EP 964 By Request- Sherry and Madeira Tasting

Gary Vaynerchuk recently asked on the WLTV forums what wines people would like to see on the show. This Madeira and the 2 Sherry wines were suggestions by Dr. T and MagnumGourmet.

Wines tasted in this episode:

Bodegas Tradicion Pedro XimenezSpanish Sherry
Hidalgo Gobernador Oloroso Seco SherrySpanish Sherry
Rare Wine Co New York MalmseyMadeira

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luca bercelli


line of the day – ‘Now that I’m pissed at Mott and all Patriots fans’

Classic episode, great Jets banter (helped by a humungous win), and the longest sniffy sniff ever. Awesome.

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  • Anonymous

    Finally! The return of WLTV! Nice show, GV. I have only recently (last few years) explored Madeira and Sherry at all. I’ve had the Don PX 1979 Sherry and it is excellent. I only had one Medeira and I wasn’t a big fan, but it may not have been a very good one so I will have to try once again. Happy New Year to you and the WineLib crew as well as all of my fellow Vayniacs.

    QOTD: My favorite wine and cheese pairing is the classic one of Gorgonzola and Vintage Port. But I also like a big cabernet with Dark chocolate and probably have that more often.

  • hmmm…so I guess GV is not slurping down all of the Alvear cream sherry that WL has as out-of-stock…

  • d’oh…have not been a televised sports fan for many years, but the neighbors had us over to watch the game. Was pulling for the ducks too…it was right down to the wire, but a pretty good game. Not as offense weighted as I had expected.
    Cam is a very big boy…

  • I just tried that Scrumpy cider when I was pouring at a tasting just before the holidays…pretty darn good! With cloth bound aged Cabot cheddar no less…

  • Anonymous

    Nice to have you back Gary. You were definitely missed.

    The Rare Wine Co. makes a few different styles that my local wine bar carries and we enjoyed as a flight a while back. Delicious!

    Looking forward to another, more focused episode about Sherry and a separate one on Madeira so I can add more knowledge to my brain and palate.

    Gosh, it’s hard to pick an absolute favorite, but Valderon (Spanish green-veined blue cheese) with Fonseca Bin 27 Port, Triple creme Brie with a nice Sparkler or an extra sharp cheddar with a mouth-filling red are up there. Beyond cheese: Eiswein & Apple Tarte Tain = WOW!

  • Very happy to have GV, Mott and WLTV back in action for 2011.
    36 more eps to the mille-stone!

  • Anonymous

    go jets! Please keep the shows coming in 2011!

  • I really really want to go out and hunt down that first sherry!

  • oh and by the way your allowed to take a vacation and relax like everyone else. MAKE NO EXCUSES FOR IT! YOU WORK LIKE A DAMN SLAVE TO PUMP OUT QUALITY CONTENT and even though i myself have been stalking the site waiting (but patiently) for a new video I knew that after the game other day you would come back in a great mood and start the year off with a bang…which is great for all of us…I’m determined to find that first sherry!!!

  • Oh stop it Vaynerchuk. You did fine. Do I need to get those unicorns farting rainbows on your lawn again? Don’t make me do it! πŸ˜›

  • Right? Not too sweet, not too much alcohol. It cuts right through the sharpness of the blue cheese and I suspect the same thing with an aged cheddar. I think a soft cheese or a mild cheese would get it’s ass kicked.

    Very, very interesting. When I go to the store I will pick up some cheddars next time.


  • Great show Gary,
    Can you do a show using an Aerator? My poor pallet is having dificulty in determining if this really works.

  • Ciders tend not to be that expensive. I think I paid 5 dollars for 750ml. I think it would be interesting pairing for your chocolate show.

  • Anonymous

    You send Coach Caldwell a case of your best wine as a thankyou for that time out with 29 sec left.

  • Anonymous

    ARGH, could barely listen to wine #1 be described just because of the misuse of one word.

    TAFFY and TOFFEE are very different flavors! I assume you meant toffee from the remainder of the description.


    A real off show, outside of just this issue, but we love you Gary. Hope your vacation was good.

  • Anonymous

    I am just starting to enjoy sherry. In 2009 I spent two days in Jerez to learn about it. I was lucky enough to have a private tasting and tour at Tradicion. They sell only aged, high end sherry and have an excellent (unbelievable actually) art collection on site. My favorite pairing is port and any cheese with a lot of flavor. We are stuck inside due to snow, ice, and cold so I have a good excuse to drink some wine today. Glad you are back. Happy new year.

  • Anonymous

    Please note taffy is nothing like toffee! (re: description of first wine)


    Obviously salt water taffy is yet another animal but ‘regular’ taffy in the sense of candy apples is caramel flavor. Toffee is cooked sugar to 300+ degrees (hard crack stage) giving it a very different flavor from the heavy carmelization and we normally think of as paired with something like coffee.

  • philoxera

    Hey the show was great…Sherry rocks!…dont be so hard on yerself Bozo!

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: No favorites. Haven’t met many pairings I didn’t like. My go-to is Brie with any wine. It’s a crowd pleaser.

  • Anonymous

    GV and Mott – Happy 2011!

    Love the old school WLTV style starting up the new year. Keep the goodness coming!

  • Anonymous

    Best wine & Cheese pairing: Tuscan Pecorino with any big red.

  • Anonymous

    Totally agree. Please tell me I didn’t my money on my aerator…

  • philoxera

    Given the time for maturation and the solera system these wines are very good value for money. I cant understand why people dont drink more sherry…it is just not fasionable but hey they are missing a great experience. hey what were the cheeses….how about a link up eh?

  • @MelbaLI – yep, and I totally agree, and I’m really picky with commercial ciders…they often have a sour/bile edge that just puts me right off.
    The best ciders that I’ve had up here in VT are all home-made…I have a line on some heirloom cider apples and am going to take a crack at it myself this autumn.

    The aged clothbound cheddar is like no other….

  • WL has the:
    Alvear Pedro Ximenez Solera 1927
    very nice sherry for the $$…might need to get me some more.

  • QOTD: An old vintage port with mature stilton would be my favorite. This christmas I found a jar of stilton in my fridge that I had bought for last year’s christmas but we never ate it. So it got an extra year of maturity and it was deliscious – and quite strong.

  • Hey Gary, great show

  • BuffaloLou

    Never had a Madeira, but this ep makes me want to try one. Thanks GV!

  • Hopefully the Colts will be the first team to ever “host” a Super Bowl. I know Jerry Jones was trying this year.

    If it’s any other team, I doubt I will make the trip from DC. Too cold for my blood until of course you got inside that magnificent stadium.

    Why not a trip again to DC/MD/VA area for a book signing, Wine Expo appearance, wine dinner at one of the VA wineries or even to hook up your phone to a charger. πŸ™‚

    Good luck this weekend and love you too my man. This is a helluva lot of fun.

  • laurensNL

    awesome thnx

  • Happy new year

    QOTD – Port with Bowland cheese is one of my favourite combinations. Will hunt out Maderia as well though

  • Do you recommend any VT brands or any others? I can see if I can find it locally here on Long Island to try them out. *hic* πŸ˜‰

  • I know that you don’t much care for lurkers, so here I am posting on the first new video since I discovered this show about two weeks ago. I’ve watched numerous episodes since then. My new year’s resolution is to learn more about wine, and I think your show is going to help me with that a great deal, Gary.

    QotD — I don’t have a favorite wine and cheese pairing, as I am very, very new to wine. I am a super-nerd about beer, though, so I’ll provide my favorite beer and cheese pairing. My favorite is a quality camembert or brie with a Belgian Saison. Saison Dupont works wonderfully, but something softer and fruitier, such as Goose Island Sofie, works nearly as well. There are plenty of superb beer and cheese pairings; the carbonation in beer really helps to break apart the fats in the cheese and make for a more cohesive flavor joining.

  • meh

    QOTD: meh

  • Anonymous

    Who would ever say otherwise?

  • Anonymous

    The JETS!

  • Anonymous

    Oh! Sorry..too small! LOL OK, will change it for Dominus! πŸ˜‰

  • Todd

    QOTD; My cheese game is weak Gary, so i cant tell you a fav cheese, but when I am having cheese for dessert I have always liked sauternes, recently an aged cheddar and a 1/2 bottle of 2007 Donnafugata Ben Rye was really fun, it was my first taste of Zibibbo.

  • QOTD: Maytag Blue from Newton Iowa. Madeira and Sherry wines are awesome with this cheese! Most of us have had the cheapest of both, step up you will fall in love again!
    Also the sharpest cheddar and Cabernet Sauvignon.

  • NJ Big Chris

    I’m new to the cheese thing. I have only been eating serious cheese for about 6 months now.
    But my favorites so far Cacio Di Bosco Tartufo Il Forteto. Which is a sheep/cow milks cheese w/ black truffle shavings in it. And soft goat cheese w/ fig preserves in it. I like gouda a whole lot too. Don’t have a favorite pairing for these yet though as I haven’t been eating cheese like this all that long.

  • David M Roberts

    Yes! Maytag Blue with Sherry! Great pairing.

  • David M Roberts

    Good to have you back, Gary. Maybe we will have a green-themed Super Bowl this year: The Pack vs The Jets! Hard not to dwell on football this time of year with two such epic teams in the mix. πŸ™‚

  • David M Roberts

    Oh… QOTD: Going with The Happy Diabetic’s (below) blue cheese inspiration, I vote Roaring 40s blue cheese with Catena Malbec.

  • DaveAll

    good solid episode. i’m seeking sherry… madeira…

    Best show of 2011!

    QotD: Gruyere and dry riesling. (salty and almost not sweet)

  • Anonymous

    Welcome back, as I stated in a previous post, when you are gone, you are missed. Enjoyed this episode, having found port and have known of sherry and madeira, but not yet acquired any. Will correct this soon

    Best of luck to your beloved Jets. I will pull for them as the Circus Clown Cowboys removed themselves from the picture so very long ago.

    QOTD – I cannot recall the cheese, (a failing of mine, suffering from CRS – Can’t Remember S*** ) paired with and Wishing Tree Australian Shiraz was wonderful.

  • Anonymous

    Good Southern Rhone Red (Grenache, Mouvedre, Carignan) and a truffled brie. Tried it in France and have never tasted the equal; honorable mention to Bourgogne Pinot Noir and soft cheeses of all kinds.

  • Anonymous

    I loved the topic of the show. I’ve always loved scotch and I’m planning on getting a madeira to celebrate me moving into a new apartment.
    Qotd: I don’t have a favorite mostly because I don’t have the money to properly taste cheeses and wines together on a regular basis. I have to choose one nice thing and its mostly wine, beer, or scotch.

  • Anonymous

    Love glogg! Thanks for the recipe for the accompaniment- I’ve got everything else, I must have some gingersnaps here somewhere…

  • there are several VT cheeses that were mentioned in Wine Spectator last year in a cheese focused issue…I’m acquainted with the folks who make the Tarantaise.
    The really cool project that is going on up here is the joint effort between Cabot and Jasper Hill Farm….they built a big cheese cave in order to enable other local producers to do significant aging in higher quantities…
    all of the stuff coming out of that cave is seriously good, and a lot of it can be found in eastern metro areas.
    Actually, I see that GV’s http://gourmetlibrary.com carries a few Jasper hill and the Cabot clothbound.
    or maybe


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