EP 50 Episode #50 Spain and Spanish Wines

2004 Nora Albarino

2003 Emilio Moro Ribera Del Duero

2003 Alonso Del Yerro Maria

Watch today as Gary tastes 3 wines from Spain and takes you along on his trip through Spain.

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Spain trip montage come back!!

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  • Anonymous

    Like the last couple comments, I was bummed that the montage was not available anymore. Albarino, what can I say, you made me discover it and I love it.
    I’ve had the 2006 Emilio Moro and it was great, will wait a couple of years before I open the next one but impeccable for 25$. First winery I ever visited was Muga and I’ve been drinking spanish reds ever since, seems like you were right, 2004 and 2005 spanish reds are outstanding.

  • Anonymous

    MOTT LINK IT UP!!! too bad that montage isn’t there would love to see it. Great show and insight of the 2008 vintage

  • Anonymous

    Spain trip montage come back!!


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