EP 996 Tasting with the Vayniacs: Part 1

Leading up to episode 1,000, Gary Vaynerchuk decided to invite several of the top WLTV forum contributors to join him for shows. Tooch, Metsfan, Paul, and Calicab teamed up on this episode and picked a wine of their choosing to taste with Gary. This is the first of four shows with the Vayniacs from the WLTV forums.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2007 Domaine Dujac EchezeauxEchezeaux
2004 Chateau Rayas Chateauneuf Du PapeChateauneuf du Pape Rouge
2003 Chat Lagrezette Cahors Cuvee Dame HonneurCahors
2006 San Roman ToroSpanish Red Wine

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  • Anonymous

    Well, this is my second post after almost two years of watching, and I have to say that this episode did little for me. A $50 bottle is quite the splurge for me; so what’s the point? Also, I look forward to learning more about the wines that Gary tastes, but that didn’t really happen here.

    QOTD 3: I would really like to experience Barolo.
    QOTD 4: While I don’t buy a lot of Australian wine, is it declasse to admit that I’ve had some good pours from down under? Apparently so.

  • Anonymous

    The Phils will win 100 games exactly, but it will be a roller coaster ride. Blanton will be surprisingly good, Victorino will have a career year, Oswalt will struggle.

    The mets will be better than last year.

    I want to try a good Barolo.

    I hope Oz comes back.

    Gary, hope to see you in Austin!

  • Anonymous

    1. The Phillies will win 99 times

    2. The Mets will be demoted to AAA

    3. I would love to experience Masetto

    4. Who cares

    P.S. Awesome show! Awesome concept.

  • Anonymous

    4;I’m still looking for it.
    Great show, lots of fun!

  • One of the best episodes. It is nice to see a face to the pen names so to speak Great interaction and it goes to show that money does not buy happiness especially in wine. Hey Gary what happened to the midpalate in these wines didn’t hear it mentioned. Good job!

    QOTD; 1&2 American league only. 3. Can’t justify the price. 4. Australia needs to reinvent itself, its all about perception.

  • I loved the show! Made me feel less nerdy in comparison ;)! Nice work on the tasting guys.

    In Giants country so hard to even imagine the East coast.
    Need more investigation into France and Spain
    Yes, Australia will return.

  • Fun. Liked the format.

  • This show was great! I liked the Bourne-Identity-esque camera work of Mott. Really want to try that Toro.

    QOTDS: 1.) Maybe… really only follow hockey!
    2.) Let’s say 100+ wins for NY METS! That was for Ira of Yo LA Tengo!
    3.) Rioja
    4.) Australia can easily rebound!

  • Where was my invitation? 😉 Am I #51??? 🙂

  • Why are there only men in the room? Where are the female voices? Great show…looking forward to seeing the remaining. Can you add a female or 2?

  • Anonymous

    Gary you used to describe “asian spice” on WLTV tasting notes often, on some Bordeaux etc, now hardly ever, what happened?!

  • Anonymous

    A pretty decent show, although I would have to agree with some previous comments about tasting $100+ wines without letting them breathe.

    QOTD#3: I should definitely be drinking more Bordeaux and Alsatian Pinot Gris.
    QOTD#4: I keep hearing about the so called cool climate wines from Australia that are supposed to be good, but so far don’t see many of those on shelves. Had an ok Yarra Valley PN a while ago though.

  • Anonymous

    Awesome forum fans Ep.!!! I’m pretty excited that the LEAST expensive wine (although 50 US bones) was the dominant favorite of the bunch, epitomizing the concept of QPR. I also enjoyed this large panel review immensely, and look forward to the next few days this week.

    QOTD 1: No.
    QOTD 2: Yes, absolutely 7- good call GV.
    QOTD 3: Jura.
    QOTD 4: YES, but it will NOT be with a rebirth of extracted, heat-driven Barossa-style Shiraz and Cab., but rather with the cooler climates growing Burgundian varietals, such as Mornington Penninsula with Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. MARK MY WORDS!!!

  • Nice show. Loads of fun. Hopefully someone will pull out a First Growth Bordeaux in one of the upcoming episodes. 🙂

    QOTD 1 & 2: I do not follow baseball so I have no clue…
    QOTD3: Barolo…haven’t had one in ages…
    QOTD4: I sure hope so. I have family down under and I am looking forward to exploring the wineries. Average wine makes for average visits.

  • Anonymous

    QOTD3:I never had a red burgundy…
    QOTD4:yes it will, there are some pretty good wines down there, I recommend to go and visit and not stop at the usual places. Clare Valley, Adelaide Hills, Coonawarra. Riesling, Pinot Noir, Chard, Cab, Grenache….

  • Anonymous

    QOTD1: Yes
    QOTD2: 53
    QOTD3: Have not had much Spanish wine in a while- need to get back into it.
    QOTD4: If they can rebrand themselves with something new. Would love to see this happen.

    Awesome episode guys. Excited for more!

  • Anonymous

    Agreed Esther.

    Btw, saw your future brother-in-law in Vegas this weekend. It’s a small world!

  • Well made guys! Good show heading to 1k

    I don’t know anything about baseball, would say for #3 that I’d like to try a Chinon e for #4 that I’m sure Australia will come back, maybe in a different way.

  • Charlotte K. Jensen

    Please have a red Burgundy. They are SO good. U are really missing out.

  • NY Pete

    chill tracy … btw, you missed a damn good ep.

  • Charlotte K. Jensen

    Alsatian Pinot Gris is among my favorites. Going to Alsace in May.
    Good call. U should def. drink more of that.

  • Charlotte K. Jensen

    Yeah, KMurph would be much appreciated.

  • Charlotte K. Jensen

    what is Flerrie?

  • Charlotte K. Jensen

    South Africa I love, they are quite cheap (In Denmark anyway, so no need not to try). Have fun doing that.

  • Way to go dudes! Nice show, and you almost kept Kahuna’s attention for most of it…
    Am sitting on a bottle of the San Roman, and now am tempted…must resist.
    QOTD1: not qualified to guess…
    QOTD2: ditto…
    QOTD3: hmmm…been bopping around quite a bit, but need to revisit the Rhone.
    QOTD4:Despite the fires and floods, they will still be hanging in there…and in fact will be sending a lot of juice to Asia.

  • We keep trying Esther (Me, Rand, Lisa, Charlotte, Wine Woman…and other lovely ladies) 😉

  • You got it. 😉 And when you go invite me too. 😛

  • Only if your there too Dan. Would you be upset if your the only guy in the room surrounded by our wine love? 😛

  • All the women could of made it in if they sold your bottle of wine on Ebay! Really Tooch $177 dollars?!!! Big Dog!!!!


  • I believe the correct word is dreamy. 😛

  • Alright who are you and what have you done with Pete. I see 20 posts by you! Ok, Allan, the jig is up. Stop hacking into NY Pete’s account.


  • Anonymous

    Great show, but like several of the other previous comments, I noticed there were no women in the room except KMurph! Interesting…….

  • I went into it through out the show, I am aware of it’s youth and am thankful for your passionate post!

  • Anonymous

    Hey everybody… don’t buy the book through the Barnes & Noble website. After they take all your information and you have almost checked out they make you create an account with them. It completely sucks, what a way to introduce the Thank You Economy, more like the F&%$ You Economy.

    @GV…. please let them know this is not cool. Amazon doesn’t have the Auto Edition, can you supply?

  • Anonymous

    Not in the least. That would be the only way I would want it Melba. Oh, and you should have been invited also! 😉

  • Anonymous

    They picked the 50 people with the most comments, the ladies have to speak up more often.

  • Anonymous

    2. The Mets still have 4 All Stars, 3 in their prime in their lineup, don’t count them out.

    4. Australian wine makers probably care.

  • Anonymous

    How about “Douche” instead of “tooch”. Why stop at $177 should have went for the $1000 bottle for the upcoming 1000th show. Taking advantage of GV’s generosity. 😛

  • I typed this earlier in response to someone’s comment, but I keep seeing the question about women popping up. Obviously, the room was filled with guys. That doesn’t mean that only men were invited or that no women are in the top 50 contributors to the forums. It’s just that none of the women who were invited (myself included) were able make the trip to New Jersey on that particular weekend. Really, this wasn’t so much about not including women as it being about how far away we live from the WLTV tapings. 🙂

    One thing you can’t tell just by looking at the group of very nice men in that room is that most of them actually live in the NYC/NJ area. Only a few were able to travel from other parts of the country (including the Seattle crew’s own Winestein — watch for him later in the week!).

  • They picked the 50 people with the most posts over in the forums, where some of us have participated for several years, and where we have several ladies speaking up quite often. I’ve typed this in the comments here a few times already…we were indeed asked to attend, but none of us were able to travel to New Jersey that weekend.

  • We were sorry you couldn’t be there… you were missed! Look forward to sharing a glass another time soon 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Where is the White Wines? Great format of a show.

  • Brandon

    I loved this episode. This was awesome. I have been watching for about 3 months now, and have watched passed episodes to try to get caught up, but I really enjoyed this idea of having the fans come on the show. I’ll be honest tho, I dont know if I remember much about the wine, it was very entertaining and I cant wait for the next group of fans to be on! Loved it!

  • NY Pete

    great post Cindy

  • Anonymous

    Wow best episode all year. And it was interesting to see all the different opinion and palettes as ya’ll tasted the wine.
    Qotd1 & 2: I don’t know enough about baseball to give an accurate number. I do know the Phillies are fairly good and that the Mets aren’t good but they have been improving slightly lol.
    Qotd 3: I don’t drink enough wine to say there’s one old world wine I haven’t had recently. I haven’t had a bordeaux or burgundy in a pretty long time because of the price, but I do get rhones and then I actually go to spain and italian wines more when I am the old world mood because the price point just works better for me.
    Qotd 4: I do think Australia will come back if they get away from the yellow tail style of wines. I feel South American vineyards themselves have individually done better of holding true to their european roots if its their core values when they started. Where as with Australia it seems like a lot of vineyards and producers, even if they started with old world sensibility, sold out a little bit to make more money because of the market, palettes, etc. I think Cali has just recently bounced back from doing this too and its why I don’t do much cali wine except for some of the more european inspired blends with the california fruit notes on top which I actually like a lot.

  • Somethings are always worth defending, Australian wine for instance

  • Anonymous

    Holy Sausage fest – you should have had some snack sausages in the middle of the table.

    1&2 – Don’t follow baseball outside of Sept/Oct
    3 – Greece, need more importers
    4 – I’d like to say that due to Australia’s infinite terroir possibilities they will reemerge with a new varietal from a cool region, but I truly believe they will continue for decades to be the best source of the richest fruit bombs. As the merry-go-round of popular full-throttle red wines goes around and around(cab, shiraz, now malbec) Australia is well positioned to jump on future bandwagons.

  • Enough of that smartness and logic from you nice lady. 😛

  • Anonymous

    There was definitely a locker-room atmosphere to the tasting.

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately all of our great women contributers were unable to make this event. it should be noted that there was no exclusion, just a matter of timing and logistics. GV has no choice but to schedule another taping with Cindy, Jaime, Jaye and NYPete


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