EP 800 Father and Son Amarone Tasting

Gary and Sasha taste 3 different Amarones to celebrate the Thunder Show’s 800th episode!

Wines tasted in this episode:

2005 Brigaldara AmaroneAmarone
2005 Tommasi AmaroneAmarone
2005 Tedeschi AmaroneAmarone

Cheese mentioned in todays episode.

    Dona Manuela

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luca bercelli



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  • pawncop

    Great episode. Always glad to see Sasha and you share the screen. Look forward to trying the Amarone wines.

    QOTD – keep doing what you're doing.

  • cayout

    Good show, nice to see dad and sun
    QOTD: I dont really mind, cant buy your wines anyway.. (CANADA)

  • Enjoyed the show very much, just love the chemistry of you and your father…ran out to buy an Amarone which is my favourite–could theoretically afford it–but, oh the “Power House” (my Acadian French friend calls the LCBO in Canada) is open yet in renovations so not stocking the shelves for a bit. Dreaming…

  • Little Jonny H

    A classic Father/Son Duel! The disagreement here is very typical… and is a good summary of every time Sasha has come on the show 😉

    QOTD: I always love the recommendations and detailed tasting notes from the show that far outdo those on the website by Ian or others… but I understand the conflict of interest. Kudos to you, GV, for taking the high road.

  • JohnK

    QOTD: I have to agree with Sasha – I'd like you to feel free to sell the wines you review. After being an occasional watcher for about 2 years and more hardcore the last several months…I find that I TRUST GARY to give the real poop on a wine – regardless if your company has a lot in stock. Your prices and policies and honesty mean that I would PREFER to buy the wine from you (you just make it so easy). I get where you are going with the 10 case max Gary…but honestly – you are just wrong. Review wines you sell…if you steer us wrong too often – we'll know your true agenda and you will ultimaly lose. The fact that you HAVE SO MANY long term watchers means we are pretty darn happy buying the wines you recommend. And I for one like a one stop shop based on low price, trust and great policies.

    Good show – but I hate to see such a public display of antagonism between you and your dad. Be honest with your dad when you need to be, go out of your way to stoke his ego…from my own experience…when you surpass your father…you don't have to let him know…defer…ask his opinion.

  • JohnK

    Oh yea…and run with his opinion more than you like (even if you know better). Besides…if nothing else – ifyou feel like Sasha is pushing you to +++ a wine…you can always take a dump on it…or be just a TAD harder on it than you would otherwise. That'll teach him NOT to ask you to SELL.

  • missatiejacket

    I wouldn't mind if something went on the show that you have a lot of, but I think some people might make accusations. Maybe just for one wine…

  • MerryB

    300! Which is, you know, 500 less than 800. Congrats & keep it going!

    Good show – entertaining and informative, which is all I ask for.

    QOTD: I understand why you have the rule; you want to avoid even the appearance of marketing because of the chance it would undermine your credibility, especially with newer viewers. Your credibility is invaluable, so why risk it by changing the rule.

  • cgomezmoreno

    QOTD. I agree with that policy. You'd kill this if you used it to sell wine. We already get 10 emails a day from you!

  • Hershey

    Haven't watched in a while, but had to catch up with a Gary & Sasha duet. I noticed the label on the first bottle was discolored and scratched, and the wine sounded to me like it had been heat damaged or some other abuse malady. Can you explore those sort of issues more?

    And of course your policy of minimizing bias in your reviews makes perfect sense and is the right way to go. Profit always pushes the mind, so why taint the strong reputation you've built? Obviously you've profited enormously from this show without having to compromise your integrity – kudos.

  • jeffwhite89

    I love Gary?s dad, the best was at 10:55 when Gary is going for the glass and Sasha about fell out the chair to protect the glass. Gary your the best and always good to see your father on the show.

  • WineArchitect

    Gary, now you have me going back and watching all the episodes I missed! Love it, live it!

  • MRPysnik

    Review anything in the store. I know you don't use this as a selling platform, and I don't want you to change that, but don't limit yourself to wines you have less than 10 cases of. I enjoy your work and if and when I choose to buy a wine you do review, I want to support your business by buying it through the Wine Library site. Also, do to some of the nuance of your choices, it is hard, if not impossible to find these wines elsewhere.

  • bilgaes

    I feel the need to point out that English sparkling wine and Champagne should never be compared with one another. The last time I visited Denbies vineyard I have to say that I was enormously impressed with the quality of the wines,

  • boughtrecords

    I like that you don't pick wines that you know already for the shows. It adds that dynamic that is unexpected like when you are excited to try a wine and that look of shock hits your face because it is far below your expectations or the other side when you don't expect much and the joy and immediate uplift and added excitement as you start to describe why it exceeds your expectations. Keep it up.

  • Rob Jackson

    Great watching the banter between you and your Dad Gary. I lost my Dad when I was young but love seeing other Dads and sons just chat.

  • MaRc

    Sasha the dad….always awesome!
    it truely was a pleasure watchin' you both together and the synergy that you both bring to the table…and what strikes me most is how you two blend no matter how similar or different you both are… !

  • aarontewalt

    I completely agree with the comment above

  • Sasha rocks…bring him back ASAP

  • sailordavid

    I think that you should only do shows with your dad! He rocks! Each time he is on the show I cant help but watch because I know that I am in for a good laugh! Thanks Sasha.

  • Great show! First time I've seen your Dad – what a character.

    QOTD: Sasha definitely has the thought process of a lot of people his generation, the 'old-business' moniker that you must use all platforms to sell your product, which is definitely obsolete in our new marketplace. In that case, I agree with you GV.

  • I definitely need to try the gewurztraminer – sounds epic.

  • hypersomnia

    First time posting… I think if you could honestly do reviews without letting the fact that you sell them interfere with your reviewing then I don't see why you couldn't (note I didn't say shouldn't) review wines that you sell (in large quantities). I think you would give supporting evidence for your credibility if you continued to give wines negative reviews even if they are wines that you have in bulk.

    Of course, this may be a good reason not to review the wines that you sell, since you will be damaging your business with your honesty in some cases if you negatively review a wine you have a large quantity of and end up having a difficult time selling due to your own negative review of the wine. I guess in the end it's probably a better business decision to NOT review the wines that you sell in bulk.

    In think in general the point of your show is to educate people about wine overall and to get people excited about trying different wines. By doing so, you improve your business by driving interest in wine (and trying many different types) overall, so it's not really necessary for you to push any particular wine.

    I think in general, this shows that you have the long view and are not interested in trying to make a quick buck.

    Good for you and thanks for continuing to make some entertaining and educational programming for all of us.

  • gamist

    what a hugh wine!! ,AMARONE
    hello gary, this is the 1st comment.
    I'm South – Korean Winelover,Wine teacher, thomas

    Actually I drank Tedechi & Tommasi 2 months ago.
    I agree Tommasi is more typical and I think its palate is also more suitable
    for the winelover's palate. and gives them to satisfaction.(my opinion)

    but Tedechi has a individuality.
    this one made me feel the seasoned Bracken.
    I think you don't know about this at all.
    it's kind of Korean Traditional side dish which is called 'Gosary' in Korean.
    texture was also impressive.
    nice wine!!

    Thanks for the Thunder show.
    I'm always watching your Winelibrary TV.
    let's keep changing the Wine World to make Korean wine price lower.

    we usually buy above wines over 100$ for an each :'-<

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  • Great watching the banter between you and your Dad Gary. I lost my Dad when I was young but love seeing other Dads and sons just chat.

  • Bigsemi

    Love your dad. Reminds me of my dad and I lamenting our stupid Lions.

  • Anonymous

    Love Amarone and your Dad… http://www.winelx.com

  • Anonymous

    My B day is 01/11! Way to go Max.

  • donna jackson

    amarone is Ok I suppose, love you and your dad but loose the face fuzz Gary shave!

  • luca bercelli




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