EP 1 Episode 1 – Verite

Wine Library’s Director of Operations Gary Vaynerchuk launches WINE LIBRARY TV and his vision for it. He then turns his palate toward three commune-specific California Bordeaux-styled blends from the Verite Winery: Joie, Desir, and La Muse.

2001 Verite La Muse Red Meritage

2001 Verite La Joie Red Meritage

2001 Verite Le Desir

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Lana Elfstrom

I just joined Winetext.com. last month. I’ve already purchased close to 20 different bottles and I have NO idea what I’m doing. I am just gonna start at the beginning. I am very thankfull to have all these videos available.The evolution is so cool to witness and experience. I LOVE LEARNING! I have wanted to learn about and enjoy wine for SO long and I’m very excited to start my adventure here at Wine Library. Full Circle. Look out! Here I go!

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  • Waits

    One Word: Humble.

  • Allan J

    One Word: Humble.

  • ryanlim

    #1 greeting

  • BillT

    This is cool. I was just turned on to your website. I also find it interesting that my
    favorite winery was your first.


  • TJS079

    I've been watching WineLibraryTV for about 4 months now and had to come back and see episode number one after seeing how far it's gone. Love it Gary, once again it provides inspiration of those that know we're getting a load of stuff wrong now (your words not mine!), but can / will only get better.


    Visual Golf

  • corkscrew

    Going back on old shows, from a mild and calm start to the crazy Gary of present…no blackboard, no action figures, no Jet spit bucket, no yelling but great content and sure would of liked being there drinking these wines with him. http://www.winelx.com

  • jjadamsfb

    Just deciding to go back. Amazing to see the begging and to know where you are 4 years later. It does not even seem like the same person, or you are more of a corporate shill doing the show than what you do know. I am not sure I would have continued watching the show if it had been like this. Will continue to watch the old episodes to see the growth and maturation.

  • You've said it, 2001 was a phenomenal year for a lot of regions (Chianti : amazing!)

    I am starting a little marathon to re-watch all your videos… I am sure I missed some little points here and there! I am sure it will be like watching a serie with no intermission!!! Cheers!

  • norcalwingman

    wow. great to see the kickoff and compare to today's “thunder show”

    You are doing great works my friend.


  • So this is where it all started! You we're a little shy to begin with… and humble. Nice start.

  • Randall

    Droll… very droll… 🙂

  • Randall

    Also droll…

  • Amazing to see how all this began. Gary, you do a very good job. I like your shows and even your book. Can't wait to get the new one when its out.

    Regards from Germany,


  • Jason

    What an evolution, it'll be interesting to look back 4 years from now and see how the show continues to transform. What a fun ride…

  • Jeremy

    Hi all, I am about 100 episodes deep into Wine Library, and now for purely selfish reasons, I have decided to comment on every episode. First off, let me say to the Gary of 2006 that you were ahead of your time back here. To see what you were building from day was is truly inspirational. It?s amazing to think how much you learn about other things through wine. Social media is blowing my mind right now. I read ?Crush It?, and am working on putting the ideas to work for me. But this first episode is really educational on so many different levels. Thank you!! You really were on to something back then.
    Now to get into the wine, bravo on the Verite. You really did pick some winners. Perfect wine for the first episode. These wines don?t exactly fit into my budget, yet. But I can?t wait to try these wines. When I do, I will leave a new comment.
    I am starting these comments on August 10, and there just over 900 episodes of WLTV. If anyone is paying attention to this, I hope you enjoy my adventures through Gary?s Wine Library!

  • good made episode and nice product

  • Anonymous

    Very fun watching this episode again, especially after getting to know you Gary through the video blog and after finishing Crush it!,
    FYI loved the book, I had ideas before but you brought me to another level Gary and I want to thank you.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, I started watching last fall and decided to start from #1 and check them all out…AKA the Internets most passionate wine program is…..addictive:)

  • Congrats on 1000!

  • Anonymous

    Nice 1st shoe. 1 glass for each bottle, shy guy… hehe
    My QOTD to you, Gary: Would you ever think that we could reach the 1000 Episode on that time?

  • Anonymous

    Contrats, I think a lot of work and a good result.

  • What is the date of this video? It’s fun to see Gary as a tyke. His ambition is clearly trying to explode out of him!

  • MattB

    Gary – from acorns grow great big oak trees… Truly ahead of the time, amazing to see how it all began. A lot of water under the bridge from this episode to today. Very excited to look back another 1,000 episodes from now to see the new directions WLTV takes over the next era. Many congratulations and thanks 🙂

  • Globex

    a fantastic look back in time to Episode 1. Dedication, Persistent, Consistent, Passionate, Disciplined… all quality characteristics you have. Is it no wonder we’re stocking up our cellars to have a blow out party with you from around the world to celebrate Episode 1000. Congrats!!

  • Anonymous

    This is great. I watched it last week. I missed the first 800 episodes and wanted to try to catch up before you hit 1,000. Not going to make it but will catch them all eventually. It’s funny to see the changes.

  • look above it if you are on the website it says February 21, 2006

  • Thanks. the Link I was on did not have that date.

  • It’s great to see how the show evolved into a more confident expression your ideas, Gary. I was inspired 3 years ago when I met you at Arizona Entrepreneurship Conference 2008… Before then I always wanted to do a web show about beer, and recently found my “why” to crush “beer library tv”. Would love to chat with you about it…

  • Anonymous

    GV looks like a kid in these. I had forgotten since it has been about 5 years since I saw these. The evolution of video quality is great. Oh and GV had more hair then.

  • Anonymous

    You are a star, my friend.

  • You can feel the confidence in your future success, right from the beginning. You’re not just “trying it out.” No…you’re CERTAIN when you start, before the first show is done, that this is a F’n success! Congrats, Gary.

  • Anonymous

    Wow! No Vay-ner-chuk…….No Sniffy-Sniff…..No zoom in on the bottle…..no chalkboard…….no Jets spit bucket…..no Mott…..no “you and a little bit of me, we are changing the wine world”….and you said the show would have a “laid-back” feel. My, how things have changed! I came in on around show #150 and have enjoyed each one! Looking forward to #1000!

  • Anonymous

    Wow! No Vay-ner-chuk…….No Sniffy-Sniff…..No zoom in on the bottle…..no chalkboard…….no Jets spit bucket…..no Mott…..no “you and a little bit of me, we are changing the wine world”….and you said the show would have a “laid-back” feel. My, how things have changed! I came in on around show #150 and have enjoyed each one! Looking forward to #1000!

  • Humble? Nah. He’s just understated. Watch it again. He’s just holding back.

  • Anonymous

    Holy Crap! i was just surfing the web for the current releases of these wines and saw they are going for 4X what they were when this video was released!!! Great to see the beginnings of WLTV


  • Happy 5th Birthday from the UK!

  • great I follow you in twitter and now we´ll watch your tv programa, Not a conoisseur of wines, but wiune lover! Surely i ll learn a lot! regards. veronica Salazar Venezuela

  • Very nice! I am not a winer conoisseur but certainly a wine liker. I am sure I´ll enjoy your tv channel and will recommend it

  • Duuuuuuude!!! Nice to revisit Episode 1 again…

    Since you mentioned him so prominently in this episode…

    QOTD: Will you have a Cali Cab show today, with comments about RP’s retirement from scoring California wines?

  • Gary, what I love the most about the early shows – right out of the gate – is the OVER the top energy….Did you edit out the wrestling figurines from these early shows 😉

  • Happy birthday wine library TV!

  • The show has come a long way. Always good to go back and see where it all started. Amazing ride so far and can’t wait to see where it goes in the next 1000.

  • Anonymous

    QOTD: oops. I’m used to starting this way. Weird.

    I love this episode. Some good info, and you obviously did great wines. Great presentation. Obviously some things have evolved, but you had IT from the beginning.

    Sorry you didn’t hit 1,000 today, but with your amazingly, over the top schedule we all get it.

    Great health to you and your fam on this big day my dude. Thanks for all you do.



  • Congrats Gary on the show and all that you’ve accomplished so far with your vision and hard work. Two books, many fans/friends, appearances on major TV shows, business growth, a sense of humor, etc. — all good stuff! And your candid passion is appreciated.

  • Congratulations Gary! I’m totally a new fan…and I’m going to start my own T.V. Show because of you… Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

    Your friend,
    Eddys Velasquez

  • Gary I love how when I look in your eyes when we talk you “see me” thank you!

  • John__J

    Neat to see the metamorphosis from this episode to 5 years later

  • Congrats on your 1st episode, now that you’ve made 999 episodes, your 1,000 should be at VT!!!

  • Anonymous

    I have decided I shall go back to the beginning and watch them all!!!


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