EP 817 2007 Pinot Noir Tasting with Charlie Adler

Charlie Adler of TasteDC.com joins Gary to taste 2 Pinots from France and Oregon. They sip and discuss Charlie’s new book “I Drink on the Job” and the changing wine world.

Wines tasted in this episode:

2007 Camille Giroud MarangesBurgundy Maranges
2007 Domaine Serene Yamhill Cuvee Pinot NoirWillamette Pinot Noir

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luca bercelli


line of the day – ‘ He’s an Ultra, Ultra, Ultra, Fleer Ultra, remember those, kind of critic’

This episode lacked some of the usual sparkle; the guest didn’t bring a lot to the table (although pleasant enough) and I think GV got bored with him half way through

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  • Krunch

    Your point was taken. Thanks.

  • I don't get the lack of love for this guest…not every guest will be a bombshell, and not every Vayniac has seen every episode, nor will recall every QOTD…especially if they are drinking along. If this was a highly polished show, it would have been in production for a week, they would have done multiple takes, edited the hell out of it, and Mott would have unicorn farts floating out of the bottles.
    If Gary asks someone onto he show, there must be a reason he respects the person…maybe check out the book to see what he's about rather than judging on less than 30 minutes.

    That said, Gary may have been moving things along because of that stockpile of wine on the desk…more guests waiting outside the door?

  • bkhaz

    It's a ceramic BBQ Grill/Smoker.

  • castello


  • CharlieTN

    Casino Royale, the new one. Made Brosnan look like a joke. (Though yes, Goldeneye was good)

  • Could only be Connery… Thanks for your take. And i'm with you on this one. From Russia for all it's style & class, although we have to consider Thunderball & On Her Majesty's as well for the top 5. Casino Royale (new) is a modern classic, don't know about Goldeneye though… Obviously Brosnans greatest, no doubt. Roger Moore's best performance is in The Spy Who Loved Me for sure (Probably greatest car chase ever with the underwater Lotus) ; )

    And forget Timothy Dalton!

  • Cool enough, but cellarrat5's got it all under control…. Look Down!

    Casino Royale is cookin', Agreed!

    Connery was the best, could only be him…….!

  • Clouseau, clouseau, clouseau!

    Also tour-de-force-funny in Dr. Strangelove…. Check it out!
    And don't forget The Party! Give that a view as well….

    Thanks for responding, man.

  • For All the Vayniacs!

    The 100% correct answer to Qotd, is:

    66% Cabernet Franc, 33% Merlot, 1% Malbec! Period!

  • Did you check out Rain Dogs? by mr. Waits

  • Have a bad aftertaste after today's show, after reading all the comments,,,
    Going down beer alley Now!
    A bit of Leffe,,, Slurp, Slurp!

    Belgian beers rock, Japanese beer suck!!! also Jamaican!!! feelin' a bit rowdy, now!

  • LMNOPinot

    He reminded me of a bad Ben Stiller character 10 years from now.
    QOTD: Was it milk?

  • SouthernBrewDude

    Hooray beer!

    But before passing judgment on the Japanese: try Hitachino or Baird

  • castello

    Not yet. Do I have to buy it or can I hear it online?


    hopefully you will see one in action this year if all things break just right! LOL- Tuesday I have a cheese on deck just for you-

  • Anonymous

    This is why Im becoming a Lurker…
    You cant just leave a comment anymore.. lol

  • castello

    Big green egg and simulated cheese? I can't wait.

  • castello

    I just listened to parts of it on iLike and it sounds awesome.

  • Ok, will try and see if i can find them…

  • cellarrat5


  • guymandude

    I'm drunk on the job.

  • Cab Franc, which Miles also disses in the movie, and Merlot. I love pointing out this irony to people whenever they seem unusually high on Pinot or down on Merlot. Charlie's book sounds interesting I may have to pick up a copy.

  • 24/SEVEN

    Gary, good show – the guest's laid back attitude is refreshing given the usual hyperbole that plagues many individuals in the wine world. His point is simple and related to the saying – ” wine is fine but liquor is quicker ” We talk of good food experiences as – fine dining – and bad food as fast food (fast = quicker). In other words, if you want to get drunk – do not look to wine. It is food.

  • I'm drunk on the moon.

  • johnr

    Seems like small number of posts for a great episode!! GE GV

  • Anonymous

    It’s ok….that’s why they are called typos….which by the way was another line from that movie. When he said his book was full of typos, she said, don’t worry…I’m the queen of typos. So at least I’m in good company.

  • JayZee13

    Good show and guest, but LOUSY QOTD. Come on! That was a factual question not an opinion, so anyone could Google the answer (Merlot).

  • T-Man

    QOTD: It's funny, I was always hesitant to bring this up for fear of being called a wine nerd. He disses two grapes in the movie: merlot and cab franc. Yet, his dream wine is combination of the two!
    Cheval Blanc, in good years, is undoubtedly the greatest wine I've ever had even though I am sometimes sensitive to the herbaceous taste of cabernet franc if it is not well incorporated. I've had several great vintages of CB, from 75 to 2000 and it is like no other wine. Consistently underrated by Parker, by the way.

  • Dawn9850

    Great show! My husband is a huge fan of pinot noir and I'll have to see if I can find the Oregon
    pinor here in Tennessee.

  • cubs2806

    like the Domaine Serene wines have had past vintages that were very good. loved the guest, wondering why you are taping shows ahead of time instead of doing them daily. Allan answered the question for all of us……..thanks, but i did know there was merlot in it

  • Always good to have a WLTV fan as a guest. As someone who lives in the Midwest…I don't consider DC in the “South” even though it's technically below the Mason-Dixon Line. With the six feet of snow they got a week ago, they should look at revising that. HAHA

    “This wine is one dimensional and that dimension is: SUCKS!”

    Quizz of the Day (sorry not really an open-ended question): It's a Merlot-based wine…it's a great inside joke for those who appreciate wine.

  • ezra

    oregon = IN not un!

  • sam1984

    If you're looking for an Oregon Pinot as tastes like something more than vanilla covered cherries, try Medici Vinyards 2001 south block or Cristom mt. Jefferson's reserve, 2006 I think. The both of them wines with a little stank in 'em.

  • kungfu_sage

    Oregon = “Or-uh-gin”

  • Nice episode! Great job on the bottle moving Mott! GV-so happy you are enjoying fatherhood-they grow up so fast!!

    QOTD: Interesting a factual question I believe its was the two grapes he dished Cab Franc and Merlot with maybe a little Malbec….funny no one really ever talked about it but its obvious!

  • Phil G

    nice episode – Charlie provided an different perspective that was interesting.

    however, if he was really a vaniac, he would have had a question ready, or at least not been surprised…

    QOTD – the wine was mostly merlot

  • Richie

    Speaking of Sideways, when he sad “I'm not drinking any damn merlot” I don't remember him ever saying he hated it. I remember him saying that he wasn't going to drink it because merlot was what his wife used to always order. Hope I'm remembering correctly. Someone let me know.

  • Yeah I do. Ik think Brooklyn Brewery was nice, but a little bit too much trying to show people beer is at least even different and interesting as wine. I felt a bit of a “competition”… I really liked this guy: he was modest and spontaneous.

  • YoungDave

    QOTD: There are too many wine nerds in the comments section for me to be writing anything new here by comment #240, but I'll answer the question anyway. I've always known Chateau Cheval Blanc to be a blend predominantly made up of Cabernet Franc (about 60%) and Merlot (around 40%), and the '61 was apparently 66% Cab. Franc, 33% Merlot, and 1% Malbec. I reference Sideways often when trying to serve my customers a well-made Merlot, and I often tell them about the tongue-in-cheek joke towards the end of the movie when miles finally opens the bottle that he has coveted for so many years, drinks it covertly in a takeout cup in a burger joint, and it is actually made up of a Merlot-inclusive blend. While Miles was frustrated with diluted, over-cropped, soulless new world Merlot, the overpriced, mundanely simple and sometimes downright bad Pinot Noir that is peppered throughout the market today after the popularity of Sideways is just as bad, if not worse. Bottom line: after Sideways, Merlot sales have tanked and Pinot Noir sales have skyrocketed, creating much Pinot that is marked up too high and Merlot that has been forced to be heavily discounted to move stagnant product off the shelves. 6 years after the release of sideways, the current situation is this: in the U.S. at least, with just a little research, you will almost always get more bang for your buck right now with Merlot than with Pinot. Take advantage of this situation to drink some great new world Merlot, and even a wide variety of lower-classified appellation Merlot-dominant Bordeaux. Cheers!

  • Anonymous

    I have no interest in starting a Beer V Wine war, because I would probably wake up with a horse head in my bed. I help make wine for a living, and regardless of how much I love the stuff I also have a special place in my heart for fine craft beers from around the world. They are most defiantly two different planets, but they are in the same solar system in my opinion. Not to say one is better than the other, because I enjoy wine more when it comes down to it, but I believe there are subtle complexities in beer that are on a similar parallel to wine.

  • ewb

    Gary I went Rice Crispies with Goats do Roam white at 8:30 p.m. the other night. No sure what to make of that myself. It worked for me.

  • Nik_B

    I watched the film for a second time recently and I don't remember him mentioning that reason at all.

  • VinoDePinot

    Wouldn't that kinda turn it into “fruity pebbles”?

  • lawrenceleichtman

    61 Cheval Blanc is mostly Merlot and Cabernet Franc, some Cab Sav and Malbec in some years. The Blend varies from year to year. I'm a fan of Domaine Serene but some of their single vineyard Pinots get to the 60-80 range and that is just too expensive.

  • Oregon Native(lurker)

    Or-again… Your going to do what again? Or again..

  • Happy Anniversary to your parents gary. Love this episode love your guest. pronunciation of oregon is oregen . ok . Charlie is cool beans. love him. how i got into wine and other tasty beverages thru work . resturants bars. travel. i have a book im working on storeys about my experiences in the field of food and liquors ive worked in liquor stores and my hysterical storeys fact is crazierthan fiction. this is how ive become a great critique of attitudes of presentations . oregon has great down to earth peeps . i think you were in borders book store when i first made contact with you gary v. gave you some advice on kells irish pubs and the bagdads theater. we tweeted back and forth. that was our first actuall meeting. you tweeted or @gyfooma. yep oregon is where you and i met. via the web. you were checking out the crushit displays. k. oregon hippy , artist international big mountain skiers snowboarders portland one of my favorite citys. spent some time hanging . sister lived there for 9 years. like oregons politics and freedom of speech/green food variety many different cultural places to expand your pallets. i enjoyed this episode immensly mr. adler rocks. hes cool. not a snob. look forward to reading his book. does he tweet. would like to follow him or contact him. love sherry

  • Great episode and fun guest!

  • jsums

    Good show. Good guest. I appreciate you bringing down the hammer on crappy Burgundy. There's so much of it (not all of it, of course) that's overrated. QOTD – Pretty sure it's a Cab Franc / Merlot blend. Missed that point. Only saw the movie once. Funny, though! Although, I think the character's point was he's not going to drink with wine idiots who order a merlot, any merlot, out of pop culture habit every time they drink wine. And yet, they started this whole PN madness. Ironic.

  • teckdeck2008

    Good show. I totally agree that the amount interest in wine has definitely increased amongst young people lately. I enjoy it and I despise it in someways, because i feel they approach it like they approach it in a very one dimensional way. They find what they like and always get that, instead of drinking to totally immerse themselves in a new and different wine. Or they always drink white wine with chicken, etc. I literally had one girl tell me that a wine she picked out was good 'because white wine always goes with chicken.' After she said that I literally wanted to smack her, but i resisted lol. If I remember correctly I said something to the effect 'that may be true, but the wine itself was very good. Anyways, I'll get off my soap box now.
    Qotd: Well I didn't know before, but I cheated and looked below so I know now. I think the point is interesting though, and good question.

  • Great show and fun guest. Can Gary or any vaniacs recommend a great Pino in New Zealand?
    Around the $40 range (NZD which is around $28 USD).


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