EP 548 Secret Pack Tasting after a Jets Offensive Explosion

Gary Vaynerchuk selected 4 wines he had previously tasted for this Secret Pack. Please leave comments with your notes if you are tasting along!

Wines tasted in this episode:

2005 Finca Arantei AlbarinoSpanish Albarino
2005 Saison Des Vins Syrah L’hiverOther California Syrah/Shiraz
2003 Goretti Le Mura Saracene Sagrantino Di MontefalcoSagrantino di Montefalco
Le Gourmand RivesaltesRivesaltes

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Luca Bercelli


line of the day – ‘this is like someone shot me with a rusty nail – delicious’

Nice episode, Gary pumped and on form

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  • Dessert Wine Nerd

    I love these episodes but kick myself because you cant ship the packs to the state of Washington. Id love to be tasting them along with you. Still a good show and hope the fellow Vayniacs enjoyed the wines. QOTD: Not much. Kind of drifting right now. Working some heavy days and when it comes to my days off I just feel like being lazy around the house. I am going to the Mariners fan fest this Saturday ( first time ive been able to go to one ) so Im excited about that. Hopefully I’ll be able to touch the grass!…. something Ive wanted to do since I was a kid. Thank God we have grass and not turf.

  • Anonymous

    Can’t say I have tried any of these wines. QOTD-working and drinking hard. http://www.winelx.com

  • Russ Francis

    Got 4 bottles of the L’hiver. Opening them tonight to go with some beef short rib bourguignone. Will let you know how it goes. Just had a quick taste along with you on the episode. Definitely get the spicyness


    Awesome energy, remember to breathe!!! :OO))

    you have become more mellow with age. But it’s all good. Thnx for changing my wine world.

  • John__J

    qotd forever searchin for those wines made from varietals, or styles, or from regions I’ve never had.

  • Nick

    Great show.

    QOTD: always trying new stuff. Still new to wine so i need to diverse more

  • Anonymous

    I added the 2004 Le Mura Saracene to my restaurants wine list just recently. I saw it and immediately had to try it, and it was great even though it was clearly really young. Can’t wait to try it again in the future.

  • 90/100

    line of the day – ‘this is like someone shot me with a rusty nail – delicious’

    Nice episode, Gary pumped and on form


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