EP 805 2005 St. Joseph Tasting

Gary shares his knowledge of St. Joseph, a serious Northern Rhone appellation that doesn’t have much exposure.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2005 Domaine Courbis St. Joseph RoyeSt Joseph Rouge
2005 Francois Villard Mairlant St Joseph St Joseph Rouge

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luca bercelli


line of the day – ‘Throw a steak on me – I’m talking Flintstones…tip my cart over.’

Entertaining episode with great wines. Highlight is Gary’s MC Hammer – ‘can’t touch this’ dance half way through

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  • Weston3220

    Coke, but I don't drink pop, and my brother use to get my dad to buy Pepsi
    Think I probably had one Saint Joseph. Recommended by a Sommelier at a Restaurant

    qotd: uhh

  • Christopher

    qotd: Favorite extrovert- Peter O'Toole; Favorite Introvert- Andy Warhol

    Coke, of course!

    Awesome episode. Long time lurker, first time comment. Love the show, Gary!

  • Russ J

    No soda. Lot's of St. Joseph's (several vintages of Offerus). Favorite extrovert: GV Favorite introvert: CM.

  • texansteveinct

    Nice stuff Gary. Haven't tried any St. Joseph in the past, but think I'm going to have to now.
    Favorite extrovert – tough one, but think I'd have to go with my older brother, Todd.
    Favorite introvert – don't really know if he was one, but always came across as a strong quiet type – Walter Payton. Hard not to idolize him.

  • lozzyrow

    No lurkers here. My partner and I have made an occasion out of enjoying your show together in the evenings. I was surprised to hear there is a lack of women viewers. Step it up ladies! As a recent immigrant to BC from California, I'm having a super hard time finding reasonably priced yet tasty wines up here. Any Canadians out there with some advice? Would love to try some of your suggestions -that St. Joseph sounds amazing but the selection up here is balls.
    We aren't soda drinkers (but Coke is totally better!).
    Thanks Gary and crew for providing us with an excuse to cuddle up and great entertainknowlegement. :o) Cheers!

  • alscott

    On St Joseph, really good value over here is Cave St-Désirat 2007 St-Joseph, carried by a few supermarkets in the UK at equivalent of $15-$16. Written up by St Jancis, really excellent value, very good food wine with a bit of edge, could be good entry point to St Joseph for those who are price conscious.
    Favourite extrovert – Shane Warne (look him up on YouTube); Introvert – Clement Atlee (not on YouTube!)

  • great show gary, very interesting

  • I definitely need to try the gewurztraminer – sounds epic.

  • Fonzie1568

    OMG: who took speed today? nice dancing, and nice and hyper!

  • Coke.

    Lurkers are like Colts… LMAO! I literally LOL'd

    I live on the MS Coast about an hour from the New Orleans, around New Orleans they like to say Geaux Saints!


  • jsums

    Great timing on the episode for me. Really enjoy the red St. Joseph, but the best wine of my life, period, was a WHITE St. Joseph. It was the Pierre Gonon “Les Oliviers” '03. OMFG! I had it a few weeks ago, and it blew my mind…the most complex wine I've ever tasted. QOTD – Extrovert: my wife. She brings joy and fun to every day of my life. Introvert: Marvin Harrison. C'mon, you know I'm a Colts fan.

  • CtWalt

    SQOTD: I don't drink soda anymore but when I did it was Coke… you should think about giving up all that extra sugar… loved the dance LMAO.

  • johnfasc

    Down with the colts!
    Introvert – your pops (probably not much of an introvert, but it's all relative to you when he sits on WLTV) awesome guy, get him on the show often.
    Extro – HAD

  • laura_d

    Love the diet coke, pepsi sucks big time!
    Got my first glass of corked wine, sent it back yuck yuck.
    Got my first glass of oak monster, wow, it sucked.
    Haven't found a merlot I can tolerate.
    Favorite Extrovert: Gary Vaynerchuck, seriously
    Favorite Introvert: Hugh Grant
    Must have a Roussanne tasteoff!
    How can we get wine club into Washington state? I'm seriously missing out on tastings.
    Thanks for the show!

  • Favorite Extravert = Gary Vaynerchuk!
    Favorite Introvert = Mott!

  • redrider21

    Coke or Pepsi: Yerba Mate?

  • redrider21

    Had my 1st St. Joseph a few weeks back. Kinda left my jaw wide open after the first sniffy-sniff and sip wondering why it took this long for me to dive into N. Rhone after swimming in the south for the last 2 years.

    Introvert: Sean Taylor
    Extrovert: Sean Taylor in pads on the field

  • chukheadted

    never had st-joe!! brilliant show bringing this region into the limelight! thank you

  • Rebekah

    hey. i'm a lady vaniack. and i love that mairlant saint joseph.

  • richardvinifera


    QOTD: My favourite introvert is someone so cool I haven't even realised it yet.

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  • great show gary, very interesting

  • Anonymous

    Great to hear some good reviews on St. Jo. My two favourites are the Domaine du Tunnel (Stephane Robert) 2008 and the Domaine Aleofane (Natacha Chave) 2009. Both tasted on-site at the domaines in 2010. I actually scored the Aleofane slightly higher at the time, probably because it was an “easier” wine, and also potentially because it had the female winemaker’s touch (which I guess makes a wine slightly “nicer” on the palatte). The Tunnel is wonderfully balanced with strawberries, blueberry pie (the Scandinavian way) and black pepper on the nose and balanced dark red fruit on the palette. Love both of them. I think I can get a hold of the Domaine Courbis here in Norway, so we’ll see how that goes. Thanks!

    QOTD: Pepsi

  • Anonymous

    Out west here, favoring Pepsi.

    As a fan of the Rhone (and Rhine) I’ve sought out St. Joseph, but it’s harder to find than Hermitage! I’ve probably tried a half-dozen in my life. Love it though! Great shi=ow.

  • Anonymous

    Have only had a few St Joseph’s before, they were good. http://www.winelx.com

  • Coke. Right down the road from ATL here in Augusta. Pepsi is booed around here.

  • luca bercelli


    line of the day – ‘Throw a steak on me – I’m talking Flintstones…tip my cart over.’

    Entertaining episode with great wines. Highlight is Gary’s MC Hammer – ‘can’t touch this’ dance half way through


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