EP 864 Gourmet Library Cheese Tasting with Wine Pairings

Gary Vaynerchuk mixes it up and tastes some cheeses, picked by Gourmet Library’s manager Justin Novello. They pair the cheeses with three different wines.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2008 X-winery White XNapa White Meritage
2009 Southern Right Sauvignon BlancSouth African Sauvignon Blanc
2007 Neyers Merlot NapaNapa Merlot

Cheese mentioned in todays episode.

If you’d like additional help with the above item or would just like to know a little bit more, please email Justin Novello ( jnovello@gourmetlibrary.com ).

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luca bercelli


Solid episode. Favourite cheese. Cheddar….from Cheddar. That’s a little old place in little old England

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  • justinstewartiu

    I agree to what you are saying here. It would be great having Justin on each month to do more wine and cheese pairings. I can see him being a guest that can easily bring a lot to the table with these pairings.

    Next time lets get Justin to pair the wines and cheeses.

  • I just love the wine and cheese pairing episodes….great job Justin, I love your passion for the subject.

    QOTD: Brie, I think its a French cheese, really nice stuff.

  • orangebottle

    I agree to have Justin pairing wine with cheese or cheese with wine. He is totally a great guest. He is so into the cheese and has so much to offer. The Gourmet library can bring in all the other eats. This can be endless fun. Gary already started with cereal. There can be more?

  • Mike in C-town

    I really enjoyed the show and found it a quick 28 minutes with the easy peasy repoire between the two of ya's. I do a fair amoun tof cooking/baking with cheese, but not alot of eating on it's own. Maybe at the holidays. So this type show was very educational for me. I like the suggestion from others to do a regular wine/cheese show. It's a natch.
    Whodda thought there would be so much acidity on a merlot? Maybe shoudda went old world there.

    QOTD: Currently liking Gran Padano.

    P.S. Why didn't you just dispatch someone out to get another Sauv Blanc for the tasting?

  • shootmenow

    hmmm… not sure if anyone noticed this but Gary tasted the second cheese again after the third cheese before he took his first taste of the Neyers Merlot….

    Merlot does not like soft cheese in my experience…

  • laurieinvt

    Thanks for asking a soccer question- Brasil! I'd like to see USA at least make a decent showing, though we sadly don't have the national development program needed to field a World Cup winning team- yet!! (Did I hear Mott say Brasil or do I need a Belltone?)
    QOTD: Mimolette- yum! I'm really spoiled, with all the amazing cheese makers so nearby, but France has us beat on this one.

  • jsums

    QOTD – A nutty, softer gruyere. A slutty, super-soft, barnyardy Roquefort is a close second.

  • Eating Mutschli with the rind?!? Not that I've ever seen or done this here in Switzerland, but well…

  • Anonymous

    Justin is a good guy, love cheese…have has the X before, and Neyers makes great wines. QOTD-Love aged goat cheese which you have and Beemster…………….www.winelx.com

  • luca bercelli


    Solid episode. Favourite cheese. Cheddar….from Cheddar. That’s a little old place in little old England


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