EP 493 Live Thunder in Boston

Gary Vaynerchuk’s book tour rolls through Boston, as Gary tastes 4 wines available in Massachusetts before a live audience at the Hotel Commonwealth near Boston University.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2007 Vina Aljibes White
2007 Vina Aljibes Rose
2006 Sur do los Andes
2005 Palacio Quemado

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qotd: the history

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  • A dumb Rhein king

    Is the Mott/Matt combination Mött? 🙂

    QOTD: Their beer selection? Yes, I am referring to the restaurant because I don't know of anything that I love coming out of boston.

  • corkscrew

    what crappy wines to drink along with… QOTD-other than being born there…the harbour is a cool area to hang out. http://www.winelx.com

  • John__J

    qotd: the history


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