumed locally. The US will turn to Spain until they make the same stupid mistake. Maybe by the time Spain messes up, the Languedoc will have learned to make consistently good juice, etc etc etc…..

  • Brunellofello

    Hey Charlotte, I think he means Fleurie which is an appellation in Beaujolais. The Gamay based wines out of there are much richer and darker, but are still very smooth with not much tannins. 09 is a great vintage here.

  • Understand though some of us who have been here from the get-go may not have ventured over to the forums.

  • Hey bud – you get a shout out in today;s ep…

  • NY Pete

    where’s the thunder?

  • top vayniacs are all men???

  • Anonymous

    I think should be top Local Vaynacias, [they all forum guys] the women on the forum dont live in NJ/NY im pretty sure

  • QOTD 1: No idea.
    QOTD 2: No idea.
    QOTD 3: Haven’t had any Burgundies in a while for some reason.
    QOTD 4: Yes.

  • Now that was a sausage festival and my 60″ Pioneer Elite may never be the same. You guys are lookin’ mahvelous though! Glad to see you tattooing The Elf with big bottles but spitting Dujac & Rayas should be costin’ you boys your man cards.

    QotD 1: Nope, no consistent bats
    QotD 2: Who cares, steal some Dujac from the store and sell it for your poor owners
    QotD 3: Been missing Northern Rhone while I down a lot of Cali Syrah
    QotD 4: Never gonna be like the 90s again CC (Mike right?)

  • Anonymous

    Nico, I think your 52

  • Who was that douche in the Phillies Hoodie again? Nice to see some old tymers on the show.

    QOTD1: No more like 87
    QOTD2: 88
    QOTD3: Brunello
    QOTD4: No, unless they convert to the winemaking style of people like Leeuwin

  • Anonymous

    A great episode – love the format – Would love to try the San Roman Toro.

    QOTD 1 – Probably

    QOTD 2 – Less than 85

    QOTD 3 – Continuing to try wines from everywhere

    QOTD 4 – Yes

  • Anonymous

    Great idea for shows up to 1,000 – except, what about those of us who comment HERE!? Just saying…

    QOTD: Phillies 103, Mets 88, didn’t hear Paul’s question, and, yes, Australia will come back, but not with the bargain wines that they dominated with in the past.

  • Anonymous

    Great idea for shows up to 1,000 – except, what about those of us who comment HERE!? Just saying…

    QOTD: Phillies 103, Mets 88, didn’t hear Paul’s question, and, yes, Australia will come back, but not with the bargain wines that they dominated with in the past.

  • Oakmon’s BF
  • Oakmon’s BF

    The American League stopped playing baseball in 1973.

  • Anonymous

    Nice show GV love the round talbe for some reason my DISQUS is not letting me sign on but I thought I still better leave my comment.
    QOTD: Phillies will not have over 100 wins but they will be very close 95+
    QOTD2: Mets 80 to 88 wins this season
    QOTD3: Like to keep discovering new old world wine from all over.
    QOTD4: Yes I think they will have a come back.

    Great job to all the Vayniacs that were in the Episode.

  • Anonymous

    I guess the DISQUS did work oh well.

  • Anonymous

    I’m very sorry that I couldn’t have been there. Darn schedule.

    QOTD 1 my nephew hopes they have a big season
    QOTD 2 a friendly competitor from college hopes for the same from the Mets
    QOTD 3 I need to work a Northern Rhone in soon
    QOTD 4 yes, and hopefully stronger than they have been but not laying bets

    Good job, guys!

  • Anonymous

    Not only did they spit but they dumped what was left in the glasses when the next wine came up. I would have finished the glass.

  • Puligny-Montrachet? Condrieu? What other >$50 candidates am I missing?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I’m liking it a lot!

  • Anonymous

    A great show. Great days!

  • Anonymous

    congrats to you guys for making it to the wltv tasting table!

  • Anonymous

    The Mets and Phillies will combine for 47 wins this year. That’s all I have to say.

  • Anonymous

    #1- Phillies will go for 98
    #2- will root for the Mets, because Scott is a UW brother, will say 92
    #3- Italy, just picked up a Freisa of all things
    #4- Nope

  • John__J

    Once again great idea for episodes Gary, cool show.
    qotd3: Priorat, I need to get on that
    qotd4: yes

  • John__J

    I’m guessing yr in that 1

  • Anonymous


    Great format nice to see the group tasting wine as we would in our homes with friends. Also I would have hammered you on my wine choice a c-note barolo or supertuscan. Yes Australia will be back they have a great history of wine making and will figure it again.

  • very cool show! love the idea of the round table group tasting format. nice!

    not really into baseball, sorry.
    i definitely need to try more wines, from everywhere

  • Not really surprised by the results of the tasting. 2007 is not a good vintage in Burgundy and it is SOOOO young. This wine will probably starts to open in a decade. As for Rayas 2004, Emmanuel Reynaud must be horrified 🙂 He recommends to open Rayas not before 10yo but also advise to open it 24h (simple opening, not decanting) before tasting, which is a good advise. The 1998 I tasted last year was still too young and 3h of decanting was not enough to bring all the aromas out of the wine.

    In any case, lots of fun in this episode!

  • A_S

    Tooch: Sorry, no idea
    Metsfan: Sorry, no idea
    Paul: A Chateauneuf du pape
    Calicab: No, neveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer!!!!!!!! ;););)


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