EP 426 The Thunder Returns And 3 Wines Get Put To The Test

Gary Vaynerchuk returns and tries 3 wines and has a lot to talk about and keeps MOTT very busy with lots of “link it ups.”

Wines tasted in this episode:

2005 Luna Freakout ReserveNapa White Meritage
Hedges Columbia Red CmsWashington Red Meritage
2001 Bodegas Balcona Partal 1Other Spanish Red Wine

Links mentioned in todays episode.

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Mike Speer

LOVIN the ENERGY GV!!! Rock it out man! QOTD: Mounton Cadet – 10 bones 2009 bordeaux – Baron Philippe De Rothschild. Was a decent wine, deff didnt rock my socks off, but also didnt make me want to put a pazzzzz on it. A run of the mill good ol red, I will be drinking it again tonight, maybe it will open up!

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