EP 841 California Chardonnay Tasting

Gary has a confession to make- he’s starting to like oaky and buttery Chardonnays again. Today he tastes through 3 different wines in search of these flavors….

Wines tasted in this episode:

2008 Clos Blancheau James Berry ChardonnayPaso Robles Chardonnay
2007 Neyers Chardonnay El NovilleroNapa Chardonnay
2007 Newton Unfiltered ChardonnayNapa Chardonnay

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luca bercelli


line of the day – ‘that’s a girl I did years ago’

Everyone who’s ever had a glass of wine should watch this and realise that what you like one year you might not like the next

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  • ChrisR

    QOTD1: Haven't tried any of these. Maybe with a free shipping I'd jump on some bottles of the Clos Blancheau.

    QOTD2: This show. Haven't watched since mid-February. Been focussed on finishing my dissertation and getting the hell out of here. But I saw this episode and had to watch it. Fantastic! Makes me laugh. Boo Niners!!!

  • Feel terrible that P. EW's jersey didn't show up on the tape. Great show and totally believe that changing palates is a good thing. Where the heck is the Mottster?

  • torquester

    Yes! Way to go Gary – recognizing that there is a place for all palettes, including us “oak/butter lovers”. It's all about the mood, time and place – and boppin' around the style/palette world! Will be searching for the Clos Blancheau here in WA, and rooting for the 49'ers!!!!!

  • Weston3220

    I find recently Im starting to…not be so off put my oaked chards, but I must say they do taste better if they were the 3/4th wine of the night oak and alcohol in the system do taste better

    qotd: neyers think i've had and enjoyed

    newton tasted like a typica napa chard to me

  • frvlvr

    Yes, when I first started getting into wine seriously my favorite varietal was Zinfandel. After time, they became too big, too jammy, too much. I went to Pinots, then Merlots, then Cabs and Syrahs. Now, I love them all. I've come back to Zins and enjoy them a lot, as long as they're not too jammy. If they're really jammy, I have them with cheese as dessert! 😉

    P.S. You know what confuses me? People who consider themselves great wine lovers who don't like white varietals. What's up with that? I mean, I try to be open minded and okay, maybe someone just doesn't like them, but for me that's hard to imagine. How can one be a great lover of wine and not like a Riesling or a Chardonnay? Or a fabulous Viognier or Sauv Blanc? Hmmmmm.

  • orangebottle

    Nice, I always like a little oak, not over the top oak wine. I thank you for that. I hope we can see more oaky wine on the show.
    Is rediscover your oak palate as the same as expanding your palate? I think?.YES.
    great show!

  • Claus

    Testarossa from Los Gatos and Au Bon Climat in SB make two of my favorite affordable Cali Chards…both ~ $20, both very balanced with great acidity and well incorporated oak.

  • jayhitek

    QOTD1: Never had them
    QOTD2: Went back to trying some better Merlots.

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  • Anonymous

    Hey Gary,
    You hit the nail on the head with the Newton, it is one of my favorite whites, actually the 06 is my favorite white, but the way you described the 07 is nice, but disjointed and not one smooth ride……is exactly correct…. I felt the same way, but the 06, hope you get to try it is that smooth ride with no flaws, extremely delicious….. what a difference a year makes 07 was great for reds, but apparently not perfect weather for Chardonnay…
    Had the Neyers also, liked it, but not as much as Newton……never had the first wine but sounds great…….

  • luca bercelli


    line of the day – ‘that’s a girl I did years ago’

    Everyone who’s ever had a glass of wine should watch this and realise that what you like one year you might not like the next


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