EP 871 A Thinking Man’s Wines- Cru Beaujolais and Pinot Noir Tasting

Gary Vaynerchuk and Chris Craig of The Toiler Paper blog taste through 2 different wines, a Cru Beaujolais and a Pinot Noir.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2007 Guy Breton MorgonCru Beaujolais
2008 Hirsch Bohan Dillon Pinot NoirSonoma Pinot Noir

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Cheryl Henry Baker

Control freak Gary.
Great guest.

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  • 🙂 mwaaaaaaaaaa!

  • i agree

  • amsgpwarrior

    I have to agree with you as well. Here in Texas, we get excellent Northern Mexico fare, and we also have our Tex-Mex hybrid. Tex-Mex is excellent if you love grilled foods or BBQ with a mexican twist. I prefer my mexican food with beer and a lime, but Sauvignon Blanc from the Guadalupe Valley and Northern Mexico is pretty good as well.

  • amsgpwarrior

    QOTD: I take champagne. It pretty much goes with any food, so its a pretty safe bet and impresses the girl's parents. Bubbles get everybody in a better mood and helps break the ice.

    My favorite fast food is In & Out Burger, Five Guys, Bush's Chicken, and Taco Bueno!!! Plus there is million taco stands all over the state of Texas that serve up fresh mexican tacos,….my favorites being al pastor, barbacoa, carnitas, and especially lengua!

  • amsgpwarrior

    Schramsberg Blanc de Noir!!! I like the pink Sh**!

  • PurpleGrillz

    I was about to go ballistic on the “thinking man's wines” title for a pinot / beaujolais show. The “thought provoking” descriptor for thin wines is extremely worn out. Then I realized it was a reference for the guest. Now I can be happy for the rest of the day.

    Great idea having a wine novice every once and a while. I think it is good for newcomers to the show to have GV break it down to the basics and use pop culture analogies to help the guest through the experience. Its fun.

    QOTD Wine I would bring? Definitely Prosecco. Its versatile, easy drinking, a good intro for beer drinkers, great as a cocktail/ icebreaker. Easy to explain why it is not called Champagne and shows that you don't have to pay alot for some very tasty bubbles.

    JULY 10!!!!!!!

  • Great show guys.

    QOTD: I know my wives parents don't drink wine so I pick up the six pack of beer.

  • joakimhirschberg

    nice guy but once again to little room for the wines. More focus on the wines and please with some facts about the wines as well. Take me back to old vay-ner-chuk school

  • scottEJ

    Thanks, guys. Can never have enough head-to-heads.

    Too many quality gastro-pubs to do fast-food. But, if I was forced to, it'd be BK – whopper w/cheese & bacon.

  • sam1984

    You know, I think Chris was on to something with the shoe vs. dominatrix leather contrast. I think these should be official terms. The former is maybe more rustic and dusty, the latter would be a little treated, a thinner aroma, even chemical? I'll have to ask my girlfriend about this.

    the question: I'd go geeky. In fact, I went geeky. When I had dinner with my girlfriend and her mother we pulled out a Tyrus Evan Claret. equal parts Cab sav, cab franc, merlot, and malbec. I guess it was good, because we're still together.

  • Clarkbar27

    Good show – will need to check out toilet paper blog in more detail.

    QOTD: A couple options depending on the evening's agenda:
    A sparkler (prosecco, cremant, champ, etc)
    White bordeaux for easy drinking/chilling
    ~$25 white burgundy for something special (could spend more easily)
    Domestic Pinot or Tempranillo for easy out red that's not cabernet

  • dannylondon

    loved the show, this is my 1st comment, and i hope to make many more!!

    Gary 1st of all well done u have reached london baby!!!!!!!

    gimme a shout out lol,

    so basically, the wine i would take to the GF would be the pinot noir Goose bay 2009(a great wine you should defo try it) or maybe the Jeunesse Pinot Noir Reesrve Baron Herzog, again a good wine but unique with its semi sweetness but slight dry ending.

    gary i have a question for you when u next doing a kosher wine show??

    keep the shows coming

  • Funnyside

    Good show. Gary, I see your comparison of him to the Iron Sheik, but I was leaning more towards King Kong Bundy.

    QOTD: Probably a good Pinot noir, maybe from NZ, sparkling Vouvray or an off dry/dry Riesling.

  • cellarrat5

    Yes! I forgot to mention how awesome the retro candy report was on this episode. Sprees were the sh*t! And even though I am part of the younger demographic on this show I still knew what you were talking about!

  • matthewjohnson_78

    ive been lurking for about a year and a half or so, and stan, i was/am with you. the jury is still out for me on ol' gv; albiet, yesterdays show was good food for thought. gary, if he so chooses, could be my generations robert parker, and should be as far as im concerned…without the pompus, piss and wind of course. “ive got my eye on you newton (gary)………………………….” god bless the cowboys!

  • paulbrady

    QOTD: I like to drink local, so if I'm going to someone's house in New York, probably a New York Riesling. But If I'm in Michigan, a Michigan Riesling. So basically, I've been drinking Riesling lately!

  • looper1313

    WLTV is on a streak of great guests that may be unprecendented in internet interview history. With the exception of la douche supreme, Malanga or whatever his name was.
    C squared, you are genuine and smart, kudos. And the look on your face when GV mentioned bacon fat, and then you caught it… priceless.
    Great show.
    QOTD: 1st, I love that you used the Vayniaks to give you ideas on how to impress a girls father, as well as for wine ideas in the style that you like. If only now you could get all of the Vayniaks to buy you the wine, you would be set.
    I am so embarrassed to say that the first wine that I brought to my, now wife's, house was a bottle of….. Santa Margherita. But this was back some 10 or so years ago, when it cost $6.99 a bottle at Sam's club. Now I would bring her a Cakebread Syrah that she loves so much. As for the second part of the question, my wife would take a bottle of Kung-fu girl to her gal pals house.

  • QOTD – Something that is approachable but not mainstream, like a nice Italian white (non pino grigio) or German Reisling.

    Liked the show today, especially with Chicago in the house. Go Hawks!


    Okay.. first…… This is the best entertainment on the Web… BAR NONE! Gary, You are the king of “easy going good time” I am a BIG FAN! (you need to come to Atlanta and do a show.. (I have a few ideas that really Rock.. we need to talk)

    Now for the Question… Are there any “Non-alcoholic” wines that is worth talking about.. ? I would love to see you cover that on one show…

  • Allan

    Wrap 'em up and let's taste some brown bag vinos!!!!!!!



  • JayZee13

    Okay, first of all, this show had almost nothing to do with wine. Second, it was one of the most entertaining things I've watched in quite awhile. Of course, I'm in Geneva, Switzerland right now, so all I have to watch is bad French TV (which is rather redundant, I must admit). Nice job, C-squared. You are truly a regular dude and a nice guy.

    QOTD: Well, while that is an interesting question, I am a wine geek so I cannot say what a guy who knows very little about wine would bring to his girlfriend's parents' house for dinner. However, here's my play (and I've been married for 11 years so this is just fiction). I would try to find out what my girlfriend's mom and dad like to drink and also what they might be serving for dinner. Then I would go to the local wine shop and ask the proprietor what to get, giving him or her the information about the evening. As long as mom and dad don't like completely different things, I think you'd be bound to impress with this strategy.

  • Loved this show so much! I nominate Chris Craig to be co-host of wltv, and qotd, I'd take a riesling because thats what I do =)

  • Randall


  • plcb

    I enjoyed the show and guest. Personable guy.

    QOTD: I always watch Gossip Girl alone. But it would be fun to watch with my female friends and a light white. Maybe a Torrontes or a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, or perhaps a nice Rhone white.

  • Randall

    So, you smoke dope, do you?!?! Are you high right now?!? Pinot Noir is not THE premier, sublime, thought provoking wine for the ages?!?!? It's too THIN?!?!?? Anyway, when you snub that roach, we can talk… 😉
    p.s. Sorry, I've just been a P. N. fan for decades, and could not sit there and take such a statement quietly… nothing but love for ya, bruh…
    p.p.s. Love dat prosecco!!

  • Randall

    Another Schramsberg comment, Gary!!!! 🙂 Hint, hint…

  • Clarkbar27

    Good thinking. The question is solid for sure, but it's not easy to have a blanket answer for the question. Seems like you need a couple specific pieces of info about either the meal, what they like to drink, and if it's a first date situation to really dial in an answer.

  • LMFAO IM STILL LAUGHING. THIS SHOW MADE MY MORNING. IM A COOL CHICK!! CANT WAIT TO READ HIS BLOG,IRON SHEIK CAMEL CLUTCH , RAD GARY…THE CANDY REFERENCE LOVED THE DOT PAPER CANDY THE LICK EM STICKS , I REMEmBER THIS CANDY, OK GANG @mentions lolol=the leather dominitrix flavor olalala=fast food white castle long island phenomenon tiny burgers . nuggetss lolo weiner scnitzel lmfao=skunk whore c2 overall hysterical show

  • question of the day wine over my gal pals home to watch sexy vampire shows id bring a saucy cianti or a sparkling wine to pour over my gal pal and do a tasting for the cool chicks with leather and lace. and a whip and a set of cuffs. cant wait to read this dudes blog. to bad you diidnt add the camel clutch and the rest of iron sheiks message however this isa family blog.lmfao…………

  • chriscttp

    Top of the morning Vayniacs! It's Chris Craig (the fat guy in the video above) and writer for The Toilet Paper http://www.thetoiletpaper.com I wanted to thank you all for your fun and funny feedback from the show with Gary. As you already now, Gary is an amazing guy and an absolute ball to talk too. I know it may have been a snoozer for you hardcore wine folks, but I'm happy some others enjoyed it. Check us out http://www.thetoiletpaper.com for Monday's wine issue. It is sure to highly entertain some of you and miserably disappoint the rest:) Thanks again Gary. Absolutely beautiful wine shop too. The brisket jerky is the real deal.

  • zanne_70

    QOTD: for hangin' with the girls, can't go wrong with pink bubbles. My current favorite is from the Loire, Chateau de Petit Thouars.

    Without the intention of being completely bubble-focused, for all you guys out there trying to impress parents, you just can't go wrong with champagne.

    Btw, even though I'm not a Dukie, completely agree that you gotta give props to Coach K. Here's a question for anyone into college basketball: who is/was the better coach – Dean Smith or Coach K?

  • First, I watch all of Gary's videos on my ipod. So, I seldom get a chance to post some witty comment. That specifically excludes me from the lurker category since you must hang out and read all the posts and then not post to be lurking. When I do read the posts, I will post.

    qotd: I would break out something I have been saving for myself, complex, red, intriguing like Grand Cru, Sansonnet Reserve. I have found that you can't go wrong with a good red given to a potential friend.

    I'll take this quick moment to thank Gary for all of his videos since I have been watching, starting with #514 and haven't missed once since. This episode was fun and I enjoyed the bond these two gentleman shared.

    I'm definitely signing up for thetoiletpaper.com. That's what I need in life, more toilet paper!


  • jsums

    Dude, what about Now & Laters?! God, I loved those things even though a lost a filling or two because of them. QOTD – Some sort of bubbles. Everyone likes the bubbles, and they make a nice impression.

  • jsums

    When in NY, don't forget the North Fork Cab Franc. Awesome stuff.

  • nickgrzenda

    QOTD: There are lots of options there, but I would probably bring something like a macabeo, viognier, vinho verde, etc. for a white and a carmenere, mourvedre, cinsault, valpolicella, etc. for a red. My basic thinking with these is to bring something that is lesser known that they've probably never heard of so I can give a little wine lesson and express my passion, while still bringing the thunder to the table.

  • Enjoyable

  • I'm bringing an under 20 bones German Riesling. Riesling's are underrated and thankfully under priced 😀 A style that is typically handled well by newbie?s but is not as common as Chard or Sav Blanc. Going white in case mom and dad are new to wine, German Riesling to win points if they are buffs, and under 20$ cause; I don?t know them and I?ll be a sad pup if I give up a 2005 Bordeaux to Al and Peg Bundy!

    Love the show Gary, it?s inspirational! Keep up the good work!

  • angelatcarslon

    Hey, I got something that would cover both sides of the question: Italian Sparkling Viognier

    Mr. CC is like many of my customers at work, so it's nice to be reminded what's the “Average Joe” take on things. At least he knows the difference between red & white ; )

  • John__J

    qotd: a sparkling. great and versatile w food and everyone just about loves the bubbles.

    I had a Moss Man as a kid.

  • just a sincere thankyou for all of your episodes your sincerity and i am forever greatful for your love of people . and how you find guests that are so relevant to some of us vayniacs.like cleavage creek. i just dont thankyou enough. peace.

  • Fun here and there type of show. I love the randomness. It helps us get to know you and the guest so much better.

    QOTD: I would take a spanish red. Good value and I tend to enjoy so many of them.

  • RobinC

    If I were the guy, I'd bring a Cloudline pinot. It's quite inexpensive, it's good, pinot is still in, and if you research where it comes from you'll have an interesting story to tell, and her parents will think you're a real catch.
    If I were a young girl going to a Gossip girl party, I'd bring a Coppola sparkling wine in a can. Very trendy and no one there would know the difference between a good sparkling wine and a mediocre one. (not that Coppola in a can is mediocre – I've never tasted it – a bit snobbish of me but I'm not a young girl).

  • Kurtswa

    GV- Da Bears won the Super Bowl in 1985 (not 1986).
    Living here in Chicago, Binny's sucks. I buy all my wine now from WL/CW. With a few ocassional purchases at a local wine store called Just Grapes downtown.

  • Dcaragher

    Gary – Man, you were super excited today…what wines did you taste? Haha, just bustin' em' dude!

    QOTD: Champagne! There is always a reason to celebrate!

  • FranzQueen90

    I loved this guest! He was so entertaining, I'll definitely have to look into the toilet paper blog

  • Ceara

    Loved this guest. you were both so entertaining! playful or something- that sounds weird..but it was very fun!! 🙂

  • A_S

    QOTD: hmmm. a sparkling wine or a sauvignon blanc from Loire.

  • Anonymous

    I always figured you were a very hard worker, never questioned that! Met
    a rep the other day by the name of Abbey from Mount Eden Winery who had nice
    things to say about you. Next time you come around the Pacific Northwest, I
    will try to make it down to meet you. Cheers!

  • bethiflorist

    Nice blog. Being a wine lover, I enjoyed going through your blog. keep on posting.Colonialgifts.co.uk

  • I thought the 2008 Bohan Dillon had some smoke taint, but I generally love the Hirsch Pinots


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