EP 819 Head to Head California Chardonnay Tasting

Gary picked out 2 Chardonnays that had high scores and tasted them side by side to see if they lived up to the hype.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2007 Highland Estates Camelot Highlands ChardonnayCentral Coast Chardonnay
2006 Maldonado Chardonnay Los OlivosNapa Chardonnay

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luca bercelli


Good show with delicious sounding wines. Even Mott comes to the party with his newly discovered tasting skills

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  • NY Pete

    where's the Stallion?

  • NY Pete

    can you tell I'm bored?

  • NY Pete

    bring back Tampa Steve

  • Dr. V, I'm ready for my injection!

    castello Rocks!!!!

  • mikebest

    Hi Gary, Try Dalwhinnie Chardonnay on WLTV, Try Dalwhinnie Chardonnay on WLTV, Try Dalwhinnie Chardonnay on WLTV, Try Dalwhinnie Chardonnay on WLTV, Try Dalwhinnie Chardonnay on WLTV.

    Other than that QOTD: The last thing I think about when it comes to a tie, is the four in my wardrobe I bought for work but don't need. (it's not such a good answer but it's the truth)

  • since it's bedtime here and mondays WLTV usually are later then 11 pm CET I call it a day to get some shuteye. I'll watch the new episode in 10 hours. Gary is tasting white wine today, that's my guess.

  • NY Pete

    which Vayniac scares u the most?

  • it's a toss up between you and Allan 🙂

  • NY Pete

    LOL … if u were old school u would know the answer … 🙂

  • castello

    Kahuna just dropped a deuce

  • Very nice to see “Central Coast” replace “other California wine”

  • capncrunch

    Wow, two California chardonnays and no appearance of the oak monster or the butter bandit. It's a miracle! Great show.

  • slave2thevine

    That's what I'm talking about…40 comments in 20 minutes…

  • slave2thevine

    GV is going to love the numbers…

  • SourGrapesFC

    me, too.

  • FriscoGrapes

    Happy 4 year anniversary (1 day late). 800+ episodes in 4 years. Not too shabby. Keep them coming.

  • grape__ape

    when is the heat episode?

  • grape__ape

    If I flag one of NYPete's comments, will he end up in the spam filter again?? 👿

  • NY Pete

    probably … 🙂

  • slave2thevine

    I say try it and we'll see where it goes from there…

  • NY Pete

    whatever happened to Ken P?

  • NY Pete

    whatever happened to GRE?

  • wayno da wino

    Your Guess is as Good as mine……. :o)

  • I've been avoiding Chardonay for the past year – I felt they quality to price ratio was a bit to tilted toward price. You've got me thinking about a Cal Chard now.

    QOTD: Daughter's soccer game this past weekend 2-2.

  • Thank u so much!

  • Oh man, I hate ties. Definitely want to try that Moldonado though, sounds right up my alley.

    Whenever little kids want to play Monopoly. It takes too damn long. You just say “Oh look, we tied!”

  • wyotim

    Best thing about a tie is that I don't have to wear one. In fact it would you would kind of stand out if you wore one in Wyoming. 🙂

  • Your Guess is as Good as mine……. :o)

  • Did he really say “a good amount of nuts in my mouth”?


    Disqus seems to slowing the site down

  • vanswirlyvalin

    After being creature of cab habit for too long now… it's so fun to fall back in love with the Chardonnays. They were my girl that got me to fall in love with wine, and you never forget your first girl. Just lately been drinking them even in the snow storms usually designated as RED events. Thanks for the great show and impetus to go to Cal-la-la-land to get freshly buttered.

  • SourGrapesFC

    “Real beer” is beer made by someone who is trying to make beer as opposed to someone just trying to make money. PBR, Bud, Coors, Miller and all the other commodity brewers don’t give a damn about their beer; they only care about how much product they move (hence the incessant advertising for a remarkably undifferentiated commodity: they want to sell more watered down urine than the next guy). Anything else is real beer: Sierra Nevada (the granddaddy of modern craft brewing), Sam Adams (the biggest craft brewer but still a company that cares about their beer), Brooklyn, Victory, Boulevard, Real Ale, etc. I haven’t had Upslope, but I’ll keep an eye out for them. My daddy always said that life’s too short to drink cheap beer. God bless him.

  • Anonymous

    Do you really see incessant advertising from PBR? I cant say that i have seen more than posters in bars for them…which all breweries have. i just think that as far as cheap beers go, pbr is the best. some foods, drinks, songs etc bring you right back to a momment. for me, pbr does that and it makes me happy. everyone has their own pallet. i am not drinking pbr every night, just every once and a while (last night i had new belgium’s new ipa: ranger).

  • philoxera

    This is a serial post….thats all

  • In this scenario, old school doesn't apply. Here it's mere terror that reign and terror's face shift all the time. Back in my days Soviet hockeyplayers scared the begebus out us, now this thing, social media. Who the hell want's to be social on a sociopathic scale, moowahahaaa …

  • CBone

    California Love! Good to see CA continues to evolve. A coworker of mine may be the reason why Kendall Jackson is so successful. She drinks it all the damn time. I've been trying to get her to try anything else, but she steadfastly refuses. Sigh…maybe if I told her one of these is distributed by them, she'll try it!

    QOTD: A tie…well, I think which of my three siblings is my favorite is a decided 3 way tie!

  • SourGrapesFC

    I had to reply up here b/c we ran out of room below. You can, of course, drink what you want, but I think we ought to support people who care about their beer, even if that means drinking less of it. As to the “Pabst doesn’t advertise” theory, since Pabst doesn’t even brew beer anymore (MillerCoors brews it for them) they are nothing BUT a marketing strategy. Second, they don’t command anything near the market share of the big three brands, which means we wouldn’t expect to see them advertise as much. Third, they pour money into advertising in smaller “subculture” venues (i.e. they throw themselves at hipsters): http://www.redheadmarketingblog.com/what-pabst-beer-did-to-increase-market-share/ I think we’re better off feeding Jim Koch and Garret Oliver than supporting a bunch of ad men who don’t care what they sell.

  • Richie

    Hope I can find that Maldonado Chard in MS.

  • pawncop

    Good episode, really enjoy unoaked or very lightly oaked Chardonnay.

    QOTD – Something that I do not need to wear any longer.

  • Winosaurus

    Gary, Maldonado is pronounced “mal-dough-NAH-dough”. Think of the professional baseball player, Candy Maldonado, who played from 1981-1995.

  • scottgeisler

    The maldonado is really good and unique but I have found some of the bottles inconsitant a high percentage seem to go bad; but when its good its great.

  • Anonymous

    This is from their blog…
    Hey PBR-faithful,

    With all of the news swirling around about American-ownership and the purchase of Budweiser by InBev, we thought it was a good time to clarify some things about Pabst.

    1) Pabst is owned by a charitable trust based in California. The trust is actively involved in the support of medical research and eduction. We are American-owned and we are not owned by Miller.

    2) PBR is brewed in 6 different brewing locations around the U.S. in facilities owned by Miller (a few were actually Pabst breweries at one time). But all of our beer is brewed under the supervision of Pabst’s own Brewmaster, Bob Newman (come meet him at the GABF this year), who won the Large Brewmaster of the Year at each of the last two Great American Beer Festivals. He and his staff ensure that all of our beer meets your and our high quality standards. Every can, bottle and keg of PBR is brewed in the U.S. using proprietary formulas which have been in place for over 150 years. In other words, just because we don’t own the buildings doesn’t mean we don’t brew our beer!

    If you have other questions about us, don’t hesitate to post them here and we’ll do our best to answer them. In the meantime, do your part in setting the record straight when you hear things that contradict the facts we have communicated here.

  • Weston3220

    I had two Cali Chards this week that Impressed me which didnt last year

    qotd: its to late to think…..

  • boughtrecords

    First off I hate ties…. But I thought the Cutler/Orton trade was a tie… I loved Orton from his rookie year and even though he got tons of bad press I always thought he was great. Being a Bear's fan I was excited for Cutler to join the team because I thought it would be good for Orton. He was never going to get a real chance for positive press in Chicago. Coming to Chicago I thought was a great chance for Cutler to kind of grow up and mature. Both happened. Suddenly just the change of venue made people start to talk better about him. Cutler had to find out how ANY chicago QB is going to get treated by the press. I think the trade was great for the players, the team, the fans and the league. Overall it was a tie….

  • Vineares

    QOTD : The ties hanging in my closet har har har

  • dariakushmelyn

    I'm glad you brought up Eastern Europe – my roots are also from there, and I just assumed their wine is unknown (by me) because it's still c-r-a-p. But your comment about mustard and olives and an Eastern European flavour has sparked my curiosity. Can you do a show on some of these wines?

    Chards – I was trying Chards this winter, looking for an oomphy white wine and I found plenty, but the oomphy ones tend to be your hated oaked wines. And I have to say, much as I wouldn't want to taste oaked white all the time, I find them a very nice change once in a while. And boy, with the Chardonnays you can see more than with other varietals how one grape can produce so many different tasting wines, to the point where they might as well be completely different varietals. I tried the California oakeds, the Canadian unoakeds, and some Chablis. So now maybe I should tie this in with your QOTD, what is a tie? A tie is when you're comparing things that are so different from each other that a judgment one way or the other would be unfair.

    Daria K from Toronto

  • DCaragher

    GV – I am loving the Chard as of late!

    QOTD: Last tie I saw was my indoor soccer game a couple weeks back…we should have won!

  • i love you too peace

  • id go for the mechedee or several blades im a blade vs ouzie bon cheri—————– Original Message —————–From: To: Sherry jadeanchobot (lucyfuer@myspace.com)Date: Feb 20, 2010 10:13 AMSubject: [wltv] Re: Head to Head California Chardonnay Tasting ? Episode # 819RocketRon wrote:QOTD- UFC 104 Machida vs. Shogun. Too close to call.Link to comment: http://disq.us/cff20—–Options: Respond in the body to post a reply comment.To turn off notifications, go to: http://disqus.com/account/notifications/

  • John_Kenneth_J

    qotd: Me & friends threw a dinner party where we made a foie gras ice cream in a maple honey reduction sauce. We paired it with a Chat. Roumieu Lacoste Cuvee Leon 2006 Sauternes vs. a Tokaji 5 Puttonyos Aszu 2001, and while they were very different, the over all consensus was that it was a draw.

  • milnerd

    I love how the host of this is so ignorant. Maldonado was the former vineyard manager of The Newton Winery, of the unfiltered Chard fame where winemakers of the likes of Kongsgaard and both Morlets have worked. The wine is make by Kongard's protege Abe Schrouner of Schloium Project fame. Gary step your game up and Rochioli is not pronounced Rwak-e-o-lee or Row-chi-o-lee as you have enunciated in the past. Learn your stuff. This is why distributors and wine shoppers are mostly know nothing. If you have not spend at least one crush with grape skins under your fingers you do not understand the process nor will you ever get the unspoken part, the alchemical part of the process. Gary when is the last time you have made a trip to CA to taste wine? Or do you wait for your mo nothing distributors to give you info about the wines you feature. Next time you come out let me show you around.


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