EP 856 Anderson Valley Pinot Noir Tasting with Toby Hill of Phillips Hill Estates

Gary Vaynerchuk invites Toby Hill to talk about the effects of the forest fires on the grapes in Anderson Valley during the 2008 vintage. They taste through three different 2008 Pinots from his winery, Phillips Hill Estates.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2008 Phillips Hill Ring of Fire Pinot Noir
2008 Phillips Hill Beeson Tree Pinot Noir
2007 Phillips Hill Oppenlander Vineyard Pinot Noir

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luca bercelli


The chalk and cheese episode!
It would be hard to find two people more different than GV and the guest but it does make for a fascinating show. And the wines sound delicious

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  • Cortney I am so sorry you feel that way πŸ™ I hope we can meet one day!

  • πŸ™‚ thnx for the support

  • mattgmann

    Ha! Funny way to spam for your own site Courtney. I'm sure all the other vayner-haters will jump ship and fly right over to your site. Apparently you guys need members because you aren't the first spammer from basic-wine-asshats.com to pollute this area.

  • Cowboys4

    The reason we like Gary is because he helps “the rest of us” learn about wine in a non-embarrassing atmosphere. The wine snobs in Napa sure as hell don't do it.

  • mattgmann

    having a nice laugh at the “wine girls” glamor shots. (http://www.basic-wine-info.com/wine-girls.html) By far the most entertaining part of your site.

  • I'm a winemaker and all I want is more people to drink wine. That's it. By teaching them in a different way than usual, Gary is teaching people about wine, and keeping them engaged; and I like that. Whether you like his personality or not, that's your own choice. I like what he's doing and the way he's doing it.

  • NZ Merlot X 2!
    Just had an amazing merlot blend from Hawkes Bay, Quintology from Matariki wines.

  • i stumbled on gary by chance. hell, i can't even recall how. my wife thought he was just a egomaniac, and another friend laughed and thought he was a jerzee boy in his parents basement raiding the cellar. after a few months of the GV wine club showed up, and GV's take on the whole gig opened up our palate, my wife came around strong and promotes now. thus we dont guzzle yellowtail like bottled water after a birkham yoga class anymore.

    GV rocks. He hustles. and he's out there. for really any of his customers if you need him. i am intrigued by great business folk, there story and there product, whether it be free shit laced cookies to make me buy a toothbrush or northern italian gewurtz that knocks your socks off.

  • NY Pete

    there u go again …
    If you post one more “I'm sorry” I'm gonna come to your apt. and punch you.

  • I couldn't agree more….unpretentious and honest. We love ya, Gary!

  • thnx holla πŸ™‚

  • NY Pete

    OK … time for some new thunder … bring it on Chris!

  • mattgmann

    tuesday thunder?

  • Alexandre-CF

    hey gary, i had never tried Anderson's valley pinot, but after this amazing show i sure will.

    i can't stop saying everyone how i love the show

    QOTF: My palate is in Beaujolais crus right now (Morgon, Moulin a vent), can't stop drinking it.

    cheers from Brazil.

  • I didn't know that smoke taint was a good think in wines?

    QOTD: For pinot I generally look to Oregon as there is a good balance between fruit, forest floor elements, and spice. Calis mostly seem as if they have syrah or something else going on with the jammy fruit and Burgs are good if you have lots of $$$ and a decade or so to sit on them.

  • Anonymous

    Now I’m laughing my face off

  • Dyngus

    My father and I recently came back from a 10 day long winery tour of Calif and did Anderson Valley for 3 days. I have to say that I was turned off by the smoke taint in many of the 08's. Many filtered, many did not…in either case, you can taste the smoke in varying degrees. IMHO and to my pallet, I am passing on most of the 08 Pinot's coming out of the Anderson Valley. I did not taste at Phillips Hill but tasted with Vern at Toulouse and again, smoke was more than a mere component. I would recommend trying 1 bottle before going in on a multi-bottle purchase just to see if your pallet is more sensitive to the smoke than Gary's.

  • murso

    I linked on your name,as your provided link didn't work.

    After rooting around your site, only to discover a complete lack of anything substantial to offer even the newest neophyte, (aside form purported 'sexy girls')…
    Every one of your wine reviews (which it took me about a minute to read the entirery of the work) ,was a cursory comment on a very cheap, third rate , factory made, and mass marketed plonk, which, 'fill and spill' ,by their very nature (and cost) don't even merit the time or effort of analytical examination.
    WLTV and Mr. Vaynerchuk, while admittedly, less than perfect in areas such as pronunciation of foreign names, has demonstrated his passion, his far reaching appeal, and significant, substsantial CONTENT, in a very engaging forum, which is timely, topical, in depth, personable, humorous, and broadly inclusive, in such a manner as to engage, and excite an international audience, sell bestselling books, appear nationwide, as a speaker, concerning multiple arenas as media, wine, commerce, and business performance, and impact a positive effect and advocacy for public education on the topic of wine.
    Courtney, do you have any idea? Who are Jancis Robinson, Randall Grahm, Heidi Peterson-Barrett, Nicholas Joly, Kermit Lynch, Mr. Opici, and scores of others, (all legends, and guests of this show) whose marks are known in the wine industry, here, and throughout the world.
    A shout -down diss form an unknown set of lips, whose lipstick is more crucial to their identity than the fact that they are tied to a blog spot, or whatever, however meaningless is not sexy, girl.
    It is a (spectacular) fail.

  • sam1984

    These bottles would definitely sell to the 'I buy for the pretty labels' people.

    I always tell people in wine shops I want wine to fight back. I want to get confused two glasses in when the wine shows me something new. I admit my actual palette is a theoretical construct right now because I've been filling my wine rack with bottles to age (just finished, it's bootiful) and I've been shy about actually drinking much. That said, I expect to enjoy my Carignane based Priorat, my Basque Tannat, my Columbia Gorge Gewurtztraminer, my Cornas, my Cabernet Franc, and – since I'm in Oregon – all my pinot noirs.

  • A dumb Rhein king

    QOTD: My palate changes quite often. Right now I am interested in tasting some more MN wine.

  • A dumb Rhein king

    Interesting marketing plan. Go to other wine sites that have a lot of followers, link up your site, diss the host, and then see how many peeps check out your place. Good luck with that.

  • waynoooo daaaas winoooo

    Sounds GOOOOOOD ta Meeeeeee !!!!!!! :O)

  • pawncop

    Very good episode, enjoyed his perspective on the business and his wine.

    QOTD – right now I am developing an appreciation of Shiraz/Syrah. Am starting with lower end examples and working my way up the chain. At some point will do the same with Pinot Noir but not right now.

  • TheGreatWazu

    Ya know why Simon Cowell makes so much more than the others? He's ALWAYS honest EVERY time. You are the Simon Cowell of the wine business and its your most valuable quality. You'd be a ball to hang out with. Oh, my pallette is feeling like this—–> Colonial Estate Expatrie Semillon AWSOME WINE. Was given as a gift and my three year old spilled the WHOLE BOTTLE after I had one mini sip. The carpet didnt stain at least. Kids.

  • Can’t wait to try Phillips Hill. The first pinot noir I liked was also from Anderson Valley: Goldeneye (from Duckhorn wines).. after that I fell in love with Black Kite’s single vineyard designates: River Turn and Redwoods edge.. Navarro Mendocino is a less expensive alternative but hard to find.. ALso LOVE Santa Rita Hills PN: Ampelos and Sea Smoke.

  • I don't usually like Pinots, but Phillips Hill is top notch. Oppenlander is great-Toulouse even better.

  • So who had the gun to your head, forcing you to watch 10+ episodes.? Just like traditional TV, if you don't like what you are watching you change the channel.

    You do your thing and don't worry about how someone else does theirs.

  • joelcfromcanada

    Very interesting guest. I have never tried an Anderson Valley Pinot and living in Canada it is unlikely I will ever try one of your guests. Frustrating.
    QOTD: Italy is really doing it for me these days, especially fresh white for fish, actually enjoying chasing down Gamberro Rosso 2 and 3 glass wines, this is the most amazing guide, 20000 wines tasted, only 389 3 glass awards given, all wines judged by blinded panels. So I'm liking Garganega based whites from Veneto and Lombardy(shores of lake Garda), try the Monte Del Fra Ca Del Magro 2008 and their Bardolino 2008 for $15 and $13 canadian respectively. For more $ I am really liking the Barolos and Barberescos these days.

  • KVM1985

    QOTD: That's a great question…but tough! I've been finding that I'm craving bold and strong tart fruit flavors recently. And also white wines.

    Thanks for the show to both of you!

  • Really?! REALLY?! Do you really think that posting a comment like that is a good business decision? If you haven't actually watched an entire episode, why would you think you're qualified to make a comment like that. That's like saying you never saw the movie “Batman” but you hate it anyways. What a brilliant chick you are. At least you know how to open a bottle of wine over there though. That's a good step to knowing anything about wine.

    It might be a good idea for you to read Gary's book and take a few pointers from someone who knows how to not only run a company, but turn it into a national name. (Actually read it before you judge it though) I assure you he never went over to Wine Spectator and posted negative comments and then linked up his website. WOW

  • Liked the show. I'd love to have access to the Ring of Fire but alas, I'm in Oklahoma and have no hope of getting my hands on it anytime soon.

    I have been enjoying Zinfandels and Pinot Noir's most recently. Had an AWESOME Zinfandel from Calistoga Cellars on Friday night. It was exceptionally balanced despite strong oaking and high alcohol. Gary, do you know much about Calistoga? Had an Angeline Pinot Noir the same night and didn't enjoy it that much. Way too tannic.

  • Those are the numbers for THIS YEAR, in December he said “LESS GUEST” just trying to hold him to his words.

  • William Beavington

    Hi Gary – I am most definitely a “lurker” who lives in England and has been watching your site for a year now – I think that you are an extraordinarily compelling speaker and quite a good wine critic BUT please – please take a few French lessons πŸ™‚ to help your pronunciation a bit – otherwise I think you are unquestionably the most entertaining and commercial Wine critic on the Web so very very well done indeed!! Keep it up!! William.

  • Great guest and I liked his approach on the fire situation.

    QOTD: I'm usually more to the big reds, Cab Sauv, Cab Franc, PV (show me the love Gary), but lately I must say Ive been enjoying Gewurts and dryer German Riesling.

  • Vas

    QOTD: All about the Riesling right now!

  • angelatcarslon

    Nice guest and excellent information about the '08 vintage.

    QOTD: Got a chance to go to Austria Uncorked on Monday and I'm really liking the minerality and character of their wines as well as the 2004 Alsace Grand Cru I picked up the other day.
    Intriguing & delicious.

  • Cubatobaco (Ray)

    Good show, Gary!

    It seemed to me that Toby wasn't very comfortable in front of the camera. I like his art work and hope that his wine does really well. I'm sure he's more personable off set. His price point is pretty good IMO. I might have to give this a try.

    I'm looking forward to July 10th!!! I started looking at plane tickets yesterday and their not too bad round-trip. I know it's going to be a blast!

    QOTD: I have to say that I am leaning more to Pinot's these days, as well as, Chards with the summer upon us. Looking for more “big” wines. Keep up the good work GV!

  • Oakmon's BF

    He?s attacking the elitist, exclusive image. The toys and unconventional pairings are all part of the master plan. It all says, chill out, be silly and enjoy.

  • Cubatobaco (Ray)

    And I'm ridin' shotgun! : )

  • Cubatobaco (Ray)

    Apparently he's changing the wine world or our wouldn't have heard about him or come over here to run your mouth. I'm sure that your site is exactly what you named it…”Basic”.

  • chateauplonk

    QOTD: Currently obsessed with the wines of Piedmont.

  • BryMcK

    I do believe there was no “sniffy sniff” the whole way through. Consider me shocked. :O

  • canadapete

    QOTD. I like my pinot's light, fresh, vibrant, balanced. If there's some curious or unique flavors that's great. I am hating heavily or evenly moderately oaked pinot – for god's sake it's pinot not cab!

  • DAveAll

    Good person, he came across very nicely – not heady, or lacking. Very good.

    QOTD: I'm currently possessed, not obsessed with my palate (mom will be happy I moved on from other obsessions). I've moved in the past 5 years from easy drinking to heavy heavies. Now moving into new areas each month. I do try to focus my palate by month. So if May is Pinot Noir and White Burgundy, then June is Cabs and Meritage Blanc's, etc. So I vertically focus each month. quite fun. I have enough of the last bottle to compare to the new bottle, same grape, or type, etc.

  • JiminAtlanta

    My tastes tend to be more old world instead of new world. But I have been a fan of Anderson Valley for more than 20 years and have visited there frequently. My tastes have not changed in that way. Pinot is my favorite, although white wines and sparkling wines from there are also excellent. Thanks for the episode on one of my favorite wine regions.

  • ahillsey

    Been on a white kick lately…just had 2008 Peter Michael L'Apres Midi and loved it.

  • Richie

    QOTD: Mainly Riesling SpΓ€tlese and Vacqueyras.

  • ewb

    This episode is a perfect example of why I love this show so much. It provides me the ability to associate a face and personallity to a brand name. Keep up the good work Gary.

  • robbiec

    I love the labels…it's more personal and inviting to have labels like those on your bottles.

    These days I'm drinking monastrell from Jumilla…got a great buy on some in Shanghai. Also, some rose from Bordeaux (Les Gauries…I highly recommend it. it's cheap,delicious, and great to drink in warm weather.)

  • BennyBoy

    Man, I was just there. Someone in Anderson told me to go there, started to go, and I didn't because I was done for the day. You know, in Anderson Valley, all the wine tastings are free and they offer about 10 different wines at each winery. Case in point, you can only go to 3-4 wineries a day in Anderson Valley, even if you spit, or else you tongue is done.


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