EP 445 Chenin Blanc Taste Off. A Grape That Deserves More Respect

Chenin Blanc is a little grape that can make some very fun and even serious wines, Please search out a little Chenin and sit back and see what Gary Vaynerchuk thinks!

Wines tasted in this episode:

Dry Creek Chenin BlancNapa Chenin Blanc
2006 Francois Chidaine Touraine BlancTouraine
2007 Cederberg Chenin BlancSouth African Chenin Blanc

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Mike Russell

great show gary. funny funny & good wine

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  • John__J

    qotd: One outta Monterey that had a wonderful lactic and nutty bouquet to it

  • Anonymous

    Come to Virginia Tech!!

  • Leaving you a comment like you asked but glad to hear you’re making it down here before the end of the semester. Keep doing what you do dude.

    CKC-Virginia Tech

  • Hope to see you at VT this semester!!!

  • “Chivey Chive action!” hahaha I love it!! GREAT EPISODE!

    COME TO VT!! 🙂

  • Hope you make it down to VT sometime this semester!

  • Pllllleeasseee come to VT!! We love you!!

  • what does the sign in the back with different phrases each show represent? But come to VT soon!!! Before summer, please 🙂

  • Come to VT before this semester is over please. It’s my last year here!


  • Come to Virginia Tech!

  • Please come visit the CKC @ Virginia Tech!!!

  • You know you want to come to Virginia Tech! What’s stopping you?

  • Virginia Tech loves GARY V! CKC

  • Ah Chris Sabo… saw him in spring training before he made the big club. Thought he looked like my nerdie middle school gym teacher on a bad day.

  • Samuel Ahn

    I couldn’t help but mention/comment on a misnomer you mentioned. I always have mad respect for your shows, you know your wine stuff hands down, but one slight correction on the food places you mentioned for the Touraine wine, none of the countries you mentioned are considered “Far East Asian”.

    Vietnamese, Thailand, Singapore, etc. are all considered “South-East Asia”, big difference, South-East-Asia (the countries and style of food you mentioned) you’re talking about hot-tropical-jungle-like climate to “Far East Asia” being the regions of North East China, Korea, Japan, etc. very different food, very different regions, very different countries, mixed it up, drove me nuts! It’s like saying I love South-American food, when describing Poutine from Easter- Canada.

    Ok, end rant, you the man, rock on~

  • Mike Russell

    great show gary. funny funny & good wine


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