EP 796 Wine Tasting with Helen Buehler of Buehler Vineyards

Helen shares 3 of her favorite Californian wines with Gary and talks about the wine business in Napa.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2008 Reynoso Alexander Valley Sauvignon Blanc
2007 Hyde Vineyards HDV Chardonnay
2007 Buehler Vineyards Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

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  • Roger thank u so much !

  • Thank u so much for these really kind words!

  • Thnx Jas

  • winelikeme

    OK Gary I'm trying to respond to you, but now it tells me that a browser setting is preventing me from logging in. I have my settings to accept cookies from disqus, but no luck!

  • winelikeme

    OK I signed in … but let's see if this post shows as a reply to you.

  • winelikeme

    Success!!!! Thanks

  • BangkokChas

    Sorry, but she may be a nice girl, but she came across w/o a bit of passion and it showed. It reminded me of watching Caroline Kennedy attempting to get the Senate seat vacated by Clinton. She has the name…but with all the “ya-knows” and no understanding of real issues…..”the name” can only carry you so far.

  • Kevin

    I'd drink wine with this girl any day of the week…..hottie

  • This was a fun episode, it's nice to know that not everyone is a wine geek…AMM

  • toddsmithwine

    Thanks for prettying up the show with Helen. Love the long hair. I have no idea about the Jets (sorry Gary).

  • StevenL

    What a mess of an episode almost as bad as Wayne Gretzky. I don?t like wine companies marketing their wines on WLTV- no matter how good the guest is.
    First, some of the comments about Helen were bad. They should not be censored, but Noblesse Oblige everyone.
    But? Helen should be prepared to represent the winery and know some basics about the product such as price. Gary did a good job from keeping the episode from being too embarrassing. But the winery should want to represent the Brand in a way that is thoughtful and passionate and a spokesperson has a lot of responsibility to do that. And the response by Helen?s mother, although justified, does not help the marketing of the product or the view of the Brand. Even if you think your consumers are Pathetic, you shouldn't say it.
    I hope that this mess is not indicative of a point that was raised in the episode regarding Family vineyards; hopefully marketing projects like this is not a reason why these family owned businesses are disappearing.
    Lastly Beuhler?s Zins are better than the Cabs and they also produce a very over-oaked buttery Chardonnay.

  • Bob. C.

    I sure hope you were right about that QPR if under 35-40 bucks, It was 25 at the winery, I ordered a case…

  • jayhitek

    I am actually a fan of Buehler wine. I found their bottle years ago because of the strange cool label.
    QOTD: Hate the Jets.

  • Bob

    Living in the Napa Valley, I see people like Helen all too often. I understand the parents/owners want to keep the business in the family, but not hiring qualified people only hurts the business in the long run. Maybe I'm just jealous, because my parents don't own a winery.

  • jeff

    I hate to say it but I have to agree with Bob here. Kinda vacant and given her position petty unenthusiastic about wine in general.

  • Nik_B

    Very weird show.. she really displayed no enthusiasm of wine for someone who is in the business.

  • She's a wet blanket but cute. While there is no question she doesn't seem very interested in wine outside of drinking it, I don't think there is anything wrong with that. Sure she probably shouldn't be representing the vineyard with that attitude but when did wine become a pretentious, geeky hobby…again? Let's just enjoy the juice 🙂

  • lindseyc1112

    I didn't realize so many people hated it. Actually didn't know anything was wrong till I watched the intro of the following episode. All I did was get a bad vibe from the chick and the episode as a whole (I think with guests you know in the first 5 or 6 min) and deleted it from iTunes after she said she liked Chicago and Toronto and hated San Francisco and did not like Paris. Right then I was like “delete” cause I hate Toronto and Chicago and love San Francisco, never been to Paris yet. But I just went to the next episode, not continued to watch and then come on here and beat the girl down.

    Some commentators just remind me of the people that watch something on TV and then even though they don't like it continue to watch and then call up the network and continue to b**ch about it. If its not your cup of tea just walk away! Not like there's not going to be 3 new episodes up by weeks end for you to wash the bad taste out with.

  • thecakescraps

    At 14:33 she says “I don't pay for wine”. I mean really? You pick 3 wines and don't have a clue on the price? You're going on a show where the host preaches value. So instead of just being able to say what He (Gary) thinks, he has to couch everything with a “well if this is in the $XX to $XX range”. It seems like Gary would command a little higher level of respect from guests.

    That said, great job on the interview Gary. Wonderful way to kick of 2010.

  • fruits_of_life

    Helen is as cute as a button. I just moved to the Napa area, hopefully I'll be seeing more of her 🙂 I'm too tired for any harsh criticisms, but I'd like to see her talk about the wine more next time. Come ON girl show us your passion!! express that burning desire that makes you want to excel in this Napa wine business.
    I'm looking forward to my new experiences here in Napa. It's not just about the wine, I want to meet the people the people behind the grape, the people who love what they do and make it all happen, because they are the only personality buffer for all the rest of the wine snobs in the region.

  • Some of us watch for Gary even if his guests aren't always as brilliant as him. So we stick it out.

  • MHarrison

    This girl: VAPID. That's all I need to say.
    Gary is great as always.

  • richardvinifera


    Yeah I can’t believe he expects compensation for some of the things he does, why doesn’t Gary just charge nothing for all the hard work he does, and sell wine at cost price…

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
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  • Brooks

    I picked up two bottles today from WL with free shipping thanks GV

  • Anonymous

    Buehler..Buehler.. the classic-“I don’t pay for wines”.. http://www.winelx.com

  • luca bercelli


    line of the day, talking about the guest’s wine (admittedly with a big smile on his face) – ‘terrible nose’

    Airhead and nervous guest who at least had the balls to slag off her two least favourite cities – San Francisco and Paris. For someone in her position she didn’t seem too passionate

  • Manuel

    Her parents should be really worried. It seems that she doesn’t have a
    clue about wine at all and wants to do her own wine? WTF?! Besides that
    she is completely not interested and is not well prepared for the show
    which is a sign that she is also a really bad business women. Sorry but
    doing your hair and makeup isn’t enough. Better get yourself another job
    lady, otherwise you will ruin your parants wine business

  • Tim

    Buehler is an excellent wine. We went on a tour there – it’s also a beautiful location.

  • Mushq

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