EP 879 California Pinot Noir Tasting with a Guest – Part 1

Gary Vaynerchuk sits down with Michelle Turnbull from David Family Wines and tastes through these Pinots, including 2 barrel samples.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2007 David Family Pinot Noir Santa Lucia
2009 David Family Pinot Noir Mission

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luca bercelli


Not my favourite episode. The guest is probably okay but everything she said had a marketing slant behind it (which is fair enough as she’s trying to advertise her wines) and no matter how hard GV tried to keep it real, it came across as a bit of an advert as far as I was concerned

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  • Anonymous

    Brians a great guy and he makes some killer stuff. I always call him before I get wine fom him and he tells me what ones I would like and what ones I wouldn’t and he’s always right. It’s all relative because Brian’s prices used to be much higher but he’s making much more wine than this producer so. And he wants to drop the prices because he knows the economy is hurting people. he can just as well keep his wines at $45 a bottle or what ever they have been in the past and he will sell them all day long. And another thing he does that no one else does is ship for free. He’s just a fair guy and a nice guy and at the end of the day…..it’s only grape juice.

    I will let you know how it is 🙂 And go for it on the Anderson Valley. You only live once.

  • Anonymous

    That’s cause you’re the WIZARD!!!! The Great and Powerful Mott!!!!!!

  • njc2o


  • njc2o

    three firsts in a row!

    USA! USA! USA!

  • charlzee

    top 10 yippee brb

  • Cubatobaco (Ray)

    Let's go USA!!!

  • Steve_r_vb

    oooo cali pinot

  • Mott

    Remember, I can be first at will.

  • njc2o

    mott you tyrant!

  • njc2o

    boo algerian wine boooooooooooo

  • johnfarrin

    top 10?

  • johnfarrin

    Is that considered insider trading? 😉

  • njc2o

    Looks like David Family needs to get their shit together.. (1) Coupon Code doesn't work, (2) want to charge me $75 to ship 4 bottles to Ohio?


  • Steve_r_vb

    i like the idea of the discount futures. seems like an interesting wine. pretty good show gary but no mention of sheik in like a week or two you gotta keep mentioning him to get him on here.

    also is it just me or does gar seem to class it up a bit more when their is a female on vs a guy

  • Cubatobaco (Ray)

    Wonderful episode! Definitely your best looking guest in a while, Gary. Michelle seems very genuine in her passion for wine. I am very impressed. My hat is off to you, Michelle, for help Habitat for Humanity. Great marketing ideas. I may have to grab a bottle to try. I look forward to the second part.

  • Cubatobaco (Ray)

    Not cool…

  • Slushpuppy

    It's about time for a few QPR shows!
    Smell it first. TR

  • njc2o


  • Cubatobaco (Ray)

    Good call, Steve!

    It seems Gary is a little more “low-key”…lol.

  • Emmcclelland

    To piggyback off of Cubatobaco, also quite attractive that she's talkin' sports and is defending her “neighborhood”… Respect bro…

  • Insane, are they using a private courier.

  • castello

    Way cool futures offer. Will it work?
    Good start!

  • NY Pete

    hey hey

  • drt999

    Well, you did warn us of at least one more guest. Interesting diversity of styles

  • I thought we were getting back to basics. Anyways, good guest. Like how you bring on people trying to do new things in the wine world. Wine Futures great idea, that being said can't see myself shelling out $50+ bones for a pinot when there are so many good choices out there at half the price. 08 paraiso estate vineyards, and 07 pessagno central avenue vinyard pinot are two i can think of. to be fair, i have trouble paying more than $30 bones for any wine, I'm all about the value play.

  • NeilMc

    Gary so many guests in 2010. Didn't you say you wanted to get back to basics? You are a charmer though.

  • Allan

    I'm confused…… Back to Basics show last time, with “predictions” that the guest shows have had it's day for a while, and then BOOM, more guests.

    I'm definitely not a guest-hater!!! but it's just confusing to me, G.

    Now….. Let's watch the show, maybe this chick has some cool things to say….. 🙂

  • PurpleGrillz

    Can we get some more thunder please?

  • Cubatobaco (Ray)

    I just tried the code, after njc2o, and it does not work. I'm assuming it's too early and they may have not activated it yet.

  • Some people have to much money 😀 Leather label, handprints, case No, buying the grapes. Well some of the 62 dollars goes to charity, even when it goes for 45 as future?
    Gary swallowed, so it must be reasonable good:)
    Socce rUSA got through to playoffs in the World Cup. Australia missed despite a win in last match.
    Cornubia Qld, well I have been there on my way to Surfers Paradise, in 1997. long time ago.

  • guymandude

    Great guest and easy on the eyes as well.

  • Allan

    Women are expensive!!!!!! :0)

    Oh my gosh, she's got lovely hands!!! Charming lady… looks like she's available………….


    I don't care about the package, it's what's in the bottle that counts. 65 bones, sounds a LITTLE overpriced to me, just sayin'……… It has to bring the thunder!!!!!!! otherwise it's a pazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, with 20 z's.

    I don't think you “crushed it” interview-wise this time Gary, give her some more room. But you are gettin' much better at interviewing people (But you've practiced hard the last couple of months, HEHE!) 🙂

    She looked really nervous when you swirly-swirled the first wine…. She went into schoolgirl mode…
    …if it's “only” a 90 it's a pazzz. is Mott sleepy? some heavy breathing involved here…

    70!?!?!?!?!? are you insane?

    Overall charming show, toooo charming for me…. bring on part deux. NOW. And bring some thunder, QPR-wise!!! PLeASe!!! (Will probably not happen) (And i'm not bying any of these wines) (SORRY)


  • johnfarrin

    Before Michele spoke I assumed she was a member of the Oakville Turnbulls who had struck off on her own. I like her passion and marketing but I just don't think that the wine world needs another pinot that's in the $50.00 range on FUTURES. From a real world standpoint, you have producers with real track records like Kosta Browne and Loring who are in that price range. Sue me, I'm old guard where you earn your stripes before commanding the bucks.

  • Allan

    Agreed 100 mr gentleman

  • Allan

    How is Sweden doin in the World Cup? 🙂

  • Randall

    Mr. Mott… keeping the boys honest…

  • Joe L

    Not Heidi Barrett. 62 to 70 bones for a new wine? GV i think she charmed you. Sorry, not impressed with this one.

  • Randall

    The $$ are why I have such an intense LOVE/hate relationship w/ PN.

  • Priuslover59

    Brutal show. Embarrassing to watch.

  • richardvinifera

    Hey Gary have you stopped hooking up guests with WLTV sweatbands?!

  • Just Jack

    It is in the city but it only meets one day a week so I will be all over the area running down old friends and whatnot. I will let you know when it gets a little closer and we will plan it out. I would definitely be honored to hang for a night.

  • Chris Anderson

    Gary…you seemed of your game this time. I think she charmed you and the show didn't feel authentic. First comment I've ever left like this!


  • Notwithstanding the crocodile tears-laden discussion about cutting down on the guest episodes and getting back to basics in Episode 878, what do we get in #879 – Yet ANOTHER Guest episode – and a 2 parter to boot.

    It's a good thing World Cup is on and I can watch streamed broadcasts of the matches which is what I'll do rather than this until GV is back to solo. PPAAAAAZZZ


  • Anonymous

    I can see why Gary had you on the show. You do make things happen. Nice.

  • Hyperdrew

    Gary always seems a little nervous with guests when their wine in on the line-I assume because he doesn't want to hurt any feelings.

    But Gary, don't worry about these guest-haters. You encourage everyone to try new things when it comes to wine-thanks for being consistent and trying new things with WLTV. It's how we learn.

  • Tholland

    Gary. Not a bad show, but I really prefer the show w/o guests. No disrespect to Michelle. She is obviously making very good wine and if I had a job right now, I might consider putting down $45-50 for it. I just feel that sometime guests detract from the episodes like the Brunello episode early on when you went vertical on the bottle. I think that a 60/40 guest/no guest policy should be put in place (at least 50/50).

  • winecrazy

    Well…. If Big Glen “winecrazy” would like it then I guess Big Glen needs to order a case right now!!!!!

    May as well take advantage of the Vayner Nation discount. 🙂 I think I get some of those black label 09's too!!!! You can never have enough BIG PINOT in da house!!!!!!

    Thanks Homey!!!!

  • I liked part one. Granted, I'm the biggest sucker in the world for an accent.

  • winecrazy

    I called Michelle and ordered a case and she's going to do it tomorrow and will give me the discount. She said her IT guy needs to look at the problem. I said I can't wait for the IT guy….I need my Big Pinot's now!! Also the shipping is for 2 day. You need to call her if you want ground …. mucho cheaper Amigo… 🙂

    I even got the Black label's and looking forward to those bad boys coming in October.

  • mattgmann

    yay, more guests. It takes a lot prettier girl than that to sell me $60 pinot


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