EP 996 Tasting with the Vayniacs: Part 1

Leading up to episode 1,000, Gary Vaynerchuk decided to invite several of the top WLTV forum contributors to join him for shows. Tooch, Metsfan, Paul, and Calicab teamed up on this episode and picked a wine of their choosing to taste with Gary. This is the first of four shows with the Vayniacs from the WLTV forums.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2007 Domaine Dujac EchezeauxEchezeaux
2004 Chateau Rayas Chateauneuf Du PapeChateauneuf du Pape Rouge
2003 Chat Lagrezette Cahors Cuvee Dame HonneurCahors
2006 San Roman ToroSpanish Red Wine

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luca bercelli


Lines of the day – Mott’s been put to work, normally he just pops the button and enjoys the show’ and ‘This is not straight up sheep’s arse’

This episode really brings it home to me how much of an unbelievable job GV is doing. After watching 995 episodes I’m still hugely entertained by what he has to say, unlike what the Vayniacs have to say in this episode. They all make valid points and are knowledgeable, and I’m sure they’re all top blokes, but I think I would have lasted about one and a half episodes if it was anyone other than Gary hosting the show. Just shows you how hard it is to make wine chat entertaining.

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  • Truly a treat! Awesome guests on this show (and the few on deck too)! Toro rocks.

    QOTD1: Not feeling it.
    QOTD2: Hoping they win more.
    QOTD3: More wine in general, since I will no longer be a student, and hopefully have $.
    QOTD4: I haven’t drank much Australia, but I feel that some core producers as well as some new appellations can bring some thunder.

  • Neil McNamara

    1.) SF Giant’s RULE!!!!!!!!!
    2.) see above
    3.) Burgundy
    4.) Yes

  • qotd 1: Only the Red Sox have a shot at 100 this year. Phillies finish around 93.
    qotd 2: 75 tops
    qotd 3: bordeaux
    qotd 4: ever? like some time before the world ends? I’m going to say yes.

  • DaveAll

    What a fun party! nice job keeping it moving in this crowd! Why no females? hmm. interesting demographics – fun show!
    QotD: meh.
    QotD: hmm. interesting question. i need to think about it.
    QotD: australia? are they gone?

  • TimCtheFilmGuy

    Too many guys! But loved it anyway and am looking forward to the rest of the week.

    #3 Sauternes.

  • Christopher Dickens

    I liked the raw camera angles. Are there any archived episodes which has a tour of the WL shop?

  • Anonymous

    They’ll burn out Malbecs like everything else.

  • Anonymous

    Awesome comment Gary! Now all I have to do is comment 15 times an episode like Allan and in five years I’ll be on show 2000! πŸ˜‰


    1 – Who cares GO GIANTS!!

    2 – See question 1

    3 – Italy, no doubt. Coming from an Italian family who drinks wine, I owe it to myself to really dig in and see what I like. I drank locally, now I want old school. I’m completely open to suggestions if my fellow Vayniacs have any.

    4 – Australia blew it. The only wines I hear about are Yellow Tail (found at local 7-11’s and WalMart) and 100 dollar bottles of Penfolds. Neither interests me at all. I think New Zealand saw what happened to it’s neighbor and went the right direction.

  • when you invite the ‘babes’ i’d love to be there

  • Anonymous

    OMFG, do I hate DisQus(ting)!!!! Two days in a row I can’t edit my own comments. “Awesome show Gary” I mean’t to say. Community supplier FAIL

  • Anonymous

    QOTD4: Sorry but I’m going to be very biased here. I’m an Aussie and some of the comments re Australian wine are making me cringe. I am very aware that we send a lot of mass produced crap over to you guys, and that there are even some smaller producers making fruit bombs specifically for the US market/Parker ratings. But I’ve got to say, the majority of what we make here is very good. You just cannot judge Australia by Yellowtail. Just as you shouldn’t judge Argentina by their bottom end Malbecs.

  • Anonymous

    Have to agree 100%! Australia produces some great wines that don’t hit the US market and judging the country off what whats exported is a mistake. It would be like judging the Australia beer market off Fosters LOL

  • Anonymous

    Great concept for the run-up to WLTV1K, GV, good show. I knew it was on when you let us know that this wasn’t straight sheep’s ass. Very nice of the Library to let these cats pick some baller wines, too.

    Poor KMurph, the only talent on-hand. Substitute the grape juice for kegged Shaefer Light and it reminds me of a few parties I went to in college. Please turn off the camera when these guys decide that nuding up is a good idea.

  • John__J

    Haven’t had a chance to see this episode yet, but from the title I’ll say that that is really cool of you Gary. I hear that it’s the 1st of 4 and I have some ideas as to who I think deserves it but I wont mention it in case they don’t end up being on.
    But that’s really admirable Gary, I gotta lot of respect for your doing that.

  • John__J

    Wow Allan what’s that like 25 episodes in a row for you now?

  • Packer_Backer

    Love the shirt – go Bucky!

    How about a Selection Sunday show:)

  • It bothered me too, but for a different reason. I knew there were women, like me, invited. Just by chance, none of us were able to make it. For instance, my wedding anniversary was the same day. πŸ™‚

  • Anonymous

    Loved the format. Round table discussions are fun. Bit rushed – perhaps a few too many wines to cover. Great guys.
    QOTD 1&2 – don’t know – not into baseball. 3- didn’t catch it. 4 – Yes, for sure. Will slowly build momentum, find it’s identities, and become a more efficient focused machine down under, as the weaker producers go down.

  • JRobRRV

    Disappointing wines this time, I mean in terms of results. I’d like to see more high-end shows, after all, the low should be examined in the light of the high. Distinct from subjective taste, quality itself in wine is objective and linear, I’m sure you’ll agree.

    #3 – Italian wines. A year ago I was obsessed with Barolo and Barbera. I haven’t had one in quite a while…

    #4 – Australia will always be a spot of interest for the serious wino. The quality of its upper-end wines and many middle-range wines is still competitive and wanted by millions of consumers. I think the country, however, has probably already witnessed it’s best-selling years. I don’t see a better situation in terms of mass sales and mass-consumer marketing.

  • Anonymous

    lol, finally got to watch the show. Love how being a couple hours late gets me a shout-out on ep 996. (listen right after the San Roman’s announced)

  • NJ Big Chris

    Great show.
    QOTD1: no.
    QOTD2: 0.
    QOTD4: YES.

  • Anonymous

    QOTD 1 – Yeah the Phillies sneak over 100.

    QOTD 2 – I think the Mets hit mid 70’s, 77.

    QOTD 3 – I haven’t had anything from Australia in quite a while and I guess I tend to like Australia more than most of the posters.

    QOTD 4 – Since I just talked about Australia I guess of course I think people will start finding other things in Australia that they like. Let’s be honest, probably every wine making country has plenty of things people like. It takes them shipping them and us finding them at price points we can handle. It seems a bit crazy to think that won’t happen. Most things in life seem to be cyclical.

    Good show. Don’t know how you would have done it any better or any different. Fantastic job dudes.



  • Anonymous

    Lets MLB, who cares. Considering how much money was put out on this show (what was your upper limit?), this was quite disappointing. There are no old world wines I’m not drinking, just have to keep rotating stock. In Italy right now after Spain and Portugal binges. I think Australia jumped the shark in trying to produce bigger and bigger wines till they were undrinkable. Even Grange lately has been too big. Could be the heat in Australia has influenced this but they need to get the alcohol levels under control. I agree on the Malbec issue as it seems that as soon as a wine is hot it gets ruined by business people much like the negotiants that GV has had on in the past who pointed with pride as slapping a cute label on crap and selling it as other than crap.

  • Anonymous

    Great show! It is nice to see you giving some of your diehard Vayniacs a chance to live in your world. Too bad the wines didn’t show, but it sounded like if they may have tasted better if they had more time to breathe. Hopefully the guests in the next episodes will select and open their wines a little sooner.
    Good thing you said not to go crazy when selecting a wine, I can’t imagine what they would have picked.
    You mentioned Cellar Tracker. Having your guests each say their handle and having Mott link it up would be fun. I’d be interested to read some of their reviews and see what they are squirreling away.

  • Totally agreed but the reality is, there’s a difference between perception and the facts. The perception for most Americans is that all Australian wine is either (a) mass produced Kool-Aid with a cute animal on the label or (b) Parker-oriented Shiraz geared toward his palate. The reality is that Australia is the size of Europe, and unfair to assess as a single region.

    I think we, in America, need to be exposed to the country’s diversity… hopefully an importer, writer, or public figure will put the lesser-known wines on its back and prove that Aussies bring a lot to the table.

  • Anonymous

    Good show.

  • Surprised to see many people not having Burgundy as I cannot foresee myself not having Burgundy wine for an extended period but I understand different palates different people, you guys are just missing out.
    Myself, not drinking any Bordeaux, basically I belive Bordeaux need so much time before they are ready to drink and I do not have any older bottles of it that I will have to wait for a while. Not drinking italian wine in general, don’t know why but never liked Sangiovese, and that is probably the only grape varietal that is common that I’ve never liked. I do like Nebbiolo but see above for the Bordeaux comment.

    Australia will clearly come back, its not even gone in my opinion, just cooled down a little

  • Anonymous

    Switch to Firefox, I did and have had little or no problems since. πŸ˜‰

  • Anonymous

    KMURPH!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜‰ SIZZL’N!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜‰

  • Anonymous

    Great show Gary! Looking forward to the rest of this weeks episodes……And the 1,000th!!!

  • Anonymous

    Happy Anniversary! Sorry you couldn’t make it. πŸ™

  • Anonymous

    Charlotte, you know you should have been there. GV should have flown you in! πŸ˜‰

  • This is going to be a fun week. Good show boys

  • no problem brother!

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, whats the deal with the chunky guy in the back on the Blackberry in the shorts with boatdockers? OOOOOOPPPPPSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜› HaHaHaHa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alexandre-CF

    lotΒ΄s of fun. great showwww.

    1- as a Brazilian i donΒ΄t have a clue.
    2- again
    3- CAHORS and burgundy in general
    4- yes, i really think so.

  • Anonymous

    He’s a NEEEW YAWKA! He must have not done the laundry and the Wisconsin shirt was all he had left to wear! πŸ˜›

  • Anonymous

    Not a Philly or Met fan, but predict an excellent Philly Season and a poor Met season.
    Didn’t completely catch what Paul asked and too tired to go back and listen again. Thought it was something like what world wine are you not drinking? Haven’t been drinking, any wine from Chile, Australia, South Africa, and not much from Argentina. I think Australia will be okay. I love their whites and will drink some of the reds I have in the cellar, have just been drinking older wines that are in their prime.

  • QOTD: Yes, 77, Bordeaux, Give it 3-5 years.

    Great show guys! I think it is great that some real $$ wines were picked. They don’t often make an appearance on the show (for good reason – keeps it approachable) and hey, you are the top commenters and made the trip, pick a wine you wouldn’t get otherwise!

    Go Badgers!

  • I haven’t had a Lopez de Heredia Gran Reserva for my old world and would love to.

    Aussie wine never went away, importers just haven’t found the right ones to import (or haven’t adjusted to changing consumer demand) and when they do they fly off the shelves.

  • Anonymous

    most members list their CT profiles in the forums.

  • Very nice of you to share the big moment with your fans. Oh, I just started reading TYE.

    (Quick friendly comment for Gary: atypical means NOT typical http://bit.ly/fzRwtw.)

    QOTD: There are several old world wines I want to try but are out of my price range. France: High end Bordeaux, Loir valley wines, high end White/Red Burgundy. Italy: Barolo, Barbaresco, Spain: high-end Rioja

  • Awesome show! I have to admit, Gary, when you said nothing too crazy, I was expecting something like $50 a bottle or less, but still, interesting to occasionally see the pricier side of the wine world. I can’t wait to see the next few episodes and I’m stoked for 1000!

    The Thundershow just gets better and better!

  • Anonymous

    Well, I stopped this episode after the Dujac. I cannot go on. If one chooses to buy a Grand Cru from Dujac, and tastes it on release, they are misguided, and seriously. This wine needs 10 years to show its true colors, and to bash it only three years after the harvest is ridiculous. GV, do your Vayniacs a favor, and teach them that patience is required for the great wines of the world. Ridiculous!!

  • QOTD1: Maybe not
    QOTD2: Mets, probably more than last season.
    QOTD3: Haven’t had Chateau De La Chaise in a long time.
    QOTD4: Australia has always been here (speaking about wine), in my opinion.

    Good episode!

  • Anonymous

    QOTD – #1 & #2 – ?
    #3 – Cornas / no specific producer.
    #4 – It will take time.

    Great show.. I didn’t stop the episode, but I agree with tracymercer (blow) about the Burgundy.. Way to early. Also pop and pour a 07′ Dujac Echezeaux? Ouch.. Still liked the format.

  • Anonymous

    Nice show, but a little long…

    QOTD #1 – Phillies — no way! The Nationals are resurgent.
    QOTD #2 – Mets — ” ” ” ” ” ”
    QOTD #4 – Australia — where did it go?

  • Anonymous

    QOTD1: Baseball, zzzzzzz
    QOTD2: See above
    QOTD3: I haven’t had any Greek wine in a long time
    QOTD4: I think Australia will. It’s where I first started exploring wine with late 90’s vintages. I think they will still churn out loads for the lower [price] end market (a la Yellow Tail), satisfy the next tier with pricier but still very fruity cocktail/book club wines with clever marketing & unconventional labels, and then reassert themselves with very old vine cuvees made in a more dry, tannic style with greater winemaking restraint and built for aging in lieu of a pop-and-pour-on-release strategy. I think they also will have to shift away from the Parker/Miller+Grateful Palate = success paradigm and pursue other avenues. I am definitely showing some of my bias in the kinds of Australian wines I like, but I don’t think I’m totally alone here.

    This is my first time posting in the comments section after watching the show for several years. Had to congratulate DC’s very own Tooch for representing the great crew down here! (featuring several other longtime Vayniacs, many who’ve supporting the community with a boatload of forum activity as well). Also would like to acknowledge the longevity of WLTV, and congratulate Gary. When he maintains that winning combo of humor (on multiple topics- especially since we’re about a month apart in age) and an enthusiasm for wine without getting into branding/cross-promotion, the show can be one of life’s simple pleasures. Here’s to as many more episodes as you care to do, Gary. Cheers.

  • Anonymous

    Crazy!!!!!!! I love it!!!!!! Great show guys!!!!

    Those guys rock……wish I was there. Every single one of them were cool and that’s why I love wine so much. The people are just cool….period. That was a show for the books. Love K Murph there in the background….Wassup K..!!!!

    QOTD: Who really knows…..lol

  • Anonymous

    Love it & looking forward to the rest of the week!
    1: no
    2: 84
    3. PAVIE!
    4. YES


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