EP 500 Episode 500 Live From SF In Front Of A Huge Audience

Episode 500 features 3 Riojas and was taped on location before an amazing live audience at Crushpad in San Francisco… thank you to everyone who has helped the Thunder Show reach this milestone!

Wines tasted in this episode:

2003 Araco CrianzaRioja
2001 Bodegas Primicia Rioja ReservaRioja
2004 Torre Muga RiojaRioja

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Joel Smith

Was at this taping and I’ll never forget it

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  • Eder

    I like the oak monster when he behaves, when he’s got a nice suit and class!!! Chocolate, tobacco and coffee aromas and flavors, come on Gary you can’t deny that sometimes you like the oak monster!!!

    I think Rioja can seriously kick some Bordeaux ass…..

  • A dumb Rhein king

    What's with the blow horn?

    QOTD: I'm going to take a total guess on this one. Jets 14, San Fran 24.

  • corkscrew

    Spain good stuff, especially the Torre Muga (let it sit a few more years Gary)..met Michael Brill of Crushpad at a NYC tasting last month. http://www.winelx.com

  • John__J

    fun episode, lookin forward to the 1000th…

  • Nick

    Cool episode, i cannot wait to see what the 1000th ep is going to bring! Great atmosphere in SF

  • Was at this taping and I’ll never forget it


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