EP 799 3 Killer Whites

Gary mixes it up today and tastes 3 different but interesting whites wines from around the world.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2007 Domaine Regis Minet Pouilly Fume Vieilles VignesPouilly Fume
2005 Leeuwin Estate Artist Series ChardonnayAustralian Chardonnay
2006 Francois Villard Condrieu Grand VallonCondrieu

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luca bercelli


line of the day – ‘not the Oak Monster but maybe the Butter Bandit was going to come out’

Hilarious when GV picks up a ‘Really Exotic Nose’ on the last wine and asks Mott what he gets (without any hints). Nothing replies the Mottster!

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  • ransu

    Hi I like the whites from the roussillon. my favorite wines are from Matassa, domaine de l´horizon, clos perdu, Gauby and roc d ´anglade from languedoc

  • BradV

    Hmmmm . . . Best whites recently; looks like everybody is picking just one but I'll go for two different whites – the recent best dry and best dessert.
    Dessert was easy; shared a bottle of 1983 Y'Quem with the friends in my wine tasting group last month; butterscotch, caramel, toffee characteristics are just starting to show alongside the younger citrusy elements. While great now, it is just starting to hit its window of drinkability. The wine was huge, had fabulous length and was a joy to share with friends!
    The best dry white I've had recently was a 2004 Alban Roussanne. Great complexity and quite different from your run-of-the-mill chardonnay/sauv blanc, etc. I wish John Alban was mixing less Viognier into his Roussanne these days (starting 2005 I think he upped the quantity to 25%); I think the older, purer Roussannes were better.

  • shannoncasey

    My current favorite white wine is a Pinot Blanc from Left Foot Charley in Michigan. Yes, Michigan makes some great wines other than Riesling.

  • brixforbrains

    So it was Left FOOT. that's right Left Hand makes beer (goood beer).
    Great PG. I'll have to try the Pinot Blanc next time I'm in the midwest.

  • Gary, I can't believe you're almost to 800… it's really something to aspire to.

    Last weekend I started my birthday dinner with a 2003 Lingenfelder Riesling that had some great toasty honey aromas…Its smell hinted that it would be a thicker wine, but it had some great acid, a fresh floral bite, and a clean finish to balance out the body.

    Keep up the great shows. Go Ravens! (even though I'm really a Skins fan)

  • Actually a Swiss made Pinot Gris – Chateau d'Auvetnier Pinot Gris. this wine had a rich golden color for Pinot Gris. quite unctuous mouthfeel with good fruit of apple and citrus with notes of honey and mineral. very balanced. a big boy white indeed.

    looking foward to 800….go Panthrochuck

  • danpeterson508

    This doesn't have anything to do with your show today but here I go… Im changing career from artist to bartender. I know my liquors,cordials, recipes etc. BUT!!! Uperscale restaurants are asking me about wines,”my knowledge should include wines”. My question is…”where do I start”? There's SO MUCH. I like wine and drink it, but I know very little about it. Do I just start watching your blogs? Where do I begin. THANKS for any help.
    Dan In upstate N.Y.

  • john

    Gary, How about a show tasting subsequent vintages of some great sleepers you uncovered like Esporao Reserva Red 06 and Zardini Valpolicella Superiore 05 ?

  • romtina

    QOTD: Recently opened a bottle that I originally got as a gift for my husband from my trip to Germany: Juliusspital 2008 Würzburger Stein Scheurebe Spätlese. Yummy! I could have finished the entire bottle in one sitting… I am trying to give hubby a chance to taste a glass of “his gift” though, so I am only drinking one glass per day. And every day I am blown away again! This is some great stuff! Tonight it will be gone! Sorry hubby, you snooze, you lose!
    BTW, Scheurebe is a grape that is probably virtually unknown here in the States, sorry…

  • wayno da wino

    Yo G & Mott, NIIIIIIIIICE White Vinos in daaaaa HIIIIIIIZZZYYYYYY!!!!!!!

    qotd: Two Whites that i had recently that me liked:
    Zind-Humbrecht Riesling Heimbourg 2004 – tropical fruit aroma, tart lemon, mango &
    grapefruit flavors, “distinctive” & NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICE
    Domaine Weinbach Riesling Schlossberg 2003 – full-bodied, mineral, rock, grapefruit,
    lemons, mangos & earth flavors, Looooooong Finish, Very Complex & Deeeliiicious

  • Great show! Enjoyed the variety.

    QOTD: Recently had the 2008 Crios de Susana Balbo Torrontes and loved it. Opened it for some friends that had never had (nor heard of) Torrontes before but were white wine fans. They were wowed by their tastes and assured me that this varietal is now on their radar. Always good to try new things.

  • DON D

    My most recent experience with a power white wine , was the Molly Dooker 2007 Verdelho. Talk about a complex wine, full body, ripe tropical fruit, with a long amazing finish. note 16% wow!! $28

  • benbron

    kung fu girl riesling! love the frizzante, the floral flavors and of course the price point. it's my go to wine for educating friends that they do, in fact, like riesling.

  • cellarrat5

    Unlike many people on this blog, I am a fan of Molly Dooker. I was wondering where you picked this up? I Love Portuguese varieties, in fact, the winery I work for makes a Verdelho and a Touriga table wine, as well as 4 ports. Keep seeking out the rarities!

  • cellarrat5

    O.K. this is the third time I have responded but this one should make it now that I have registered. Start with varietal profiles, type it into google and you should get afew hits. This will give you a little backgraound on the grapes and what they may tast like depending on the producer. Gary's show is a fantastic way to learn about diffrent wines and his flavor profiles are detailed and awesome. ushually people at resturants/bars are not looking for a full history of the grape or the producer, so quick reccomendations and tasting notes will be key. I am sure there are several other people who could help you out as well so keep posting! If you have any specific questions feel free to e-mail me: joel@stamantwine.com

  • steakmonster

    I just had the kung fu girl too over the holidays, it had pretty powerful flavors, but was too sour for me to really handle, but it was fruity enough for my mom to enjoy

  • Slow Wine Lover

    Thanks for another good episode. Leeuwin isn't quite what it used to be. Prices just seem to keep rising. Had the Art Series Cabernet 1999 about six months ago and was disappointed by the way the wine was a bit flabby and lacked focus.

    Qotd: Leitz Dragonstone kabinett riesling 2007 from Rheingau in Germany. Good value for money and well balanced wine. Decent label for a German wine too, although of course, it is what's inside that counts! You have the young riesling fruit with just a hint of petrol. Most appealing of all is that you can almost taste that blue slate soil on which the vines are planted. Quite modern style for Germany but well made and great with sweet and sour stir fry.

  • cnjustice

    07 Ponzi Pinot Gris. Ha dit at an awesome place called Reef. Wonderful seafood in Houston, TX. check it out if your here. Great wine list and awesome value. I had the crispy red snapper….mmmmmmmm

  • Benj

    Great show – I think the rest of the Art Series brings better value. The Riesling is like £12 (~$18) here and really good stuff.

    QOTD: 2005 Dönnhoff Schloßböckelheimer Felsenberg Riesling Spätlese – I had three wines I'd been dying to drink (this, 1995 Calon Segur & 2005 Doisy Vedrines) so called up 5 of my friends and organised a dinner party around them. My amazing friend Miles cooked up a storm and we had some great wines and some great food with even better company! The Donnhoff was like sniffing a pot of honey on a sunny early summer's morning in a meadow. It was bright but incredibly smooth and everyone present loved it. I gave it 92 points.

  • Braden G

    I wonder if The Thunder Show is censored in China…

  • Braden G

    Agreed! The Kung Fu chick rocks! I have not had a bad wine from Charles Smith.

  • Haha, the only security breach I get here in France is when my dad starts drinking straight from the barrels. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I agree as well. Shouldn’t be that difficult to do either.

  • Anonymous

    I agree as well. Shouldn’t be that difficult to do either.

  • danpeterson508

    I found a great site based on your reccomendation, Thankyou very much. Varietals IS a great place to start! I will keep posting if I have questions, Thanks.

  • How to say this gently…hmmmm…..WHERE'S 800?

  • danpeterson508

    Thank you, I will order that or pick it up at the bookstore, It looks like a good book,
    I appreciate it very much
    Dan Peterson

  • cellarrat5

    Gary! We are waiting with bated breath! 800 is huge! Congratulations on the success of this site, and your overall success in general. You are a valued addition too web 2.0, I don?t think it would be the same without you. I have always been adamantly against various mediated forms of online communication, I actually wrote several essays about it. But you have changed my tune, I almost WANT to join face book, and obviously I am addicted to this blog. Major props and a hearty Prost to you, Mott and the whole WLTV crew!!

  • captainrob

    Ahoy Uncle Gary, 😉

    Just posting a comment here on episode #799 to see if it works okie dokie. I am using IE8 right now, this computer, sitting inside me sailboat. Arrr

  • captainrob

    yippy, it worked, Avatar and all!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks, have not had wines from that area, live in So Calif

  • Ronald Ray

    Dude! I like your style and your comments are on the button. How about an episode for Merlots. I'm an old guy and have spent way too much money on California and northwest Reds (mostly cabs, Bordeauxs and South america reds. They are often way too expensive. My palette has matured and I prefer a more complex taste but dislike “fruit bombs”. I am not a fan of Syrah but do enjoy petite syrahs. So the grape of choice for me is MERLOT. I'm anxiously awaiting for a new episode or recommendations. Regards,

  • jeff

    Albarino. Oh and the Chargers are going to “crush” a very scrappy but over matched Jets club. Respectfully, MOJOSD

  • Phil G

    GV – happy to hear about little Max, congrats Uncle Gary!

    QOTD – Haven't been having enough white wine lately, and not sure if this really “counts”, but a few weeks ago I had a bottle of the Braida Moscato D'asti that you had on the show awhile back and it was delicious! Great pineapple, apple and pear – nice and sweet, but not too heavy on the mouthfeel. And the acidity was nice and high, to balance everything out. Thanks much for the recommendation!

  • looper1313

    Got to try a condrieu.

  • looper1313

    No doubt. And some great marketing going on with his white label, black lettering, great pricepoints!

  • Robinelle

    I thought you were an uncle several times over. Congratulations to you, your sister and brother-in-law.
    QOTD: Arthur, Chardonnay, Domaine Drouhin. I had this wine a couple of years ago in Taos in a restaurant accessible only by 4-wheel drive through dimly lit treacherous snow packed roads and again just the other day. It's floral and fruity and not much oak. I love it. Costco is carrying it now. Probably won't be visiting Taos again this year. Some friends who live in Taos recently fell asleep at the wheel and had a much closer call than will ever be funny to talk about. I hate those winding mountain roads.

  • jsums

    Cheers to you and your family, Uncle Gary! QOTD – Shaya Verdejo '08. I had it a couple months ago and went nuts for the stuff! On the other end of the style argument, I also lost my sh*t over d'Arenberg's '08 Hermit Crab. Lovin' the V-grapes! Honorable mention goes to several whites from Santorini I've had lately. Who says Greek wine sucks?!

  • beeperr

    I would start with episode #1 and move up from there…

  • mlb_rob

    Congrats on the new addition. Been away so this is my first time checking out the new comments section. Very cool. I like it alot.

    QOTD: hmm….2005 Red Hill Estate Reserve Chardonnay. Around $40AUS. Beautiful nutty wine with elegant melon characters. Great length. Also got a some oak and butter, but that was balanced by the fruit which was very fresh. I enjoyed it alot. Luckily I have another 5 bottles waiting for me.

  • Nik_B

    QOTD – J.J. Prüm 2007 Riesling Kabinett from the Mosel. Had it first at the Fat Duck restaurant as part of the tasting menu and quickly bought 3 bottles online afterwards. Perfect sweetness and acidity.

  • Anonymous

    Well, apparently not if you google.cn the show in the near future =)))))))

    Ryan: 2 possibilities. a) lock the place. b) drink the stuff before dad returns again.

  • snoopyq

    Im suprised ….. Wine taste tested from “WORLD” ???????? WTF……….. GARY… WTF…. this is not the world…. if your gonna do theworld… do 'THE WORLD…..

  • david

    the best white i have had in the past was from a small winery at the moselle rive, i did like it really bad! its a sweet riesling called enkircher steffensberg auslese!

  • A.S

    Langlois Château Sancerre 2007
    12,5 %alc but it tasted like it was around 10-11%
    Nice minerality and not to grassy.Also it had a hint of gooseberry and a green vegetable aroma. I think the finish was long in comparison with other Sancerres. Bought it at the duty free store at Oslo Airport (in Norway), and it was OK for the price. Nothing more, nothing less.

  • andre_hm

    That's a very good question!

  • Anonymous

    Niagara Region is worth a visit. There are some real charms there – include the dynamite Le Clos Jordanne. Also worth a visit is the Okanagan – good whites (riesling & gerwurtz) but some surpringly good Bordeaux blends in the southern, arid part of the valley.

  • Anonymous


    Thanks so much for the response! In ~ hundreds of comments it’s
    interesting you
    responded on this one. You should try future vintages of this one –
    the ’07 is
    good too, thought they have expanded, and possibly watered down.

    Superb show!


    Quoting Disqus :

  • Anonymous

    Can we pleeeease keep our Niagara wines a secret? I’ve been going there for years and it’s nice not to have to compete for parking space. Try Hidden Bench for some great Rieslings if you must, though…

  • Anonymous

    Thanks. Will keep in mind. Going to Germany in May, Mosel Saar Ruer appelation


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