EP 943 Tasting with Sommelier Rajat Parr Part 2

Gary Vaynerchuk and Rajat Parr conclude their tasting with some grower’s Champagne and talk more about the wine business.

Wines tasted in this episode:

Chartogne Taillet Cuvee St AnneFrench Brut Nonvintage

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luca bercelli


Really good guest – humble, knowledgeable and able to hold his own with GV – (not many can)

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  • flavasauce

    Peoria, Illinois of course!

  • Anonymous

    Excellent guest – a great 2 part episode.

    I’m definitely going to get the book – it sounds like a good read.. but it’s £27 ($44) on Amazon.co.uk instead of $21 on Amazon.com!

    QOTD – I think sommeliers are so underused.. people rarely seem to use them, yet obviously they know the wine list better than anyone. I find them very helpful, as long as they don’t make faces at you when you set a budget to them. One at Del Posto in NYC was so rude when I said I wanted to spend about $80 on a bottle. Sure I’m not going to get a top-notch Barolo for that, but you got to be able to cater to all budgets.

  • Almen1067

    Rajat, What a great guy, thanks for your info and your kindness. Gary you always bring the best, thx.
    QOTD- I think many restaurants need more than just one sommelier, let’s loosen up the tie and be casual, smile and let’s have fun with it….it’s wine not diamonds and gold. I understand that the cutomers can also be a bit, shall we say, stick up in the @ss.
    So far here in Los Angeles, it’s been nothing but a pleasure to deal with the sommelier’s, thx guys and gals.

  • I totally forgot to track it through the disqus interface…do’h!
    ON it now.

    We are up here in the middle of VT, where they just started skiing at Killington on Tuesday this week….

  • Anonymous

    Fremont Ca here and I ain’t movin’ 🙂

  • Anonymous

    QOTD-Eric Renaud at Bern’s in Tampa is the rockin’est sommelier on the planet!!!!

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: I’m thrifty and I look for BYOB restaurants or restaurants with low corkage fees. I like to bring wine from home since I’m not a great chef, I can enjoy my wine with better food at a BYOB. However I envy the knowledge of a Sommelier and I would respect any and all assistance provided. When we were in the Santa Barbara area years ago (late 1990’s), I recall the restaurants having excellent Sommeliers and I appreciated all of the input and I admired their wine lists.

    I’d love to go to RN74 some day since I’ve been to Burgundy and love Burgundy and Gevrey Chambertin. I’m on the east coast so it will not be any time soon. I’ll only read about it in Wine Spectator.

  • Anonymous

    nice show…

    QOTD – unfortunately, overall, the wine service in many restaurants is very lacking. If I don’t know they wine on the list, it is rare that the server will provide any sort of meaningful help. a dedicated somm. is often a big help, but many places don’t have such a person every night.

  • QOTD: That I feel the role of a wine server in America has been left up to the server in most places and they don’t place a sommelier on staff. With that they are most likely pushing which ever wine the chef is asking them to.

  • Anonymous

    First of all I want to say that Rajat is awesome and this show is by far one of my favorites. I am going to buy that bottle of champagne!! Note: I am not crazy about champagne, but thats mostly because I haven’t had much compared to rioja for example.QOTD: I feel that most places in America are lacking in their selection. For me, its a bit pricey to go to a random restaurant and buy a bottle of something I will 90% of the time not like. However, I am fortunate enough to be in an upcoming neighborhood (Lower East Side/East Village NYC) where everybody from the chef to the server understand food and beverages therefore it is reflected in their choices of wine.

  • Mmdynamite

    Good guest. Cool guy & obviously knowledgeable.


  • Anonymous

    qotd: Finding Great Finds, Service, dishing out knowledge when the guest want to know and sometimes not giving out knowledge.

    OH and I love the Sommeliers who find rare one off bottle in their Cellar that wasn’t on the list and offer it.

  • MJO

    Gary – I can’t believe that after almost 1,000 episodes that you have not learned to keep your mouth shut and occasionally let your guests finish their thoughts. It is incredibly disruptive to listen to and even more disrespectful to your guest.

    We get it, you are incredibly smart. But if you are going to bother with having a guest, please choose another time to prove your intellect.

    I’m sure Raj had some very interesting things to say, however, we will never know because you didn’t allow him to say them!

  • NJ Big Chris

    Awesome guest. Watched both episodes back to back. Great guy. Would love to try his wine. Ignore MJO below. Your solid as ever. The host’s job is to direct the conversation where you want it to go. You have yet to fail me on that….

  • Mariobnskn

    Have to say this was probably the best guest you’ve ever had. I loved Kermit and Randall, but Rajat seemed like one cool mofo. Love his knowledge, confidence, opinions and class.

  • Such a great set of episodes, great work Gary! Hey, Ian never told me you have Ced Bouchard on the shelves!!!

    QofD: too uneven! Great restaurants sometimes have mediocre wine service and lesser spots have motivated and inspiring sommes. Nothing beats when a great somme turns you on to a producer you adore for years and years.

    Pet peeve: if you are going to charge real corkage, say $25 and up/btl, for goodness sake have appropriate stemware for the variety being poured!

  • Wow lies.

  • Anonymous

    I was happy to see the last selection. I’m always looking for champagne and don’t have a lot of experience in that area.

    QOTD I’ve had some good sommeliers and some who I didn’t care for. My last experience was bad. I asked to speak to the sommelier and he basically came to the table, threw the wine list in front of me and walked away. When I ordered a $250 bottle from the waiter, he came back over to the table and introduced himself and also asked if I’d like to see the Sommelier’s Collection (higher priced wine list) before I made my final selection. I won’t be going back.

  • luca bercelli


    Really good guest – humble, knowledgeable and able to hold his own with GV – (not many can)


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