EP 1 Episode 1 – Verite

Wine Library’s Director of Operations Gary Vaynerchuk launches WINE LIBRARY TV and his vision for it. He then turns his palate toward three commune-specific California Bordeaux-styled blends from the Verite Winery: Joie, Desir, and La Muse.

2001 Verite La Muse Red Meritage

2001 Verite La Joie Red Meritage

2001 Verite Le Desir

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Kai Lovel


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  • Since Gary has retired, let’s start again 😉

  • Anonymous

    I think the big difference between most video bloggers and Gary is that he started a video blog based on something he already knew a crap load of information about. A lot of people get started and don’t know much, but want to get it out there. Already an expert in wine, it was an easy transition. Really fun to see Ep #1 for the first time. Looking forward to whatever comes next…

  • Gary, Love this video. Gives huge insight into a side most don’t see.

  • Love your work Gary, bought your book too and I would like to give you a BIG THANK YOU. You inspired me so much man that I would always be grateful for that.

    Keep up the good work.

    Much appreciated,

  • Wow. Prophetic. So cool to watch you speak now, and then look back at what you saw coming in 2006. I feel really slow on the uptake given how right hindsight has proven you to be, but I’ve now drank the kool-aid.

  • 88/100

    line of the day – ‘we actually taped the first episode 5 hours ago but the camera stunk’

    Like a few other people I discovered the show, loved it, and am committed to watching every episode from the start. This one is a nice gentle introduction to the whole venture, and as Gary points out, we are in for a whole lot of fun. I’m going to score the episodes as I go along and I’ve got a feeling that the vast majority will be 90 pointers. In this first show I love the precise and reverential way our host pours and refers to these classic wines. Not a method that lasts very long!!!

  • David M Roberts

    Cool to go back and watch the episode that started it all. And the first comments were placed humbly by Sandy Chris and Larry, no other detail given. Like Luca and Kevin below, I plan to go back and revisit all the work that was put into the shows. Glad they are still available. Only 148 comments total for this, the premiere show! Kind of amazing. Anyway, on to the second ep… And man! So subdued in the early months.

  • COOL MAN, so you had it from the very start – the self confidence, hype… cool man. i love it

  • Congratulations on the 1000th episode mate!
    As a 22 year old Aussie, a good Ale or Tooheys New is my choice of beer, however after recently visiting the Hunter Valley I have gotten into the wine side of things. Find these vlogs very interesting and bloody entertaining.

    Keep it up!

  • Really cool to see the show back in its most primordial stage!

  • Evan Davis

    Ok! So I’ve decided since someone was kind enough to make an Amazing new wine library website, that over the next year I’m going to watch all 1000 episodes of wine library tv ( might take longer than a year 😉 and leave a comment on each one to show my appreciation. Great job on the website guys! If I didn’t live in Texas I would buy much of my wine from WL. Thanks!

  • Going back and watching the OG episodes again after seeing episode 1001. Great stuff and great humility!

  • Powerful just listened to crust it chapter 10 and it just got me thinking what where you like in the beginning. Its like you have not changed but still doing the same thing everything has changed. Just shows consistency and longevity is key. Great Stuff love it

  • Awesome!


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