EP 980 Blind 2007 Napa Cabernet Tasting with a Very Special Guest

Gary Vaynerchuk blind tastes three of the wines that were recently scored in the newest Wine Advocate. Wine Library TV’s favorite guest, Sasha Vaynerchuk tastes with Gary.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2007 Obsidian Ridge Half Mile RedNorth Coast Red Blend
2007 Ilaria Cabernet SauvignonNapa Cabernet
2007 Shafer Cabernet Sauvignon One Point Five Napa Cabernet

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donna jackson

your Dad is smoother and much more restrained than I thought< how did he produce such a oddball akward raccoon son Gary? its great this show.

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  • Anonymous

    great show and always good to see ????! ?? ???? ????????!

  • Anonymous

    Not that king. I’m talking about King Kenny of Anfield. The greatest footballer to grace the earth (some of you may call the game soccer).

  • Anonymous

    Awesome show. I love a good California Cab.

    And I was even more stoked because I was just in Napa a few weekends ago on vacation with my girlfriend and I made a point of doing a tasting at Caymus. I now know what the heck you’re talking about when you compare a Cab’s style to their wines now.

  • http://twitter.com/mcdanal Dave McD

    Finally, the whole episode everyone is thinking “Get pops some damn food.” You could tell he was not happy to be without it. Great episode.

  • http://www.facebook.com/vitorscape Vitor Lima

    This is definitely one of the best episodes ever.
    Very interesting to see two completely different personalities working together.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jennifer-Loew-Barstad/100000919213983 Jennifer Loew Barstad

    {Heart} Sasha!!! Best show, so good!! Mouth watering over #2.

  • Anonymous

    Great show and spot on with the super bowl picks. Very Nice!

  • Anonymous

    Another great Sasha show…..i loved how hungry he was….he wasnt happy until the cheese came

  • Anonymous

    Love the GV and Sasha session, and the brown bags…

  • Anonymous

    That’s right Sasha you gotta make a decision…HAHAHA! I’m a HUGE fan of all Shafer wines!

  • Todd

    Such a great show! love the brown bags, plus your dad is the best guest!

  • http://twitter.com/beausbarrelroom Beau’s Barrel Room

    That was a great episode! Loved it.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KEH25RTTHUAVE5HPSKPRTEMHRE Jake

    Love you two together–we can tell you guys have a great relationship. Very fun to watch. Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    GV – Always love when Father is on the show!


  • Anonymous

    Sasha is the best guest for sure
    qotd: sarah palin right?!!

    green bay!

  • http://wisechiropracticrehb.com/ vonp

    I find myself with a permasmile on my face for the entire show when the great Sasha is the guest!!! Keep it coming my man!

  • Anonymous

    Love Sasha!

    Thought Green Bay, rooted for Green Bay!

  • http://www.eatinghk.blogspot.com/ Andrew D

    Love the Sasha shows!!!!!

    Good banter and decent wines by the sound of it. Gary would you call these wines ‘good value’ for Cali Cab they don’t seem too over the top in price. Also windering about the cellaring potential, how long these wines normally go for?

    QOTD: Well can’t make a prediction after the event, but I had a great time watching it.


  • Anonymous

    Great show GV!
    I like Pops on the show. OK now I just finished watching this show. Now I missed all 3 of these Wineries on my trip to Napa last summer. But Since I have become a Cab drinker.
    QOTD:Funny you both Nailed the Winner.

  • http://www.generalwinethoughts.com Philip M. Anderson

    I believe their chocolate lava cake is the best dessert in the entire world. I will admit, their 7 layer chocolate cake is HUGE! And yes, they make a pretty good steak as well. Pair it with DeLille’s D2, which they usually have by the glass, it’s pure ecstasy!

  • donna jackson

    your Dad is smoother and much more restrained than I thought< how did he produce such a oddball akward raccoon son Gary? its great this show.


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