EP 999 Tasting with the Vayniacs: Part 4

Gary Vaynerchuk concludes the week of Vayniac tastings with Winestein, GlassRunnethEmpty, and Julius. They taste a special rose from Washington State and move on to three high end reds from the US and Italy.

Wines tasted in this episode:

Kaella Rose
2007 Leonetti ReserveWalla Walla Red Blend
2006 Robert Foley ClaretNapa Red Meritage
2006 Antinori SolaiaSuper Tuscan

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  • Anonymous

    QOTD 1: YES! I’ve been saying this to my room mate, a football fan, for years. DO IT, GV!!
    QOTD 2: 998- Good peeps, but also an ep. with respect to the wine world’s great whites.
    QOTD 3: I’ve most recently had some of Charles Smith’s stuff, specifically the Kung Fu Girl Riesling (at the affordable end) and a couple of his outstanding K Vintners Syrahs.

  • Anonymous

    No prestige Champagne, no Cote Rotie/Hermitage, no Brunello, no Barolo/Barbaresco πŸ™

    QOTD#1: I doubt it
    QOTD#2: It’s all good!
    QOTD#3: The only Washington St. wine – besides the ones from Chateau Ste Michelle – that I’ve tasted was Columbia Crest Two Wines Cab. Did not enjoy the vanilla

  • Anonymous

    1000? GV must be sleeping off the vayniacs.



    Havn’t been able to log in all week, sorry!


    Anyway…. superb stuff all week, nice to see you interact with The Vayniacs. Kudos Gary. Great wines, serious producers, most of them. Kahuna was hillarious πŸ˜‰


    skinnyfiberpills say bye bye! πŸ˜‰


    HA! I have seen episode 1000 and it’s so-so, nothing special… πŸ˜‰


    The Allan Force has a nice “ring” to it…… πŸ˜‰

    Thnx MelbaLI




  • Brunellofello

    A special occasion deserves a special bottle of wine. I’m breaking out the good stuff for today’s show.

  • is this it he is one away from reaching his goal now he is giving up and leaving us

  • Enjoy Oz Clarke tasting Swedish wine while you wait


    Thanks a bunch, lovely stuff. πŸ™‚


    ….wether they like it or Mott! πŸ˜‰

  • Nick


  • BRING 1000!!

  • Good show. Glad that one of the groups actually liked at least one of the wines.

    QOTDs: Probably, not really sure, I drink WA wine all the time so.

    @ Winestien – Glad to hear you’re from Bothell. Grew up in Kenmore, now living in Bellevue. Oddly enough, I was at that tasting you spoke of when you met GV. You were talking about the one at Seattle Wine Storage, right? It was one of my favorite wine experiences I’ve ever had.

  • Buty makes KILLER stuff.

  • Hey, if you’re coming to Woodinville next week, you should stop by DeLille Cellars. I’ll be there on Saturday pouring. Killer stuff. Let me know and I’d be glad to taste you through our stuff.

  • Kmurph

    Oh, I was the only female in the room.

  • Anonymous

    Awesome, right now I’m aiming for Saturday around 2:00 – 4:00 thanks for
    the invite.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah for Price point compared esp Andrew Will, good

    And met Caleb twice now and he’s such a nice guy

  • Anonymous

    Bring on 1000!!!!

  • Anonymous

    The suspence is killing me!!

  • Foley Claret = 100% Cabernet………c’mon now guys…..

  • Foley Claret = 100% Cabernet………c’mon now guys…..

  • Anonymous

    opening a bottle of 2007 treana white to drink while watching 1000

  • NY Pete


  • I cannot wait to watch the 1000th episode! Thanks GV so much for the fun content!!!

  • Anonymous

    There are probably many who are constantly refreshing this page right now.

  • Anonymous

    Waiting for 1000 with a decanter of 94 Insignia…. Hope it’s today!

  • Of all the Vayniacs episodes only one Italian wine chosen and it was a Solaia? Nothing against that wine but not the most original of picks. Come on, where are the Italian lovers?? And not too many ladies among the Vayniacs apparently…

  • John__J

    another great one

    qotd1: sadly, probably not
    qotd2: If I had to pick probably 997, I think I laughed the most during that 1
    qotd3: Woodward Canyon, their cab and their merlot

  • Anonymous

    Ah, red wine & testosterone, ya gotta love it. ; )

    So what about at least one “All Girls in the House” episode to balance out the guy stuff?
    I know I’m fairly new in town, but I would think there are a couple of gals that would qualify as “long-timers” at this point. I’d love to watch it. Heck, I’d love to play, but I don’t think I qualify quite yet.

  • Anonymous

    Way to represent #WAWine Dave (WineStein). See you next weekend. My turn on the RosΓ©. Ep. 1K up next.

  • Anonymous

    Answer to WineStein: Smasne Cellars 2007 Syrah “Block 7” and Bartholomew Winery 2008 “Reciprocity” — Yummy!!

  • Anonymous

    QOTD1: possibly
    QOTD2: I think of the 4 shows as one big show. You are all lucky to be there.
    QOTD3: I had a very good syrah however it was too heavy for my palate, Delille Cellars Doyenne ’05. I preferred a 2006 Woodward Canyon Merlot. For value I like House Wine from the Magnificent Wine Co.

  • Anonymous

    Great show and great series of shows. I really enjoyed them. Solaia. Wow. never had it. Although I have to say, the 2004 Sette Ponti Oreno we had on Sunday night really rocked the house – it was $70.

    QOTD1: Yes, I do believe that Gary can accomplish anything he wants and we know that he wants to own the Jets.
    QOTD2: My favorite show from this series was the second one with all of the Cult Cabs. I thought the discussion was very interesting.
    QOTD3: The last Washington State wine I had was a 2004 Bookwalter Merlot. Nice stuff.

  • Another good one.

    QOTD1: No, who wants to own a bunch of losers
    QOTD2: 998, Julius’s cheese
    QOTD3: Dunham Lewis Vineyard Reserve Syrah 2005, way too much oak on that one

  • Great show guys, I love this round table format.

    1) Yes of course Gary will own the NY Jets.
    2) SS Chris stole the show
    3) I havn’t had anything out of Washington, I will once I move to the Okanagan

  • Anonymous

    Great show! I also can’t stand wine that is not worth it’s value and overpriced! Julius: …”too young for me.” Heeeheeeee!

    QOTD: Never!
    QOTD: Episode # 998 was my favorite of this week. The diversity of the wines and the laughter.
    QOTD: Andrew Will Ciel du Cheval

  • Loved the show, especially seeing my friend Dave get the recognition he deserves for his wine.

    QOTD #1: Why not? Live your dreams.
    QOTD #2: #999 was my favorite
    QOTD #3: Convergence Zone Cellars 2010 Dewpoint (a really dry and tasty Riesling)

  • Anonymous

    Got a chance to check out DeLille website. Looks like some good stuff. I’m going to aim for 2:00 looking forward to it. Robert

  • Anonymous

    Don’t know if anyone reads back this far. But if you are ever near Woodinville WA.
    I highly recommend you stop by DeLille cellars http://www.delillecellars.com
    The staff are friendly and knowledgeable and the wines are well balanced and delicious.
    I really enjoyed my visit and will be returning soon. Thanks Jay

  • I haven’t tried Dave’s Rose but I definitely plan to check it out. Great guy and I look forward to ordering a couple of bottles.

  • love Washington Stated wines, had some very good ones recently. Great show!

  • Anonymous

    QOTD1: Yes (in part)
    QOTD2: Monday. Great banter.
    QOTD3: 07 Betz Pere de Famille–very good, bordeaux-like, but a little firm and tough. Needs time.

    Congratulations, Gary, on 999 fantastic episodes!!!

  • QOTD1: I think since Gary invests in start-ups so much, he’s going to strike it filthy rich one of these days and will be able to buy the Jets.

    QOTD2: I liked this one! “whether they like it or Mott!”

    QOTD3: Hhaha, you got me. Chateau Ste. Michelle was definitely the last Washington wine I had. But before that was a Barnard Griffin Fume Blanc.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think so, the J&J fortune is too much!
    I like them all – though this one – 999 – benefited from a more manageable number of guests…
    Don’t remember

  • Anonymous

    Loved this show. My most recent bottle from Washington was this past Sunday during the Masters! We had a K Vintners Syrah. It was a 2008, but I just couldn’t wait to try it, so we decanted it for 2 hours. It was yummy. My husband and I are headed to Washington State next week. We’re going to be there for nine days tasting. We’re really looking forward to it. We’ve done Woodinville before, but never Yakima and Walla Walla!

  • Attending offlines isn’t restricted to local venues. I have hopped on Amtrak to go to Boston and Washington, DC, and hopped on a plane to Buffalo and Chicago to meet up with fellow forumites and enjoy an evening of tasting wines. And several others, when traveling (perhaps on business) have also managed to get together with others in that same pursuit. It’s all about the wine and the friendships that develop from it. Cheers.


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