EP 803 Another Merlot Blind Tasting

Gary revisits Merlot in this blind tasting of wines around the world, with some interesting results.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2005 Chateau La BienfaisanceSt Emilion
2007 Bellanotte MerlotFriuli Venzia-Giulia IGT
Segal’s Fusion RedIsraeli Kosher Wine
2007 Osso Anna MerlotNapa Merlot

Links mentioned in todays episode.

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  • omadobs

    Love double-blind shows, GV. How about one with zins and/or Cali Rhones?

    Best merlots? (3) 1999 Pride (2) 1994 Duckhorn (1) 2000 Crane Family (amazing wine given the challenging year).

  • waynoooo daaa winooooooo

    Yo G , OUR JETS had 'em 17 – 6 & let it SLIIIIIIP AWAAAAAY……… WOE IS ME!!!!!

  • Just Jack

    No shame this year for The Jets. The defense didn't let them down, Manning is just too good at reading the blitz and adapting. Great game. GV was right a couple of shows ago. This will be “a Sanchise”. Mark is an incredible talent and has picked up a lot of discipline here at the end of the season. He will do the job for them for a long time if he stays healthy.

  • sorry about this match, watched online from Sweden. Colt were to good . Good season thou.

  • Thanks for the advice. I’ll check into Columbia Crest and Waterbrook.

    All the best!

  • Thanks for the advice. I’ll look into both. Should be able to snag a Havens at a decent price nowadays!

    All the best!

  • DPnCali

    Nice effort by your Jets GV. My Colts were just simply better. Miami here we come!! WHEW!

  • Not bad for a prediction. Great game.

  • Jeremy

    Sir Gary,

    What a truly upsetting tournament it was this afternoon. However, I am convinced that the Jets of New York (being the superior competitors) graciously allowed the Colts to enjoy a trip to Miami for some southern sun. Having an already stellar and beautiful sun tan, Mr. Sanchez was kind enough to offer the same opportunity to Mr. Manning, who is as pale as a cheap Sauvignon Blanc. I see this game as a testament to the generosity of the New York Jets!

    Safe travels!

  • bfr1028

    I can taste some razer action on the finish in gary's future! 🙂

  • Great game. Jets had a good first half, but seemed to tire out by the second half. Manning was on the whole game and unfortunately, the Colts simply wore out the Jets.

    None the less it was a great game to watch.

  • Pete G

    Liked that u gave merlot another shot. The Italians came through for you.

    QOTD: Lenz Old Vines 2001 Merlot

  • A. Fischer

    Thank goodness the Jets lost. Maybe now we can have some episodes about wine. Hopefully we will have great wine episodes like the Merlot blind taste testing AND no guests. The guest in episode 797 could not be understood due to his Spanish accent and the guest on episode 798 was BORING. So…no guests and no Jets!!

  • antony

    One of my big go-to bargain wines is a Corsican merlot blend. Terra Vechia or something like that.

  • lawschooldrunk

    I don't think Gary appreciates that.

    All I can say is, Gary looks better clean shaven. 🙁

  • Boy do I disagree with this. While the Spanish guest had a thick accent, I thought his message and passion for what he does was loud and clear. And my only complaint about the Croatian episode is that WL only has one Croatian wine available! Learning about new grapes is always interesting IMO.

  • Weston3220

    qotd: my Favorite Merlot, is from Blackbird Winery out of..Napa I guess unfortunately its 90$ in the USA or about 140$ here in Canada but its fantastic

  • DPnCali

    I'm glad the Jets lost too, but because I'm a Colts fan. I disagree when you say “Maybe now we can have some episodes about wine.” Just because Gary throws some things in there about the Jets (and several other things as well) doesn't mean that his shows are not about wine. I love his passion for his team, just like I love his passion for a good wine as well as his ability to discern aromas and flavors within those wines. But if all Gary did was talk about wine, then he wouldn't be Gary. Then he would just be one dimensional like a cheaply made wine and wouldn't be nearly as interesting or entertaining as he is. All his passions together are what make up his personality and are what make him…him (for lack of a better way to say it).

  • Anonymous
  • tacomabrian

    Sorry, but Gary just gets me pumped to watch new shows and it sucks to only have 2 per week. The guy is killing me! But he could knock off 2-3 shows in one sitting in less than an hour.

    Love ya Gary, hopefully that the Jets are no more we'll see more of you.

  • m2309a3

    What kind of watch do you wear?

  • imagebyrotem

    Excellent episode!
    Great to see you do blind tasting, which is my favorite way of tasting wine. BTW the Israeli wine you had on the show is a supermarket wine.

    QOTD – Golan Heights – Yarden Merlot 1997

  • John__J

    qotd that I've had so far? a 96 Petrus

  • allanj

    Also Another Great Italian 100% Merlot I've Had Is The 95 L'apparita From Castello Di Ama. Probably Over 100 US Bones, But You Only Live Once Right? ? ?

    Castello Di Ama Are Great At Making Chianti Classico! Seek That Out, You Won't Regret It.

    Sorry About The Jets Gary : (

    Time To Shave : )

  • Kmurph

    @nectarwine- I love WA Merlot but I only had 4 wines to choose from and wanted to try out some different countries that might not have a great representation (i.e. Fruili Merlot). Next time, I’ll definitely throw something in the mix from WA. 🙂

  • Just finally had time to watch Merlove ( http://www.merlove.com/ ) which I got at holiday time…I’m even more impressed by Rudy than when I saw his interview on show #775.
    He and Marisol and the crew did a great job. Truly a labor of Merlove, and the level of artistry conveyed their passion for the concept. In some ways it is less about Merlot than the narrow view of the wine world that most Americans seem to be trapped by. Very enjoyable…I’ll loan it out to a couple of folks, but I’m going to suggest people make purchases to support the effort.

  • I second what he ^^^ said.

  • SourGrapesFC

    What he said… except for the Colts bit. I never thought I'd be cheering for the Saints, but here I am.

  • Krunch

    I think today the Video will be late on account that it will take about 3 days for Gary to lick his wounds from the game and 1 day to try and shave the “Coon fur” from his face.

    On a good note: at least the team won't be tooo expensive when you buy them.

  • Anonymous


    Sent from my NSA brain implant.

  • ctwalt

    sorry about your Jets

  • NY Pete


  • Anonymous

    What up Royce? I like that you’re taking my game to the next level… But if you’re off by a + you missed, and that’s a drink my friend!

    For example: If Gary rates it 90+ points and you guessed 88… You’re off by three points. The 90 and the +. You don’t have to count every plus in between, just the one you missed. This is going to me an awesome game. Ha ha.

    And thanks for the recommendation on the Fetzer. They were out of Riesling, so I bought the Gewurztraminer just to try for myself… She actually had a sip of it and she didn’t think it was bad at all. I have a feeling she’s going to like the Riesling. You’re the MAN… Oh yeah, and so is your roommate!

  • Thanks for the replies you three. On day two, i poured most of the remaining in a decanter, let it sit out all day… definitely noticed a much more ‘complex’ i guess is the right word, flavor.

    I’m definitely going to let the wine “breathe” as DPnCali said from now on, seemed to help a lot!

  • corkscrew

    Gary, sorry about the Jets..ended up being a good season, and gives us hope for the future and they lost to Colts who will win the Super Bowl. Have not had many Merlots unless that was one of the blend varieties in a wine, of the ones I have had they were mostly Washington State, Andew Will, L'ecole. Timing is everything as last week prior to this episode I bought a Swanson 2005 Merlot and had it last night and it was great..so I will venture out and try some others as a result. What did you think of the Boston Wine Expo?, it's a successful event but it was very very crowded, you had to be pushy to get a glass of wine at many booths. http://www.winelx.com

  • Peyton is just too good…

    You sounded like Robin Williams in “Good Will Hunting” with your, “that's the good stuff” quote.

    QOTD: 2002 Five Star Cellars Walla Walla Valley Merlot.

  • Re-thinking my answer to the QOTD… I did just have a 1994 Woodward Canyon Merlot that was FANTASTIC… it may be the best I've ever had.

  • Well don't worry GV there is always next decade to get to the Super Bowl-

  • Anonymous

    Great show. Merlot from all around the world. GV, they are making some fantastic Merlots in Italy, super tuscan??? How about LeMacciole??
    QOTD: An ITALIAN MERLOT, 2001 Soloio, made by a producer that you have had on the show AND LOVED,
    GV Quote, “This is probably the 500th chianti that I have tasted in the last 365 days, and I have never come across a nose even remotely like this. This nose is kicking face!” “93+”
    before for their Chianti, Casa Emma.
    Try the Soloio!

  • looper1313

    Italy is making some Great merlot GV, what are you talking about!!! How about the great Supertuscans out there? LeMacciole???
    QOTD: Best merlot that I have had, SOLOIO, by a great chianti producer that you actually have had on the show AND LOVED. Casa Emma
    You said, “I have tasted probably 500 chianti in the past 365 days and have never come across something like this.” “This wines nose is kicking face” “93+”

  • Herm

    I can send a comment…….Lurker by default

  • ahillsey

    I dig Shafer's Merlot.

  • Cool_Dave

    I can only dream about Petrus.
    Must have been awesome.

  • John__J

    a total freak luck find. got it when the store had a 20% off sale too. Don't think the owner liked that. Only wine I've had where I could still smell it a minute after sniffing it. Dont think I'll be getting another one of those any time soon.

  • steelersreleets

    I do like to watch WLTV episodes. I think they are very interesting and the guests can be very informative as well. Its great to learn about new grape varieties and regions for wine growing. I like the way Gary expresses and tells you with no bullcrap, what he tastes and if he likes it or not. But I have to say, almost everyone that posts on here for some reason or another has their head so far up Gary's ass its not even funny. Come on people, its like ass-kissing to get that promotion or back in grade school to get that B+ over the B. “Oh my god someone disagreed with G-A-R-Y…..I have to get Gary's back and protect him” or “Gary, kiss kiss smootch smootch, you are soooo right on the Cabernet review. Oh my, you are just the bestest guy! Hug, sigh. I watch you every minute of the day!! Gee wiz I hope I can meet you one day!!” Holy crap. People….please….PLEASE….quit kissing the man's ass and praising him like he is the next comming of Robert Parker Jr.. He's good. Really good. But all of these man-crushes are kind of…well…gay?

    and yes I am a Steelers fan……and I can hear it now…..ooooh…..hissssssss, boooo, they suck!!!! bahh!!!!! your gay if you like Pittsburgh…they are lucky….you moron!! hissss, big ben=big loser!!! boooo!!!! but did I say anything about the Jets? nope

  • You’ve watched every episode? Test time, what episode # do I make my first appearance?

  • Robinelle

    I can't believe I am actually making a comment. Disqus has given me such a run-around. I know how men clasp these new software packages to their hearts, but this is one that should be ripped out of the heart and tossed into the Hudson. I don't want to sign in anymore. I need some Rutherford Hills Merlot.
    So, the Jets are still affordable – there's always a bright side.

  • Totally agree about those two guests, and learning about new grapes

    I do love the solo shows as well, especially the blind tastings

  • Big Ben stubbed his toe again while you wrote this

  • DPnCali

    I guess my only reply to that is…WTF are you talking about?! Have a bad day or something and you decided to jump on WLTV and vent?!


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