EP 802 Football and Wine and Football

Brian Rounds and Nick Lambert, the two contest winners from episode 767 join Gary to talk about the amazing Jets win and drink some wine.

Wines tasted in this episode:

Veuve Ambal Brut Cremant De Bourgogne French Brut Nonvintage
2004 Montirius Clos Montirius VacqueyrasVacqueyras

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luca bercelli


lines of the day – ‘Mott:’I root for the Jets the same way you root for the Giants’..GV – ‘so you hate them’ and one of the best lines of all time, ‘this show all week is going to be almost unwatchable to anyone who can’t deal with Jets talk’

Phenomenal show – I always love the ones where GV is pumped by recent Jets victories and his mood is through the roof for this one

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  • flavasauce

    Just a matter of taste, as Gary says trust your own palate/ears.

  • Phil G

    QOTD@ – can't think of any good chance windfalls, though I walked up to a roulette wheel when leaving the casino once, put $10 on black 24, and won. What was nice…

  • cellarrat5

    Tool is possibly one of the most exciting and progressive bands in the industry. They have only put out 4 major albums and have an “army” like cult following. Maynard?s shocking operatic rock vocals mixed with spectacular guitar riffs and breathtaking drums come together to form a sound that cannot be imitated. They say they will make music until one of them dies, let us all hope that this does not happen anytime soon. FU**ing AMAZING music, ad they are still making it!

  • abrams7

    Hell ya I agree completely at least there are people like you that still understand real music.

  • abrams7

    what kinds of wines are you in to?

  • Nita

    YES!!! do a month of champagne!!! I have been searching out your bubble shows- love them. I want to drink my way through the “grower” champagnes. I need a list so that I can check them off so any info you have — that would be great. One wine for the rest of my life– bubbles!

  • abrams7

    Have you ever had a champagne made with merlot?

  • Dude, you are cracking me up. “Would you drink anything?” I about fell out of my chair. “that same dude at 16 was a jerk off” CRACKIN ME UP !!! Bug fan enjoy your show.

    Russ Faulkner

  • ChrisD

    Gary Congratulations!

    I told you the Chargers would find some way to choke in the playoffs. One of the worst efforts the Chargers ever phoned in. Nobody came to play on the Bolts!

    Three things are guaranteed in life…

    1. Death
    2. Taxes
    3. And the Chargers choking in the playoffs!

    You better put some super Miracle-Gro Fertilizer on that good luck beard. The Colts rarely choke in a playoff game. They will be ready.

    If the Jets can beat the Colts , I think they will go all the way!

  • steakmonster

    A month or even a week of sparkling wines is a sweet-awesome idea! Nobody I know drinks them more than the numbers you were giving and I'd like to feel more confident in buying them.

    QOTD1: I love the “old” music too but I think it appeals to a certain emotional expression, I think music today (indy/rock, really anything besides pop and country) is good also and fits a different emotional expression.

    QOTD2: I play a lot of music, including classical on the cello, and I once won an electric violin out of random chance.

  • biktop

    At least a week of sparklers! Gary, if you come up to Canada and visit you have to try beer & Clamato – WAY better than uglies (what we call beer&tomato juice). QOTD1 Video HAS killed the radio star and the cr*# passing off as music today choreographed on MTV is pure shlock! QOTD2 GV's next contest – Where in Canada am I visiting?

  • cellarrat5

    thank you very much, I think the music I listen to is good, but who doesn?t? Nobody is going to say they listen to sh**! I like many different wines, honestly I try everything I can get my hands on in order to expand my pallet as best I can. Tempranillo, Touriga, Cuves from Northern Rhone, various white blends, Semillon, Zinfandel, Barbera, A well made Cab are a few of the varietals I am into at the moment. Ask me tomorrow it might be different. I work at a winery in Lodi, CA, it is hard not to have a myopic focus on wine when i drink so much of the stuff I help make. But this show and the posts help a lot.

  • Whoa – Gary, I don't remember meeting you when I was 16, but you nailed it. Gray now, jerkoff then. Actually, I think I'm still considered a jerkoff, you could ask my 16 year old daughter. She is full of opinions these days – apple and the tree, you know.


  • nickcaruth

    easy to find growers I have drunk and loved
    name and village, you should do some research into villages/styles and it will help determine what kind you should seek out, ex cuis, le mesnil, oger, vertus are on the cote de blancs which is primarily chardonnay, which has a distinct style from the pinot driven Ay, Bouzy, Ambonnay, Verzy, etc in other sections of champagne

    most of these are terry theise selections, i think his are probably the most widely distributed growers

    chard heavy
    pierre gimmott – cuis – paradoxe 02 is awesome
    pierre peters – le mesnil sur oger – nv is a pretty great bottle for price
    pierre moncuit – le mesnil sur oger – nv is pretty good

    pinot heavy
    brenard bremont – ambonnay – NV is great
    H billot et fils – ambonnay – nv is great, nv rose is fantastic, have a bottle of the rare cuvee laetitia in the cellar waiting to be drunk

  • Robinelle

    I've never had red beer, but I've heard of it.
    QOTD: I would love to have a months worth of champagne/sparkling wine shows, but only if I had the bottles with me to try. I think that's exactly what I need to improve my champagne palate.
    During a small portion of the holidays I was drinking 1:1 champagne to still wine. However, it's usually more like 1:30. I find that the good stuff is kind of expensive, and the inexpensive stuff is kind of sweet.

  • DAveAll

    Jets talk all week? yikes, glad you don't pump out one a day anymore. haha.

    Red beer is what my father in law used to drink each morning, after drinking the night prior. I tried it one evening and liked it. I also use V8. Never got into morning red beer.

    QOTD: I'd love 5-7 shows in a row on sparkling wines. not a month.

    The two guys/winners were nice, just normal folks. I like that. Invite normal folks every so often, not just the stars of the world. You were nice to them, which was pleasant to watch.

    QOTD1: old music is 70's? ahhhhh! you babies! 3 dog night was my fav. People do not make good music – it's not natural, just productions.

    QOTD2: I don't watch sports on TV, waste of time. Game of chance – slots in LV, won $900 in a couple hours. Otherwise, it would be the turkey I won in a radio contest when I was 17 (in the 70's, yes!)

  • DAveAll

    Jets talk all week? yikes, glad you don't pump out one a day anymore. haha.

    Red beer is what my father in law used to drink each morning, after drinking the night prior. I tried it one evening and liked it. I also use V8. Never got into morning red beer.

    QOTD: I'd love 5-7 shows in a row on sparkling wines. not a month.

    The two guys/winners were nice, just normal folks. I like that. Invite normal folks every so often, not just the stars of the world. You were nice to them, which was pleasant to watch.

    QOTD1: old music is 70's? ahhhhh! you babies! 3 dog night was my fav. People do not make good music – it's not natural, just productions.

    QOTD2: I don't watch sports on TV, waste of time. Game of chance – slots in LV, won $900 in a couple hours. Otherwise, it would be the turkey I won in a radio contest when I was 17 (in the 70's, yes!)

  • SEFB

    I would like to see more sparkling wine shows. I don't drink much sparkling wine; I drink more red wine than sparkling. I am a big Jets fan and I think they are going this year to the Super Bowl.

  • frvlvr

    I've never had a “Red Beer”, but I've heard of it. I'm originally from WI, and many places there give you a beer chaser when you order a Bloody Mary.

    QOTD: I drink A LOT of sparkling. Is it bad if I call it bubbly? I love that word. Anyway, I drink sparkling almost as often as I drink still wines. I learned early on that sparking wine may be for celebrations, but one can celebrate life EVERY day!

    QOTD 2: I love the oldies. I'll be 47 next week. Yikes. There is still some good music being made. My favorite contemporary artist is John Mayer. Plus, some of the older guys are still making music too!

    QOTD 3: My husband and I love craps. We've one the “Fire Bet” in Vegas three times. Lotsa fun!

  • frvlvr

    WON. Why didn't I proof read???

  • eastcoastchris

    mad respect for the red beer…not to be confused with Clamato.
    it's a great hair of the dog drink with a nip of tequila in it and some ground black pepper
    I had never heard of it until I went to Walla Walla, WA.
    nice audio-cameo by your dad
    as for the music, Doves are making great music
    best thing I've ever won: a hand of poker with quad aces

  • mfrasor

    QOTD 2: That's classic… very funny please tell me your kidding???

  • pacw808

    The red beer sounds like not my kind of thing, but I did try flavored beer in Germany that tasted like wine. A fruit syrup was poured into the beer and I liked it.

    Best thing I ever won by chance was two tickets on the Thunder Cruise!

  • Mott, Mott, Mott, you missed the 85 Wesley Walker op at 10:42 and again at 15:05. During Jets playoff week, this is inexcusable!!

  • I hope the Jets win before every episode, because this one was fun.

    QOTD 1: Of course good music is still made! But this is entirely subjective. My favorites from top-x lists of 2009 that I think you might like: Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros. Also, check out the new Spoon release.
    QOTD 2: Games of Chance…I only have a story of a friend of mine that I was in Vegas with. He put $200 down on a $10 minimum blackjack table and a few hours later walked away with $8700. Is it chance if your level of soberness disallows you from counting cards?

  • missatiejacket

    good music? You ask as if you don't think so. Further, John Scofield, Christian McBride, Bela Fleck and the Flecktones (or anyone else he plays with), Phish (very recently), Charlie Hunter, Soulive…

    I can't think of anything I've won in a game of chance. Good question, though.

    I have never heard of red beer and it sounds disgusting to me. I would love to see Gary try one on the show.

  • Anonymous

    I loooved the Beach Boys as a kid. So fun to sing along to.

  • Anonymous

    On his website, which is beautifully designed by the way, he describes his wine similar to his music, an acquired taste. I tried to e-mail him to see if we could trade bottles (I also work at a Winery) but to no avail. I am not surprised though, I’m just another mindless fan trying to get free wine. But I have no problem paying for it; I think I would like it.

  • Nita

    Thanks for the great info! I purchased 9 bottles of grower champagnes this week. I found one that I was told is unusual called Georges Laval Cumieres Premier Cru Brut Nature, from Transatlantic Bubbles Selection. I almost bought that Rose today– he did say it was amazing.. maybe I should go back and get it. Im not a big Rose Champagne person but if its good– I must try! thanks again!

  • nita

    dont think thats possible.. maybe a sparkling wine.

  • I am finally posting a comment for the first time ever! I've been watching the show since episode 6 hundred and something and love it. Sorry it took me so long. This is one of my favorites in recent months.

    I'm from the midwest so wanted you to know that we all know what red beer is around here. (Not a personal favorite of mine but many people love it)

    QOTD: Lots of good music still being made today, just don't look to mainstream radio or tv to find it. I love many genres of music but nothing beats the blues for me. From Muddy Waters to Stevie Ray. Jazz and blues are the birthplace of it all.

  • SourGrapesFC

    Have you had any of Maynard's wines?

  • cellarrat5

    I have not. They stood up to Gary's reviews fairly well on the episode with Maynard and Caduceus's winemaker. I checked them out online and a lot of them are sold out. From what I have read they look pritty good!

  • SourGrapesFC

    Thanks for pointing me to that episode; I didn't realize it was in the archives. The current issue of Mutineer also has an interview with Maynard (he's the cover story, as a matter of fact). I had one of his wines last Christmas with my brother, but I can't remember which one. A friend of my brother's came into town with an autographed bottle, and we decided it was best to drink the wine and keep the glass. I do remember that it was a nice glass of vino.

  • JimboJones86

    So this is my 2nd post ever, and I promise you Gary that from now on, this guy's gonna be posting more…no more lurker crap. Anyways, fantastic show, fantastic guests, fantastic wines. I'm from Minnesota, so GO VIKINGS!!! Sorry Gary, couldn't resist.

    QOTD: 1. I'd have to agree and say Zeppelin is my favorite (maybe the Grateful Dead). I'm sort of stuck in the 60s and 70s and I'm not leaving anytime soon.
    2. The best thing that ever happened to me by chance was when I was fortunate enough to meet my favorite artist in New York City. I guess you could say the stars aligned and my family and I were able to visit some friends out there…long story short I got to meet my favorite artist and his wife, it was AWESOME!

  • tonemaster

    Red beer reminded me of something I bought in New Hampshire for show and tell. It's a can of a mix of Bud and Clamato called a Chelado. Just sounds too disgusting to drink.
    QOTD: Yes great music is still being made, but usually outside the music “business.” Whether indie bands or self produced, the talent is there even if they don't fit into the corporate scheme of things. (Gandalf Murphy and the Slambovian Circus of Dreams, Sonny Landreth, Greg Trooper, Amanda Shires, Sarah Borgess and the Broken Singles to name a few.)

    QOTD2: A trip to South Africa. Side trips included visits to wineries at Rustenberg, Meerlust and Speir. A trip of a lifetime.

  • heavyblanket

    Red beers are great for hangovers.
    Yes, there is lot's of good music out there. Can't find it? LastFM, Pandora, there are lot's of tools to find great music.
    Won? I win a game of chance everyday.
    Today's show rocked! I am a true bubble head. We drink a bottle of bubbly every 3rd or 4th bottle at my house. I love sparklers from all over the globe. Sparkling Malbec Brut Rose from Argentina, Cremant from Alsace. I love Champagne, Cava, California, Oregon.
    Most interesting sparkler of the year for me Champalou Vouvray Brut NV. Awesome!

  • I went to college in Oregon and we loved a red beer or two whenever the need hit us!

  • rdhover

    ok.. after going into “lurker” mode for a couple of years.. here we go.. GO COLTS.. I'm back..
    QOTD: the sound of the JETS fans crying as they leave Indianapolis after a lengendary beating.. keep in mind.. he who giveth, taketh away.. the only reason the Jets are in the playoff is because the Colts gave them a win back in December.

  • JiminAtlanta

    Lots of questions this time. I very much like sparking wine and would enjoy a month of sparkling wine shows. I only drink sparkling wine about 1 out of 20 bottles because others usually prefer red wines. Having grown up with 70's music I believe there is lots of good music now. I listen to Coldplay, The Fray, Snow Patrol, Three Doors Down, and other current bands and think they are very good. It is difficult to compare generations against each other and we should enjoy it all. I am not very good or lucky at games of chance. I would be thrilled to win a chance to have wine and dinner with Gary.

  • Weston3220

    Red Beer, well I always gave dirty looks to the one girl I use to work with but she never added green olives but hey if your going to add tomato juice might as well at olives eh

    qotd1: Sparkling for a month yes! but will you really do it I don't think so hah

    qtod2: Well Im a big euro electronic stuff so you'll have to go to bbc radio1 its free and live stream but it ain't Rock/Country/R&B really

    qotd3: Won 2 or 3 times in a row to go home early from work when it was slow hah, no one wanted me to play the next time we did it

  • JeffMastroianni

    DO IT! I would love to see a month of sparkling.

    My ratio is probably 20:1, but I'm working on it!

  • texansteveinct

    First time commenter here, as I usually watch the shows on my iPod and don't get online to check it out.
    Red beer – Very popular in TX and throughout the SW, where it's commonly known as Bloody beer.
    Ratio of other wines to sparkling – probably 100:1. Not a huge fan of the bubbles, but maybe that's simply because I've never made much of an effort outside of the typical celebratory factor.
    QOTD #1: Not sure about a month of sparkling wines, but a week would be a great start.
    QOTD #2: Yes, think there is good music still being made, but there's so much more “bad music,” that it's difficult to get through that to the good.
    QOTD #3: Hit 2 squares in the Super Bowl pool a few years ago, so that was a lot of fun – and helped pay the tab!

  • How have you never heard of Red Beer??? I had more than my fair share just this weekend.

    Mini QOTD: I've been drinking more and more bubbles. I'd probably go with about 25:1. I don't know if I'd want an entire month of sparkling wine, but maybe one per show.

    Chicks don't dig the dip.

    QOTD #2: I won a Johnny Unitas signed football during a Little League Bingo night.

  • QOTD 1 : Rebelution

    QOTD 2 : I won a badass Yoyo back in the day in a raffle.

  • ahillsey

    GV, yes to bubbles all day, everyday. Favorite artist is def Howie Day and I've never won anything by chance, I'd like to think there was always skill involved.

  • Ted Matelski

    I had to pause the video to make this point. If you EVER haven’t heard of a drink mixture, ei: red beer, come to Wisconsin. In the famous words of comedian Louis Black, “I have this feeling that the people who settled Ireland were people from Wisconsin” We know our drinks, and how to drink them. I love your show, your book, and love what you do. Thank you for all of this. For that Louis Black bit, check http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7WlwumGkSec

  • AlienRelic

    Gary's QOTD: Not a lot of sparkling wine, although I do like it. I probably drink it in about the same ratio to other wine as Nick.
    QOTD 1: Check out “Snakes and Arrows” by Rush. New and VERY good.
    QOTD 2: Usingthe broad definition of a game of chance, the sweetest thing I ever won was my life.

  • Spokane, WA

    Not only have I had red beer, but you can buy 16 oz. cans of Bud here with Clamato juice premixed in! Not a huge seller, as most people prefer to “mix their own.” You have an interesting show. I am getting it courtesy of TiVO.

  • PurpleGrillz

    I won $2500 on a $2 NY Lottery scratch off “Polar Pairs”

    Too much good new music to list them all but here is some:

    Amon Tobin
    Arcade Fire
    F*** Buttons
    Godspeed You! Black Emporer
    Kings of Leon
    Mobb Deep
    TV on the Radio
    Ray LaMontagne


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