EP 883 2009 Dry Rose Tasting

Gary Vaynerchuk takes the hype out of rose and tastes 4 different wines from the 2009 vintage from all around the world.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2009 Vrac RoseVins de Pays
2009 Muga RoseSpanish Blush Wine
2009 Copain Rose Tous EnsembleCalifornia Rose/Blush/W.Zin
2009 Terrebrune Bandol RoseBandol

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luca bercelli


lines of the day – ‘kinda smells like a girl’s action figure’ and ‘I’m the new and relaxed Gary, I don’t know if you’ve noticed Mott’ …’No I HAVE NOT’

Nice show – enjoyed it

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  • kevinkossowan

    I'm a bandol virgin – so thanks for shedding some light. I am however a big fan of rosé for all the reasons you mention. I'd add pork and chicken to your food pairing recommendations – but completely agree with the seafood, charcuterie, and veg. Trendy-ness is lame, but just 'cause somethin's trendy don't make it lame!

  • amsgpwarrior

    It became trendy as did southern France. Years ago southern france was only an area where very poor people lived that people had to really explore to experience. Over the years it has become the Miami beach for french people. Most of the time its too hot for red wine, so rose was that perfect link between white and red, and plus it could be chilled!


  • Bigredgalaxie

    Muga is the BOMB baby!

    I fell in love with it last year….I need to get a few bottles this year…also…try some Charles and Charles…and some Barnard Griffin…..our Washington Roses are rockin balls man!

    I need to find some Bandol…!!

  • Redmeat1969

    WTH????….I be Redmeat!

  • Redmeat1969

    I still hate Disqus….and it is obvious it hates me!

  • nitaT

    France brings it again!! love French Rose!!!
    QOTD: cant think of one ….

  • plcb

    All of Godfather 3 was disappointing, not just the second half.

  • plcb

    QOTD: A lot of movies do that. Right now my mind is thinking animated/kid movie because I want to see Toy Story 3. There are excellent animated movies and there were duds. I get head bobs during the ones that drop off, Ex) Cat in the Hat, Horton Hears a Who, not so much with Madagascar but maybe the sequel.

    Our store is packed with rose. The one from Ventoux sold out and the others are moving slow but steady, South African, Gasconge, Greek, Washinton State, CA, Spain. Lots of choices.

  • Muga is delish. Uh, QOTD answer: The Spanish Prisoner. Verrrry disappointing. Steve Martin was so good as a bad guy, but what a stupid Scooby Doo ending.

  • zanne_70

    Agreed but I've read that some of the sweeter rosés actually have pretty good ageing potential although I haven't been privileged enough to taste any yet. I do know of one female producer from Fitou who makes an AMAZING dry rosé from 100% Mourvèdre that I think has age potential. I know she is often able to fool sommeliers into thinking that it's a top-class white wine in blind tastings…

  • Nik_B

    I've never got into rose – not because it's pink, but purely because I've tried about 10 and never had one that I liked. Will have to look out for a Bandol rose.

  • Kittysafe

    Best example of a movie that starts great but ends horribly… THEY LIVE by John Carpenter. First half is exceptional, pure sci fi, great fight scene, one of the best, where Roddy Piper tries to get the other guy to put the glasses on, but the last half of the film is just Carpenter showing he has no idea how to finish the film, so he says, Roddy just shoot up everything until the end of the movie.

    First half 9/10
    Second half 3/10

    It's really hard to score a movie like that.

  • MarcBelgium

    The show was good but I'm not tempted to buy a rosé.
    I don't like it.

  • jsums

    Excellent point. I've never tried an off-dry rose with some substantial bottle age.

  • alscott

    Muga very easy to love – for those in UK, Majestic have stock. Avoid Ott amongst the Bandol roses – way over-priced. Couple of other ideas – Le Grand Cros rose from Provence and the Australian 'The Thief” rose from Magpie estate – closer to a red than a white, big succulent wine

  • pawncop

    Good episode – limited experience with Rose's (sorry, so not know how to add the proper punctuation marks) and nothing to really light my fire.

    Movies – not much of a movie fan.

  • RobinC

    In the Cut with Meg Ryan and Mark Ruffalo. The first half was pretty true to the book, but they couldn't follow the book in the second half. When I read it I said to myself they can never make a movie out of this. It's just too brutal. And they didn't make a movie out of it. They made a different movie and called it by the same name as the book.

  • looper1313

    Great call on Stripes. One of the funniest movies ever, until they have to guard a top secret decked out Army RV?????????????????? What a stupid turn.

  • looper1313

    Dorm room reference was one of the funniest things I have seen in a while!

  • Susan

    Who are you AND WHAT have you done w/ Gary!! LOL!!!! WOW!! You NOW like Rose? Glad u can agree w/me!! LOL!!!!! FAB episode!!! 🙂

  • Englishexlurker


    AI. loved the idea of that film. beginning was good. middle fine still with it. HATED the ending.

  • Sixbob

    Anyone mention Stripes? It was more of a 2/3, 1/3 type movie. They really had no need to send them to Germany



  • YoungDave

    GOTTA love Mourvedre- based rose, and Bandol is a killer spot for their dry reds as well. I'm also a fan of the power that Tavel and Sicily bring in the pink wine realm…

  • I only have a comment about your QOTD, as I'm not a Rose guy. As soon as you begin the question the movie “Nick of Time” popped into my head. So much is done right, but the movie fails to deliever in the end. Watch it and see what I mean.

  • casier85

    I absolutely don't understand why you find Bandol under-rated ! Those wines are excellent. I just loved the red and the rosé from Bandol, even some white from Bunan or Le Galantin, but their prices in France are the best proof they are not under-rated. They're expansive, not as musch as the the Top Bourgogne or Bordeaux, those are totally over-rated, but expansive even though.
    Nicolas – from Paris & Bandol !

  • Gary I am like you in way and ready to diss any rose, but its because I havent had one YET that I could stand. I am just batting a big fat goose egg on Roses.


  • wiljak

    QOTD: gotta go with Avatar

  • office space and contact for sure.

  • waynooo daaa wino

    some Bandol !! I love Rose but have been runnin' into a streak of Tasteless ones

  • QOTD: “Stranger Than Fiction” Awesome start with a cool premise, but just stumbled in the second half.

    I'm going to have to try some of these roses, I'm curious to try one that didn't remind me of a wine cooler.

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  • Nice show! looking forward to trying some Rose this summer
    QOTD: Full Metal Jacket

  • Mike in C-town

    So many good answers here. Agree with A.I., Stripes, Vanilla Sky….but the one that immediately popped into my head was From Dusk till Dawn.

  • Ringer49er

    QOTD: Funny People

  • QOTD: Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, just went on forever! That said they would have gotten a lot of crap had they left any of that out, but for myself it was unnecessary.

  • disqus_xp4GYx7DZk

    How ’bout a movie that NEVER got good in the first place, as you watched and waited and waited for it to get better – I HATE that! ‘The Astronaut’s Wife’ was execrable…like most Rose wines I have tried…

  • luca bercelli


    lines of the day – ‘kinda smells like a girl’s action figure’ and ‘I’m the new and relaxed Gary, I don’t know if you’ve noticed Mott’ …’No I HAVE NOT’

    Nice show – enjoyed it


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