EP 861 Wine for a Cause- Fighting Breast Cancer with Cleavage Creek Winery

Gary Vaynerchuk tastes three of Cleavage Creek’s wines with Budge Brown. Budge donates 10% of the gross sales to breast cancer research.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2007 Tracy Hill Merlot-Shiraz
2007 Tracy Hills Secret Red
2007 Napa Valley Reserve Petie Sirah

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luca bercelli


You just have to love this episode

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  • Believe me I stand behind everything I write or state. As I said in my initial posting here my heart goes out to Budge and I lost my own mom to Lung Cancer, and her care could be easily criticized by myself. That being said Budge’s message about mammography is patently wrong and his rallying of support for Leanna J. Standish, N.D. (again see Quackwatch.com) is something I can’t listen to and not comment on.

    Pray for me Randall while I keep on practicing and preaching science.

  • Randall

    Sir, you sure do presuppose A LOT from what I’ve seen here!! I was not even remotely refering to the Crestor… I was refering to the fact that no doctor since my youth that I’ve seen, heard about, read about, heard rumours about, etc seems to care enough about their seriously ill patients to actually make time in their probably busy schedules to make a house call when needed. Money does seem to be the driving force for most drs. (You would appear to be a stellar example, for instance. I was hoping it was a bad day for you recently, but I see now that you are quite simply devoid of compassion, humility, tact, and yes, care and concern for pretty much everybody that you’ve spoken to here @ WLTV). And what exactly are my “prejudices”, BTW? Please enlighten me, since you seem to have the extra-sensory perception that enables you to read my mind. I’d rather not waste much more time with you other than to say that I hope to God that you practice down in SoCal and not up here in NorCal, where, if I am ever in need of the expertise of someone like you, it will almost certainly NOT be you.

    BTW – CBCP’s post was absolutely the most sublime, fair, hearfelt comment I have ever seen at WLTV, deserving of a quick re-read on your part. She is a true class act. Kudos to her!!

  • Nor-Cal all the way!!! Not far from you @ all and thank God you are free to choose any direction for your own healthcare.

    If the truth makes me devoid of compassion than I guess I am. By your snide little comment on “hitting close to home” I feel your prejudices are clearly American/Western medicine and doctors. You are allowed your feelings and can ever spew invectives here. I am allowed to point out Gary did a disservice allowing Budge a serious media platform in which to speak VERY negatively about Western Medicine in particularly breast cancer screening via mammography. I also believe Budge’s endorsement and financial support, by name, of a “practitioner” listed on QuakeWatch.com does little service for breast cancer patients as a whole and can actively divert charity from real breast cancer researchers such as http://www.bcrfcure.org/.

    Let’s agree we don’t like one another based on our little internet meeting and we can hope we never see one another in the wine world.

  • teckdeck2008

    Wow, I love the passion Budge. I will definitely buy one of your wines once I get a chance.
    Qotd: I don't know the first thing of what to do in that area. I think ya'll hit the nail on the head when you said to be informed and know your options. That's important in dealing with any disease or any life situation for that matter. Other than that, I would say to not choose a doctor too quickly before talking to others; and definitely talk to other survivors and/or help groups.

  • DAveAll

    Nice to see his passion and transforming is loss into something positive. My daughter fought cancer at age 15 and again at 29, she won both times. It took a lot out of us all. But her girls have more time to get to know her. Good show.

  • Phil G

    QOTD – When we found out my mom had a very early stage of breast cancer, I helped her do as much research as possible to understand exactly what was going on and how it could be treated. Eveything has been fin since then…

  • i love this great guy. i think this one is the greatest episode iยดve ever saw ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Great great great show. Would get it if it's available here in Malaysia again (we need more wine here)

  • There's nothing more important than the health and well being of women in my mind. The fact that my given name, Benjamin, was bestowed upon me as a derivative of the name of a woman who lost her life to cancer has never left me. Projects like this deserve nothing but the full support of the online community and I implore you to support breast cancer research however you can.

    GV & Mott, Thanks for putting this episode together.


  • Randall

    Wow, glenn!! That was the FIRST reasonable and considerate post I’ve seen from you!! You DO have it in you, and I don’t mean that in a sarcastic way. You have been quite rude to people here, (quite unprovoked, I might add) and I was merely pointing that out and ‘calling you on it.’ I wasn’t “spewing invective” or insults. I really do hate arrogant, know-it-all, condecending attitudes, and yours was no exception. I hate that kind of crappy attitude when I see it in myself, as well, so please don’t think I was being “prejudiced against you” OR accepted Western medicine. I kinda prefer it (WM), and have never spoken ill of mammograms. As I’ve posted before, my mother beat ovarian cancer. (BTW my dad didn’t beat several cancers.)
    If you think we don’t like each other, I’m sorry. I only loathe the manner in which you were attacking people with no provaction…
    And if we were to meet at a wine-type gathering around this region, I would have absolutely NO PROBLEM spending time with you if you were not exhibiting those off-putting traits. Heck, I wouldn’t even have a problem breaking something out of my cellar to enjoy with you…

  • DCaragher

    GV & Budge – What can I say, emotional! My cousin had breast cancer, she's a surviver, and it's a tremendously hard thing to endure…frankly I can't even begin to understand it! We need more people like Budge…if we don't stand up for ourselves and loved ones, who will? PMA (Positive Mental Attitude), DIY (Do It Yourself), and TCOB (Take care of business)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    QOTD: DO THE KNOWLEDGE, RAISE THE KNOWLEDGE! We all have a choice and we call have a voice…don't ever settle! Kick up some dust!

  • Melissa

    This is probably my favorite episode now, even though I cried through most of it! Unfortunately, we all seem to have a history involving cancer in some way. Budge, kudos to you for using yours to make a difference. You are awesome and I'm going to google your wines now to see how I can support you.

    QOTD: I'm not sure, but I have a feeling that I'd do things a little differently after hearing what you've said here!

  • Daniel P

    Hello Gary i want to post of course of watching this show, I dont have anyone i know who has past or who has breast cancer. This show touched me so i want to help do my part. I do believe that his pallet matches my own so thats cool, good wines for a great cause.

  • ewb

    Good work Gary. Thank you Budge for sharing your story with us.
    QOTD: I have no idea.

  • (Andy) When I saw this was on the favorite episodes I thought…. “Huh, I bet Gary did that just to try to raise more money for this great cause, that's cool” but it actually deserves to be there. This was a phenomenol episode and I think you should have Budge on again every vintage. Excellent job to both of you. Gary, your interviewing lately has been perfect! Thanks for all you do!

  • QOTD: Well usually I talk to the doctors in my life and get a few suggestions. Breast cancer isn't something I've had to deal with I've had a scare with cervical cancer and the doctor I used was one my best friend has used. So before choosing the doctor to treat me I ask around and study the different aspects of the disease. That is after I get over freaking out and get on with it.

  • txstranger

    I am a self admitted lurker after finding the show from an ad on my Tivo. I subscribed to the show for download on my Tivo and instantly liked what I was seeing. I love wine, but I admit I would have a less than zero nose, if that is possible. Out of the hundred,s of wines I have tasted, alcohol is still all I can smell. Needless to say, you can't get more amateur than me when it comes to wine drinking. However, after this episode I finally had to post a message. Best episode/best guest by far; even trumps GV's dad, which are now my second fav episodes. Great job GV….keep it up!

  • rjrausch

    Great show. I'm going to definatly buy some wine from cleavage creek.

    QOTD: Google it. Research the internet to see the different views that are out there.

  • QTOD. Find the best doctor possible and trust him/her! It's a balancing act and you can't let yourself pulled in 1000 other directions either like when you do your own research and you think you know better than professionals that have dedicated their lives to the subject.

  • Beverly A.

    Thanks Gary for having Budge on your show if it wasn't for Hoot 'N Annie advertising Cleavage Creek Winery on their blog/video I would never have heard of him. It saddens me about him losing his wife to breast cancer, my step-mother at the age of 85 had breast cancer and had one breast removed she decided not to take any treatments afterwards (pill) because it made her sick, she has just past her 5 year mark and she will be 90 years old in November. I even sent her his website to be a model on one of his wine bottles. She is a fantastic lady and looks incredible at her age. As for Budge's question what would I plan to do if I had breast cancer I would look up Budge and find out from his sources/doctors if I could see them and/or get their consultation.

    Thank you and get up the good work.

  • JayZee13

    Wow. That was a very moving episode. I almost came to tears listening to Budge near the end. What an outstanding individual. Great cause. Great guy. Sounds like very good wine as well. Thanks, GV.

    QOTD: If my wife or sister was diagnosed with breast cancer, after I picked myself off the floor and said some prayers, I would start researching treatments and information. I certainly agree with Budge that one shouldn't make a quick, emotional decision about a doctor or course of treatment. Find out what is going on and what the options are. Think about it. Talk to your loved ones about it. if you know someone else who has gone through it, talk to them as well. At least this is how I think I would approach it. Of course, ultimately, the decision lies with the person who has the disease.

  • RGM

    Bud: God bless you!
    QOTD: We did a ton of research after my wife diagnosis, but everyone, and I mean everyone, pushed us to make decisions like she was on fire. So to answer your question Bud, take your time and do research. Alternative therapies are the best solution. While modern treatments may have their place, they kill cancer, but do not cure it. Gerson Institute is one of my favorites.

  • A dumb Rhein king

    It's been a while since I've seen true sincerity for a cause. Especially from peeps selling a product.

    Here's the website – http://www.cleavagecreek.com/

    QOTD: I would totally have my loved ones talk to survivors and check out your website.

  • God bless you Budge and that awesome project of yours. QOTD: I'd visit cleavagecreek.com and find out what YOU would do…then do the same thing. Thank you so much for getting pissed off instead of defeated.

  • Denise Baker-Bradley

    Dear Gary,

    I am sitting hear crying while I am looking at Budge. He does not know me, but I understand his story and the pain associated with Cancer. I want to support his cause and spread the word. My heart just breaks sometimes when I think what my mother went through in her struggle with Colon Cancer. I get ENRAGED with anger about the traditional way that women are poisoned with chemotherapy only to lose their battle, not necessarily to the cancer but the POISON!! I admire Budge's courage, cause I do not have his wisdom or temperance. Please let's make this man's cause, OUR cause. He is doing the right thing! Budge, I pray God's PEACE that will allow you to continue your quest with this cause!! Please let me know how I can HELP you in Massachusetts!!!

    Denise Baker-Bradley

  • Tholmz

    Say what you want about the message in this one but you can't argue with one thing: Bud exemplifies all that we admire in Gary: PASSION. The passion he demonstrates and the compassion that GV shows is inspiring in this one….great work for a great cause.

  • Dave

    I am very sorry for Budge's loss and for the suffering his wife experienced during chemotherapy. Having personally care for patients undergoing such treatments, I understand how painful it can be. It is inappropriate however to paint all “Western” medicine as barbaric and poison. Some chemotherapy agents have nearly no side effects and very specifically target cancer cells while sparing the patient. Furthermore, different cancers require different treatments for optimal chance at cure.

    I am happy that Budge is using his skills to raise money for research into a disease where the treatment clearly has a lot of room for improvement in terms of patient symptoms during the treatment. But don't forget that “Western” medicine saves lives. “Alternative” medicine may save lives as well, but please, ask questions before accepting a treatment. Much of the 'research' on alternative therapies is not rigorous, scientific, blinded, or peer-reviewed, all of which means it could be wrong.

    You should be suspicious of ANYONE, Western or Alternative who tells you that their treatment choice is your only option. Anyone who wants a second opinion about my medical advice is always welcome to seek it.

    You should be suspicious of ANYONE, Western or Alternative who tells you that their treatment choice will cure all types of “x”. There are no panaceas, in any kind of medicine, anywhere.

    While Western doctors are often accused of receiving financial benefits for choosing one drug or another, this is not true for the vast majority of doctors (but, admittedly, some do receive lots of money for speaking about drugs). On the other hand, look around and see how many Alternative 'doctors' are financially invested in the 'cure' they are selling you.

  • RobinC

    I am fortunate enough not to have had a brush with breast cancer, but if I did I'd be on the Internet researching everything.

    The thought occurred to be that a nice name for one of your vineyards would be “le rouge- gorge” partly because that is my name in French and it is the name of a very cheery optimistic bird- the robin, and it would fit in with your Cleavage theme.

  • jsums

    Research your options.

  • Capozzi

    My mother, sister and cousin have battled this disease. 2 out of 3 won the battle. Please look at all your options before you decide to pick the right options for you. Budge you're an inspiration. God Bless You

  • Bobby

    Dude I am a lurker, researcher, (wine) salesperson (I dont bring the thundar I bring the rain) – despite the fact that you helped inspired me when I was marketing on line exclusively and later when I kind off feel into the wine business – I have never left a comment. But that shit you had on the other day brought tears to my eyes and joy to my spirit. I worked on Georgetown's campus across from Greorgetown hospitial for a year over as bartender sometimes restaurant supervisor, and smartass. I have listened too and conversed with hundreds if not thousands of cancer patients. You want to talk about dynamics that can destroy your heart and humor that will make you bust your guts – that's where you need to be. Thank you for helping me remember it's not about just chaninging the wine world but bringing someting more positive to the world in general. Well back to lurking – Peace their Mr. V – also I wish you and your family well

  • Bobby

    i think that is an excellent point Dave – would you say that some treatment can work had and had? Also would you see how ones attitude their optimism or lack there of has quite a bit to deal with the outcome?

  • Great show Gary…we watch it all the way from South Africa! Keep it up ๐Ÿ˜‰



  • N. Saban

    Agree with you, Dave. All Mr. Brown is saying is that folks facing breast cancer should research their options … never know where help might come from so be alert to all possibilities.

    btw .. the wife ordered some of the Cleavage Creek wines. They are superb. We'll be chillin' & grillin' with them for Memorial Day.

    Good work, Gary V. Hope you'll have Budge on again.

  • Well , the view of the passage is totally correct ,your details is really reasonable and you guy give us valuable informative post, I totally agree the standpoint of upstairs. I often surfing on this forum when I m free and I find there are so much good information we can learn in this forum!

  • Great Show. I am lost for words. This is such a great cause.

  • I am a Larker and I am coming out the shadow for this. Gary, this was your best show EVER, by far since I have been watching (about 2 months now) and I went to Cab's website at http://cleavagecreek.com/ and he has some great deals on cases and stuff.

    Its good to see good dude's like him get a shot on your show and the fact that you gave his wines your personal seal is anough for me. Thanks for the great show.

    Barry (no longer a Larker)

  • I am so impressed by Budge Brown's passion to make a difference in humane and effective breast cancer treatment for women. I also appreciate his commitment to a quality wine at a fair price… from a “regular guy” who's been a farmer all his life! My hope is that more and more women know that they can do a lot to PREVENT breast cancer: through diet, physical activity and weight control we could see 73,000 fewer breast cancer cases every year in the US alone. Keep up the good work! And spread the word
    Robert Pendergrast, the Holistic Medicine MD.

  • Anthony

    I am from Lancaster PA i have watched a few of your shows as I started working for a wine importer. I am the Central Penn Rep. i was watching this episode and heard him say Tulip Hill. My company carries about 45 wines and we carry 3 of their wines. Chardonnay, Zin, and Cabernet Sauv. I enjoy your show.

    Anthony from Geandre Imports

  • C is not the Shizz no doubt… I just crushed The Relay for Life this weekend. I can't wait to swoop some of this vino. GREAT cause… Shizz and Budge are on the same page. Let's pwn cancer!

  • Mr_Shizz

    C is not the Shizz no doubt… I just crushed The Relay for Life this weekend. I can't wait to swoop some of this vino. GREAT cause… Shizz and Budge are on the same page. Let's pwn cancer!

  • Mr_Shizz

    Sorry to all for the double post just trying to figure this out! Anyways carry on with your wine pwnage!

  • Tiagocn

    Gary, I am Brazilian and I am reading your book in my language.. the book is very good, but how to wivelibrarytv.com I don't know why you do not have subtitles. Do not turn your back for the rest of the world.

    ps: I'm using the google translator, my English is rotten.

  • Carlos

    you guys should visit http://www.onedollarstocks.net I saw Gary's speech at American University months back.. hope you appreciate this Gary.. Picked it up from you!

  • Charlotte_DK

    Due to this program the word had now been spread in Denmark too ๐Ÿ™‚


  • sariasonal

    C is not the Shizz no doubt… I just crushed The Relay for Life this weekend. I can't wait to swoop some of this vino. GREAT cause… Shizz and Budge are on the same page. Let's pwn cancer!
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  • Emilydisstoncoleman


  • Women who are between 20 and 30 years old should have a clinical breast exam during their annual physical.


  • That's cool Man ..

  • Jlparisi

    Gary, thanks for bringing Budge and his project to our attention. Budge is an interesting character and I can relate to his passion; especially about breast cancer. As you know; I've been doing an annual American Cancer Society Wine Tasting in honor of my wife how is a breast cancer survivor. I wish him well with his project and I will definitely be supporting him.


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