EP 908 South African Sauvignon Blanc Blind Tasting

Gary Vaynerchuk tastes through 3 different Sauvignon Blancs from South Africa, a grape that is quickly becoming more and more popular in that country.

Wines tasted in this episode:

Fair Valley Sauvignon BlancSouth African Sauvignon Blanc
2007 Constantia Glen Sauvignon BlancSouth African Sauvignon Blanc
2009 Mulderbosch Sauvignon BlancSouth African Sauvignon Blanc

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luca bercelli


lines of the day – ‘For your generation (to Mott) I dream of Genie’ and ‘did K-Murph sneak a bottle of water in there?’

Punchy, funny, enjoyable episode…love it when GV crucifies a wine as he does here!

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  • Anonymous

    SB just doesn’t excite me. It’s okay, but as a varietal, it is limited for my taste.

    QOTD: I really haven’t had anything bad lately. I was disappointed in the Ghost Pines Cab Sauv this weekend – extremely meh.

  • Pkess

    Nice show and timely. I have been trying SA wines for the last month or so. Worst was “Life From Stones” Estate Sauvignon Blanc. Too vegetal for my tastes: Bell Pepper and Tomato aroma and even more prominent in the taste. OK with food but definitely not one to sip on it’s own, in my opinion.


    QOTD: It’s been a couple of months gone by now but I’m still devastated by a 2007 Georg Breuer “Berg Schlossberg”. 57 euros down the toilet. I know it was too young, but still it should have at least put up a fight! I want my money back Mr. Breuer!!

  • Applejuce

    QOTD: Most disapointing is the bottle im drinking now! Château Ollieux Romanis white from corbiers. Marsane roussean blend. Rubbish!
    That white flower banana thing that i love is like far off distant holiday dream.
    Like mournfully receiving a postcard of a beautiful tropical, beach setting in the mail, while you sit in a council flat in slough (trans: social housing + shitty town in England) while insipid boring, cold, wet rain sluges down outside and metaphorically in your mouth.

    Did have an amazing red corbiers reasently though!

  • John Watson

    QOTD: A bottle of “Kermit Lynch Selected” Cotes du Rhones (no producer…some sort of KL negociant play?). It was bland, boring and uninteresting.

  • Anonymous

    Clubhouse Cellars Haystack Needle Syrah Columbia Valley

    it was touted on a local Wine blog(that I found out later , that the blog writer was part owner of the winery…total conflict of intrest..)

    the Blog writer gave this wine a 91,,,it smelled of Turpentine and tasted of ass….nothing about this wine was good…..tried it the next day and was even worse…

  • Anonymous

    QOTD. Last week I had a La Tour Carnet 2005. My wife collected it from the wine cellar whiteout saying which wine it was. I was very disappointed because the first time i drank it – 10 months ago – it was very tannic, well structured, solid and structured. But now it was bland and just like over the top, which is quite impossible. I hope it was a wrong bottle because I still have some bottles left.

  • meh.

    QOTD: 2007 Sineann Pinot Noir “TFL”, not really that disappointing, but based on who its made for I was thinking it should be a little better.

  • Alexcussins

    I am a huge Sauvignon Blanc fan but something I never do is drink one that has been in the bottle more than a year, In my experience this varietal starts to lose its qualities within six months and rarely lasts into a second year. I have had some single vinyard New Zealand examples that buck this trend…… So Gary It seemed totally unfair to judge 2 07 examples against an 09, what a surprise that the 09 showed best. It is worth remembering that 09 from the southern hemisphere has been in bottle for nearly 18 months already as it is bottled early in the year. One thing I can almost guarantee is that the 91 points given to that 07 example was tasted in 08….. can you confirm ????

  • Anonymous

    qotd: been on a good wine kick so not really any disappointing wine, had some bleh wine but didn’t expect them to be good lol

  • Anonymous

    Please no more sauvignon blanc shows for at least a year.

  • Anonymous

    i dont have satellite radio!

    QOTD: Gran Elias Mora 2005 was disappointing

  • luca bercelli


    lines of the day – ‘For your generation (to Mott) I dream of Genie’ and ‘did K-Murph sneak a bottle of water in there?’

    Punchy, funny, enjoyable episode…love it when GV crucifies a wine as he does here!


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