EP 808 Petite Sirah Tasting

Gary focuses on an interesting grape called Petite Sirah and tastes 3 from Napa Valley.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2006 Elyse Petite Sirah RutherfordNapa Petite Sirah
2005 Corte Riva Petite SirahNapa Petite Sirah
2006 Robert Foley Pepperland Petite SirahNapa Petite Sirah

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luca bercelli


lines of the day – ‘Lady Gaga got screwed at the Grammys’ and ‘This is not what you want to serve at a house party if you love your carpet’

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  • Mike in C-town

    QOTD 1: Actually only one PS, a Gistavo Thrace my sister popped at a familt gathering. I liked the biggness, had a lot of tannin and left me thinking I should like this more. Why didn't I?

    QOTD 2: As commented on in the Cahors episode, the La Coutale Cahors 07.

  • billrodgers

    GV – with today's challenging economy, I've been forced to cut back quite a bit in my wine purchasing as of late. It's quite disturbing but I have no choice. I have a lot of mouths to feed!
    I was wondering if you would consider a contest of sorts to reward Vayniaks who answer certain trivia questions on WLTV. Of course, like your QOTD the trivia does not have to be wine related. As a prize for answering the trivia question, a bottle os wine could be sent to the winner or perhaps some WLTV swag…
    Just a thought.
    Bill Rodgers
    Holland, PA

  • zHeadless

    QOTD1 : I've tried a few Petite Sirah and they're always big, bad & bold in their style…Not refined enough for me I guess. Nice steak juice but a big “meh” overall.

    QOTD2 : Olympics in Vancouver, we (Canadians) were supposed to own the podium…big expectations and nobody's delivering 🙁

  • DebraJ

    Had a 2002 Petite Sirah from Imagery for dinner with my significant other … when the bottle was empty, we looked at each other and almost CRIED! Not sure if it was the age, my mood or the company, but I rarely react to a wine like I did to this one.
    Recently went back to that winery and got their 2006 – this time, made sure I have more than ONE!

  • jon

    Regarding the winemaker for CorteRiva wines, you had mentioned that you thought Bob Foley was the winemaker. In fact, Bob was the winemaker at Pride where he worked with assistant winemakers Lawrence Cortez and Romel Rivera. These two assistants collaborated to make CorteRiva wines, using their friend Bob as a consultant.

  • I”m pretty late to the game on this one…but the most disappointing thing recently has been 2007 Napa Cab. Probably 5-10 years too early, but every one i've had is a massive extracted fruit bomb. still looking…maybe i will start buying more grenache…amm

  • richardvinifera

    QOTD: There's a high end chocolate store in the UK called “Hotel Chocolat”. They had a 2002 Alentejo (Aragonez blend) private label branded for there stores to go with chocolate. £15 which is a lot of money, but it had some age and obviously great values are coming out of there. It was 15% bomb with not enough fruit, disappointing, could've got the same grape from rioja or ribera for that!

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  • @ Justin Stewart. Late response but I bet Oliver Winery makes super cheap wine now because they are located in a college town. Bloomington’s population is like 80% broke college students that can only afford cheap stuff like myself haha.

    @ Gary Vaynerchuk – bought your book and I’m almost through it all. I was already going to try eventually but your book gave me the motivation and the tools to make http://www.floogin.com My own video game blog/review/shop website. I’m going to hustle hard and crush it.

  • Mike P

    I recently visited Jonathan Edwards Winery near Foxwoods Casino in North Stonington ,CT and tried their 2007 Napa Valley Petite Sirah. They market both their Connecticut wines and their Napa Valley wines at this winery. It was a wonderful wine. I was a big Merlot drinker, but have been a Pinot Noir drinker for the last 4 years now. I realise that I can have the best of both world with this wine. I’d call it a Dirty Harry: bold, smooth and it made my day. I miss the old days

  • ???

    i so sad we can’t find such this good stuff in my region

  • ???

    i so sad we can’t find such this good stuff in my region

  • Anonymous

    Am a huge PS fan..have the Foley in my cellar, have had the Elyse before I think..QOTD-don’t drink them too young.. http://www.winelx.com

  • luca bercelli


    lines of the day – ‘Lady Gaga got screwed at the Grammys’ and ‘This is not what you want to serve at a house party if you love your carpet’


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