EP 993 Tasting with Tim and Carrisa Mondavi from Continuum Part 1

Gary Vaynerchuk interviews Tim Mondavi and his daughter Carissa, who recently founded Continuum Estate. They talk about the Mondavi family history, Napa Valley, and their new winery.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2006 Continuum
2008 Continuum

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Gary I think this is one of my TOP 5 most favorite WineLibraryTV shows! GREAT interview subjects, fun to get the father-daughter Mondavi background, fascinating conversation, thank you so much!

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  • Anonymous

    Nice part 1 GV.

  • Anonymous

    “Sent from the depths of your psychotic delusion”.
    What are you all about man?

  • Anonymous

    Gary, I have been buying wine from you since I moved into Metro NYC in 1999. (Yes, I get those great e-mails you send to your long-time customers.) You should be very proud of how you have matured as a business person and as a very positive contributor to society. The respect of the craft and of the industry (much of it that very much needs to run as a business) you showed in this interview was exceptional. It was one of the best REAL interviews regarding business, culture and product that I have seen (and I do a lot of interviews myself). Congratulations!

  • Anonymous

    Great show so far, but Gary, please DON’T talk over your guests when they’re talking. I do this all the time and it makes my wife justifiably crazy. 😉

  • Anonymous

    Just my iPhone signature.
    It’s supposed to be funny.
    Much better than “sent from my iPhone”

    Sent from the depths of your psychotic delusion.

  • Nick

    Love the guy but please can he let the women talk just for a minute? Geez. Kinda upsets me how he overtalks everyone. Never seen Gary in this position before where someone is more present in an episode then he is xD

  • http://www.DrinksAreOnMe.net Dale Cruse

    This video makes me sad. There’s a tremendous amount of wine knowledge & history being discussed but what’s happening underneath is two men with big personalities not letting a woman talk. I’m convinced Carrisa has interesting things to say but Gary’s so busy interrupting Tim that she can’t get a word in edgewise. Count the amount of times she opens her mouth to say something & the two men talk over her & don’t give her a chance. Sad.

  • http://www.DrinksAreOnMe.net Dale Cruse

    I’m 23 minutes into this video & can’t watch any more. It makes me stabby. I probably won’t watch part two, which will be the first episode in the history of Wine Library TV I won’t see.

  • http://www.thepowerscene.com Adam

    Long time lurker – absolutely had to register and post a comment on how amazing the first part of this Episode was! I was absolutely glued to my iPhone watching the podcast and can’t wait to watch the conclusion tomorrow.

    A massive thanks to Gary for the hundreds of episodes I have watched and thoroughly enjoyed.

  • Anonymous

    Great show today Gary Vee! I am excited to see how part 2 goes…I hope the wines are good or things may get reeealllly quiet. But hey, then maybe Carissa could get a word in. LOL. She couldn’t get much into the conversation could she. I think that is more of the 2 other personalities at the table more than anything else though. I mean if you dropped me in there I wouldn’t get much in either. Probably cause I would just have a stupid grin on my face turning back and forth to Gary and Tim looking like I was watching a tennis match.

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/JWHLHVHEE2MJMC37ID2PVJRBT4 MJ


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2ZDCEFTYTEN3GVC5VJHYB5UHDU JK

    When I watch this, I think another change in wine is coming – Eric Asimov talks about it in his article on 2007 Cabernet and Gary hints at it here – the end of the Parker fruit bucket wine and start of demand for leaner reds. Interesting discussion, now on the part 2

  • Anonymous

    Agreed. Unwatchable.

    I have no idea why the daughter was even on the show.

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/ZGBOUXJH6R46OXKDHYWCRFHMQ4 Silverkeey

    For that episode I thank you Garry

  • Anonymous

    There was a moment around the 15 minute mark when Tim was about to go into something, Gary literally steamrolled over him, this is the interrupting Gary that turns me off of Wine Library. very disappointed in this episode, because Gary doesn’t let his guests speak.

  • http://twitter.com/tminus5 Travis Leonard

    Ugh… unwatchable. Tim is a salesman to the extreme – and I don’t mean that in a good way. Gary was fine and for the portion I watched (only 10 minutes) seemed to be allowing both of his guests to speak – so kudos to him, although perhaps it changed in the remainder.

    One of the very few episodes I’ve never watched all the way thru.

  • http://twitter.com/tminus5 Travis Leonard

    Ugh… unwatchable. I think Gary was doing fine but Tim is a salesman to the extreme – and I don’t mean that in a bad way. Obviously Tim hasn’t seen the show with prior guests to know to back it off and let it be a discussion rather than a sales presentation. I kept waiting for a pan to a PowerPoint presentation. Someone (at Mondavi) could have at least clued him in as to how to approach this given it’s an existing platform with so many viewers who are all in their market segment.

    Gary was fine for the portion I made it thru – only 10 minutes or so…

  • http://www.hampers.co.uk Hampers

    The wine is excellent. It’s one of the few California cabs i am drinking. Its so big though. the two wines that they are going to try are going to need a few years to settle down.

  • Anonymous

    TM makes me remember why YOU – with a little bit of me – wanna change the wine world, whether they like it or (probably) not. You can see that it’s about time.
    I agree with some of the other comments – unwatchable episode.

  • http://www.discoveryofwine.com Alexandre Savoie

    Interesting to see the huge divergence in opinions from the viewers. I knew from the documentary Mondovino, that watching Tim Mondavi can be very frustrating because he has all that great knoledge and history that he could give us more of but selling his brand is so engrained in him that it always overshadows everything else he says. He might be lacking a little humility I think is why a lot of people can’t bear with him.
    That being said I wish he would let his daughter speak a little, I don’t even know why she’s there.
    He’s trying a little bit too hard to sell his brand which is why he is successfull at what he does but I don’t think that WLTV is the right medium for it nor the right audience for it.

  • http://twitter.com/gastronaut007 Alexander Russo

    Wow, i feel bad for Carrisa, she’s getting plowed over by her dad’s passion. This is a great meeting of the minds.

  • John__J

    Not sure what I think yet, I’m going to wait until I see part 2

  • http://www.vtwinemedia.com/ BurroBoy

    Maynard’s “Blood Into Wine”, is certainly tongue in cheek, but it is one heck of a complicated infomercial…

  • Anonymous

    C’mon Tim! It’s Rod Serling NOT Sterling. OK…I agree evolution in how wine is being purchased, enjoyed, and rated is a GOOD THING!

  • http://corksandcaftans.wordpress.com/ Robert Burden

    I cringed at 23 minutes. Great info—seriously fascinating family. ‘The House of Mondavi’ is worth reading.

  • Anonymous

    Interesting video and interesting comments. Gary is maturing as an interviewer, one of the roles of the interviewer is to focus and direct the conversation. Not just let a talker talk on forever. The next instructional point for Gary is to directly ask Carissa a few more questions to get her involved in the conversation. She must have a headache by now from that eyebrow crunch.

  • http://twitter.com/paceology christopher pace

    oh man. i was excited at first, listening to the talk about the history of wine and the family, but the constant interruptions started getting old real quick, and then when i learned the price of these wines… i was disappointed. i watched the whole episode, and i will watch episode two, and i will continue watching wine library TV, but overall, so far, my least favorite.

  • http://HomeLoan.Chase.com/Kevin.ORawe Kevin O’Rawe

    So why was Carissa there? She is certainly attractive but if this is a Wine Cotillion for her, Tim let the air out of the event. I personally like Peter much more and now respect him more as well, I do not believe that he would dominate the conversation nearly as much.
    Having said that, the history lesson was incredibly valuable. $150 bottle of wine, huh, gimme a ’90 RD instead. More lurking comments after I view part 2.

  • Anonymous

    I predict Carissa will leave Continuum to start her own winery. Sooner than she originally planned.

  • Agee

    I’ve met both Tim and Carissa on two different occasions, and I can tell you firsthand that they are two of the nicest, most passionate people I have ever met.

    I haven’t even watched the episode yet. I can say that these two represent the finest aspects of California winemaking. And the Continuum 2007 is amazing. Big and silky smooth.

  • Anonymous

    GV – Gosh I love the two parters!

  • Anonymous

    Fantastic Show!
    I wished I had met Tim & Carrisa while I was in Napa last Summer.
    Fascinating People. I do hope to meet and chat with them soon.
    QOTD: Single Estate Vineyard would be more of a Statement to the Buyer that the Winery is taking the risk of doing it right. I feel it’s important to know as a future Grower.

  • Anonymous

    I too agree with the talk overs. I did want to hear her thoughts as well. I did find the show otherwise very good.

  • Anonymous

    Gary I think this is one of my TOP 5 most favorite WineLibraryTV shows! GREAT interview subjects, fun to get the father-daughter Mondavi background, fascinating conversation, thank you so much!

  • Anonymous

    Gary I think this is one of my TOP 5 most favorite WineLibraryTV shows! GREAT interview subjects, fun to get the father-daughter Mondavi background, fascinating conversation, thank you so much!


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