EP 809 Pinot Noir Blind Tasting

Gary blind tastes 4 different Pinot Noirs from around the world, with an interesting twist.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2006 Valli Gibbston Pinot NoirNew Zealand Pinot Noir
2006 Roco Pinot NoirWillamette Pinot Noir
2006 Tandem Pinot Noir Auction BlockSonoma Pinot Noir
2006 Testarossa Niclaire Pinot NoirCentral Coast Pinot Noir play

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luca bercelli


line of the day – ‘give me a pig snout and some pig feet …and I will rip through this wine’

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  • John__J

    qotd yes

    did you get any of my request's for a vin jaune on the show?

  • tacordier

    Hey Gary, Lurker extraordinaire, unfortunately I have not picked up your book yet, but I am a huge fan. LOVE Cinderella wine.

  • sara l.

    yup. felt guilty I didn't get it the first day, but I bought it, and you signed it!

  • Y x 6

  • “Trying to keep the superlatives down”… AWESOME! LMAO! 😀

    QOTD. No.

  • BB question: sjs —- been there forever
    Please don't cork screw caps the diameter of the neck is too large! Put the cap back on. The oxygen from opening & closing a full bottle is insignificant compared to the leakage around the cork over 3 days.
    QOTD: yes – kindle edition

  • Kittysafe

    I don't buy books on paper anymore, the trees and eco-system have it bad enough as it is, and even if Crush It were on the Kindle I doubt I'd buy it since I'm too busy crushing it to read a book on the subject 😛

  • rieslingrich

    Yes got your book in December. One of my favorite cali Pinots is TALLEY, Rosemarys Vineyard

  • ddellinger

    Yes, bought you book last fall, gave it to the owner of our company. Visited WL last October, my wife and I love the store and brought a few bottles home, Frank in your store helped us pick one or two.

  • No, have not picked up the book yet, but will. I've just discovered your program in the last month. 🙂

    Twitter name: thekitchendoor

  • Jason

    Yes, I think… I saw your presentation at the 2009 FOWA on Vimeo a week ago and it was so inspiring that I wanted to get your book right away. Did a quick search on my iPhone and found it on an app called VOOK (some clever combination of the word book and video.) I'm almost through it and was wondering if the written content in the VOOK version is the same as the Hardcover or Kindle version?

  • Jeff

    hey Gary; great job as always!
    why didn't you just open a whole new set and comparison taste??? maybe an idea for a new show???

  • TLR

    No did not pick up the book.

    great show and props to Cali heck they made the cover of Wine Enthusiasts Magazine… declaring 2007 vintage of the decade

  • murphglobal

    Yes, bought the book about three weeks ago. Am most of the way through it, and love it.

  • Yes I did! I bought 'Crush It!' and '101 Wines'

  • Anonymous

    Enjoy a Pinot a couple times a month..have not tried these producers.. http://www.winelx.com

  • luca bercelli


    line of the day – ‘give me a pig snout and some pig feet …and I will rip through this wine’


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